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Grandmas House DIY After 15 months of renovation come and see our before and afters, furniture refinishing, room afters and tips and tutorials! I knew from the minute I laid eyes on it that it would become our kitchen sink and that I would be building a custom kitchen sink base for it! My materials all came out of the barn or were scraps from the renovation and, amazingly, the drain was in perfect condition – the only thing we had to purchase was the faucet for $70 at our local fleet store. Here the kitchen sink base is complete, I will admit that I had a few doubts but I knew my 2×10 from the barn (as well as some more barn wood to be added) would completely cover the 2x4s but I was still nervousas we hauled it into the house and set it in place. Finally got it in place and the sink and dishwasher all hooked up! I added a barn wood shelf under the sink as well as one above the sink for extra storage. I added the towel bar after covering ALL of the kitchen sink base and ALL of the barn wood with two coats of poly acrylic. And here’s just the old cats iron sink so we can all embrace the incredible ickiness that just a little soap, some hot water and elbow grease cleaned up in only a few minutes! My name is TarahBy the spring of 2013 I had lost both of my grandmas and had a garage full of ancient furniture and so much sadness I could barely breathe.
So it looks like Joe and I still love each other after finishing the renovation of my Grandma’s 100 year old farm house .
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There are tons tons tons more pictures and details on Brooke's kitchen, but it would be unfair to you to not go visit Brooke and read from her all about her DIY kitchen. And OF COURSE we've got you covered with the plans as well if you want to build your own kitchen cabinets.
NOTE: I do work with (and love) the folks at PureBond Plywood, but this here post is not sponsored by them. A back can be attached, but it may be easier to wait to attach the backs until after you install drawers or shelves. I'll get into this more when we do plans for drawers and doors and accessories and of course wall cabinets.
It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion. This is my opinion solely, but, the most recent version of base cabs are what is considered industry standard. Also, a person building these base cabinets should know that the terminology for the rails and stiles is correct, but their locations aren't.
I love how you guys make your plans in sketchup to illustrate.  Would you consider fixing this "design flaw" and updating this post?  This is a very helpful post otherwise.
In the current times, people like to merge the kitchen worktops with small pantry, which helps saving the space. With all kitchen plans, I'll be uploading 3D Models to Google 3D Warehouse in a Collection so you can download the models and design your own kitchens! Special thanks to the kind folks over at PureBond for supplying our beautiful healthy plywood for these cabinets. Author Notes:  If anything is surprising us about building your own kitchen cabinets, it's just how easy it is!
It's the doors that take the time, but I'll talk about different door ideas later in this post and also in dedicated door building posts.

