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Install the stair stringer brackets to the front of the outer deck joist or support beam with 4-inch wood screws and a power driver. Insert the stair stringers into the brackets and level the top and sides with a carpenter level.
Cut the tread board 2 inches wider than the width of the stair stringers using a table saw.
Do-it-yourself wooden stairs can save you money and give you more options for customization. Published November 25, 2012 at 800 × 706 in Welcome to the New EZ Stairs Blog and Website. Once complete, the building of the steps and installation of stringers is a simple process.

As the stairs are built outside the building, some sturdy materials which are also at least water resistant must come into your choice.
When you prefer to apply concrete, remember to add gravel on its step to avoid the slippery as it’s getting wet after the rain. Make sure you design the one that can accommodate all of your family members; from your kids to the elderly.
The design of this will be then influencing the height and length of your would-be-built stairs at last. Also this will help you find the best material from which the stairs will be made; whether it’s wood or concrete. Also, this will affect your options to apply stair rails or not.When you’re fixed with the design already, and the time for material preparation is coming, it’s then a must to take the one that can safely accommodate all your needs.

It must be able to withstand the pressure of the most grown household member using the stairs.Another tip relates to the use of stair rails. When it’s not strongly constructed and attached to the stairways stringers, it’s likely dangerous especially for young kids and too grown up family members.

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