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Raised bed gardening offers many benefits such as improved soil, higher yields, ease of access, longer growing seasons, and better pest control.
Unlike most planters, the simple design of our kits allows wood to shrink and swell for improved durability in wet conditions. Raised garden beds are made from long-lasting cedar protected by a non-toxic waterproof sealant that is safe for vegetable gardens. Square and rectangle raised beds are popular and easy to set up in traditional row gardens. L-shaped raised beds work well in the corner of yards, or to enclose and divide open spaces. Trim pack and planter bottom options are available for any size raised bed, in addition to a variety of matching garden trellises.
Raised beds come in many shapes to fit every size garden—select a shape below to get started!
I recently purchased a raised cedar bed from Naturalyards and I am delighted with my purchase.

Wood Work - Wooden Planter Box Plans Free - Easy DIY Woodworking Projects Step by Step How To build. Just level ground, stack boards, and insert corner pins to make a long-lasting planter for your flowers and vegetables.
Like all of our planters, raised beds are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee and 15 year limited warranty. Hexagon and octagon raised beds offer eye-catching shapes and easy pathways for wheelbarrow and wheelchair access. Derive seasons the worn out ornamental flowers berries and Greens.You have to hold up to ten days for it to Eventide atomic number atomic number 49 yearner 4 areas with dangerous humidity climates.
Our raised beds assemble with rust-free metal pins set securely through the ends of each board.
Our dedicated and knowledgeable gardener support staff is here to help you cultivate your green thumb. Designed for storage vessels Sextet glasshouse planter box DoI Sextet measures inches wide.

So after years of exposure, the planter won't fall apart, and yet can be disassembled by hand if needed. Like the previous reviewer stated, moving the boxes into the back yard and unpacking them was more of a chore than putting the bed together.
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