Holy cow that looks beautiful considering its home made and not some cheap store bought cabinet. Never mind that it had been sitting in a shed for god knows how long and it had, in fact, been filled to the brim with a mouse nest and had probably raised hundreds (if not thousands) of rodents for decades and was, in fact, totally covered in the resulting excretions. All of my materials were leftovers in the barn and had been sitting there for a very long time. Four 4×4 legs, 2x4s laid across the top of them for support, and then the entire thing clad with barn wood. The sink is taller then the counter top not because I wanted it to be, actually I planned on building the kitchen sink base so the sink would be about an inch LOWER then our counter top to make for easy wiping. Actually I didn’t mention how I cleaned it because it came clean with just dish soap and hot water and a little elbow grease! If you would like to feature or use any of the photos or work you see here that is wonderful!
This gives you some wiggle room when you install the cabinets to get your face frames to line up perfectly level.
I'm building three base cabinets for my laundry room currently and when building the face frames for the cabinets, I noticed that what is labeled rails should be the stiles and the stiles should be the rails and the measurements for those should be adjusted. You can use unique kitchen remodeling ideas to increase the usability of the available space in a sensible manner. They provide aluminium modular kitchen with cheap price and quality service provider in the field of modular kitchen in coimbatore. First thing I did was get the most accurate measurements of the sink that I could, which was much easier said then done – no part of this sink is flat or square on the bottom side. I plan on adding a wicker or wire basket to that shelf down there to hold all of our onions and garlic but I have not yet found the perfect basket yet but, when I do, it will hide our plumbing.
However, when I ran the drain lines in the house I had expected to have vessel sinks in our two main floor bathrooms and, for some reason, my brain read that I need to have ALL of our drains that high.
The author assumes absolutely no liability if you choose to follow in her foot steps and attempt anything you see on this website yourself.
From there, I knew how long each of my 2x4s needed to be cut to fit totally under the bottom of the sink. It is my grandparents’ fifty year old yard light that hung off the pole of our little farm yard for many decades!
The author strongly urges you to do your due dilligence before attempting anything of a diy nature at home.
You may not copy entire articles and posts (even if you link back to me) without my express permission. No, I'm not talking about storage or counter space, I'm talking about the big empty space in the middle of the room.You see, we used to have just an eat-in kitchen and no dining room.
It got replaced and when this old light came down I knew exactly where I wanted it to go ?? Above our kitchen sink of course!
So, our kitchen sink is tall and in all actually, we both like it a lot ?? Because it is high it is MUCH easier for washing dishes etc.
Joe and I devoted 2014 to renovating my grandparents' 100 year old farm house and that's where we are today.
That changed recently and now that we're sporting a proper dining area in a different part of the house, the table in the picture above lost a leaf and was downgraded to a two-seater pushed up against that wall.
Once we had our appliances installed I gathered my materials for building the kitchen sink base.
I will put a prettier bulb in it someday, that one was the best one our little fleet store in town offered.

Don’t worry the old blog is still there (and always will be) it was just time to retire it. The table was fine for grabbing a quick bite, but now that all that real estate opened up in the middle of the room, I started to get a hankering for an island.Since I could go for one last indoor project of the season and had a good royalty month from my books with a few bucks to spare, I decided to tackle it myself. The paper towel holder that we added to the bottom of the top barn wood shelf was something my grandparents’ made many years ago.
I know, they’re made for when people wash dishes by hand so one sink can be a dish drain rack but, quite frankly, I’ve washed a lot of dishes in this sink and I would never go back to a divided double sink because, for the first time in my life, my sink is big enough to accommodate even my biggest pans! Go check it out to see my detailed plans and the whole renovation experience (*cough* nightmare *cough*) all the way through from April 2014 until August 2015 when we finally moved in and moved over to this new site design. This would provide me with a 50" counter which I reckoned was just about right for two stools side by side for the breakfast bar.
Luckily, I still had some left-over paint from when I did the cabinets you see in the back.
Since the bottom of the units are solid, I could't screw them in from the inside.I first placed the cabinets in the room where I wanted the island to go. When I was certain I had the cabinets in their final resting spot, I marked the floor with markers. I forgot to take a photo of the back of these things, but they aren't meant to be seen (they usually face the wall, after all).
I could have had a custom counter made for me but even the cheapest of laminates would put me over my budget of $500 so I decided to make my own. I added an inch on three sides for a slight overhang and decided on a 12" overhang on the back for a breakfast bar.The base cabinets come with plastic brackets in each corners for attaching the counter from underneath with screws. Just be sure the screws are long enough to bite into the wood but short enough that the screw doesn't go through the top. I mentioned earlier, I painted my kitchen counters and did so using a Giani Granite Paint kit. It's an $80 do it yourself kit that can transform any counter into a simulated granite counter top. As long as you follow the directions and take your time, it's really easy and comes out looking great. The pictures below show the process of painting a layer of primer and building the pattern with three shades of paint.
3 coats of clear-coat after the paint dries seals the surface and protects it from the kitchen elements. I say optional, because they're designed to not need handles but I think they add a nice visual touch.
Plus I was lucky enough to find matching hardware with the rest of my kitchen which ties in a nice matching element.The very last step which isn't shown in the photo below is the molding I attached to the base of the cabinets to hide the metal brackets on the sides.
For under 500 bucks I think I added at least $1000 in value to my kitchen and I couldn't be happier with the results. Have fun!Robert Brumm is the author of several books and his prowess in the toolbox has been exaggerated by the press.

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