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Instructables has a great step-by-step how-to on building your own custom TV lift, which hides the TV when not in use. Custom built versions can often cost thousands, so this is a pretty economical way to build one yourself for much less.
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Dishware, serving pieces, table linens—a sideboard packs a whole lot of storage space into a relatively small footprint, making it a handy addition to any household.
With help from metalsmith-extraordinaire Dustin John and better-half Daniel Dunnam, I got to build my dream desk. After double-checking the models and measurements, Daniel and I dove headlong into the land of meatballs and wooden pegs.
We assembled the white Akurum cabinets with dark brown doors, aligning the backs of each cabinet with Ikea’s standard cabinet rail-mounting system. In the front, he routed a groove in the upper cradle and lower holster to keeps everything on track.
Behind this piece is the real magic: a linear actuator—a gadget [almost NSFW] which extends to raise and lower the cradle from its holster. With everything attached and wired, Daniel slid the levitation-cradle against the wall, flush with the Ikea cabinets and then we bolted it together. Then, we ordered the desktop material, which was the crazy indulgent splurge of this project (16 feet of LG Hi-Macs white acrylic) from Lowe’s countertop department (installation is included in the cost per sq. A fancy thing that they can do with solid-state acrylic countertop material (like Corian or Hi-Macs) is that they can bond the corners to look completely seamless. The drawer slide hardware came from Chinatown and the pre-routed drawer sides came from the internet. Adhesives used: Clear gorilla glue (dries white… boo!) and Weld-On Plexiglass glue, which can only be used to bond plexi to plexi, but *incredibly* chemically reconfigures the polymers in the plexiglass to form a very solid bond, as if it were one piece. After tearing the top and bottom off of it, this Alex drawer fit seamlessly into the cabinet and houses all of our hardware and tools. Update: A few people have requested that I break down the expenses for making the desk here. I love this desk and am going to email Dustin to see if we can hire him to build these for our new office space. Did you guys dream up the plans for the moving desk portion of this project, or base them off of existing plans?
I have almost the same setup in my office area, where run stuff, do design, illustration etc… same kind of desk (not as cool as your great solution), same mac, same wacom, same scanner.

This workspace is beautiful and I offer you a hearty congratulations for your care and good work to make it come together so nicely. DW was definitely in the Holiday Sprit for July 4 at Big Bear Campground, Pomona State Park, KS. Can you give some specs on your tire mount and how you determined if it would support your tire? We owned a molding store, have installed for over 30 years and have found these proportions to work best for finishing trim.
The door and window casings the colonade and the crown molding the capitals, the top most important support feature. With drywall return windows we often put casing an apron at the bottom and extended stool (sill) to make them look proper. This is another interesting ceiling we did with crown multple layers curved and back lighted. Difficult joints for crown molding are acute angles and merged crown since you are dealing with the multiple planes and compund miters. You can see more of our crown projects at the King of Crown website, and on our Mantels page.
Crown Molding or cymatium was standardized by 1st century BC Roman Architect, Vitruvius in his book "De architectura".
Cabinets extend all the way up the walls, where they connect with white crown molding that emphasizes the room's high ceiling. It does require a ~$500 kit and an old 6-drawer dresser that will become otherwise inoperable, but the end result looks pretty cool and lets you hide a TV completely from a room when not in use. A sturdy, high-quality one can leave a thousand-dollar dent in your finances, but as TOH general contractor Tom Silva demonstrates, you can enhance a few stock kitchen base cabinets with molding, furniture feet, and knobs to produce a handcrafted piece for a fraction of the cost of buying one ready-made.
Unless actively willed otherwise, the tool defaults to the aesthetic style of Illustrator, as if by a laws of nature.
If you have any ideas to approve upon this design (especially if you find the Goldilocks actuator), let me know and I’ll update the post.
I have a terrific standing desk from the 20’s but were I to need a new desk I would certainly use your desk as the model. Yeah, given the hours that I keep, I realized that having an inspiring workspace—that facilitated whatever work I wanted to do— was really important. We were concerned that the weight of the computer (when paired with the small pokey top of the actuator) would put undue stress on the wood and break it in the middle. As a future industrial designer, I love this desk design and what you’ve done with it! I was thinking about olive green, and figured I could mix up my own by adding some green and a little bit of red to the tan, just using the standard colors like John Deere green and IH red.
I found cam latches for the storage areas on ebay and ordered some galley hinges from Lil Bear teardrop for the storage areas.I got all 4 walls constructed and in placeI rattle canned my Jerry can mounts and spare tire mounts. If it were vertical, then you wouldn't be able to get the can out with the camper set up. I went over (almost) all of the exterior wood seams with marine 5200 adhesive - the same stuff I used on the fenders. A build up for columns and living room in a Rhonert Park Condo and for a window valance.

The only surviving treatise on Greek and Roman architecture from classical antiquity, and not re-written until 1452, "De Re Aedificatoria". Opt for unfinished 15- or 18-inch cabinets fitted with doors and operable drawers (not the fake drawer fronts used for sink cabinets) and take a day to put all the pieces together. My original schematic is on the left: flanking the to-be-levitated computering space are Ikea cabinets, which are floated off the floor and topped with white acrylic. And if you’re embarking on a similar project and need construction help, hire Dustin—he has built everything, even an indoor tree. And I wouldn’t climb on top of it or anything… Anyway, hope that helps- and let me know if you have any ideas to improve it. But when I was peeling off my blue painter's tape I thought how great that blue looked against the black ends and the new white roof with black trim (it reminded me of the Toyota FJ Cruiser). Here they are mocked up into placeNow I'm constructing the framework for the inside bench seats and cabinets. The same seems to be true of physical workspaces, although in my case, it took me quite a few years to accept that I… had a workspace problem.
After a few quick google searches, I realized the magnitude of this undertaking—that the only workspace likely to sustainably ward off entropy would be one that I made in the image of my own work habits themselves, a custom-built desk.
I would have likely tried doing something like this since I had researched hydraulic systems to raise a desk like the Float does. I took some adhesive self-sealing window tape and put it over the top edge and corners of the walls. For full step-by-step instructions, shopping list, and tools list, see How to Build a Sideboard.
Fearing the $-implications of this (and eager to build something BIG), I decided to go the DIY route, use as many pre-fabricated modular parts as possible, and rely on the kindness of favors from friends. After many a night of failed research into cranks, pulleys and motors, my buddy, Dustin hopped into the project.
He replaced them with longer bolts, and ran both thru a piece of 2x2 aluminum bar stock, and on top of that mounted a 6" diameter aluminum plate with five holes to match the new bolt pattern.
He still thinks there should be another support coming up from the underside frame to support the mount from the bottom. The lower portion will actually have a swing up portion that will make it twice as tall as it is currently. I liked the first aid kit that somebody on ExPo had mounted (here's to you Mark Harley). The front panel is actually a textured aluminum, because the guys who sold me the metal didn't have enough of the smooth in stock. My credit card bill is pretty painful, but I think I've got most of the major supplies.

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