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Many times people will create an opening through a wall between two rooms similar to a large window opening to try to make their home feel more open or bigger. So if you are doing a doorway or opening you should only need two plywood arch shapes spaced appropriately for the thickness of your wall.
TIP: Do not make the radius to small or you will have trouble making drywall bend to fit it.
Now that you have one plywood arch marked out cut it out with a jig saw and use it as a template to draw out the rest you will need. Now you can install the unit by screwing through the spacer material and into your wall framing. Quite often I clink on times that interest me that then bring me to the Goos Home design site. About usGoodshomedesign is an online home design magazine but do not sell the products reviewed or showcased on this site. This step by step diy article is about how to build a drywall arch, on a metal or wooden frame.
Building an archway in a door opening is usually a weekend project, provided you use the right materials, tools and techniques. After you have drawn the arch on the drywall board, you should cut it, using a jigsaw or a drywall saw.
In order to get the desired drywall arch, you could make several attempts till you obtain a form to fit your tastes and needs.
After you have fixed the metal studs in screws, you can continue the process by installing the first sheet of drywall. However, if you  install the metal studs on wooden walls, you show use only 2” wood screws. Continue the process by installing the other side of the drywall arch in the same manner as in the previous steps. Next, you have to install a curved metal stud on the edge of the drywall arch, for a better rigidity of the frame. Consequently, measure the archway and cut with metal snips a metal stud with at that exactly dimension. If you have cut the metal stud according to our recommendation, you can proceed to the next stage. The curved metal stud should be fixed in the following manner: start with one end and bend the  metal stud as to fit the archway. After you make sure the both ends of the curved metal stud are connected to the metal frame, you can continue the process by fastening the drywall arch to the metal track with screws, by using an electric screwdriver. If you have to bend more the metal stud, just make more cuts along its side skirts and it will fit properly into position. This step is very important for the construction of your archway, so pay attention and make sure the drywall board is well locked to the metal frame. Remember that the frame is not completed until you fix a perpendicular metal stud, which has to link both curved arches. Before starting the project, make a detailed plan to calculate the right dimensions of the drywall arch, as to fit perfectly in the door opening.
After we have built the frame and we have installed the sides of the drywall arch, we have to complete the project by fixing the bottom section. Consequently, measure the distance with a measuring tape (the width and the length of the curved arch).
After we have obtained the rectangle, we used one of our little tricks to make the drywall bend.
When installing the drywall rectangle, align perfectly its edges with  the arch walls, on both sides. Smart Tip: Another approach you can use for bending drywall is to wet it, but it only works if the slope of the arch is very low.
Our arch is on the verge of being completed, as only a small area has to be fastened with screws. Make sure you work in proper conditions: the area should be well lighted, ventilated and you should use safety gloves and glasses, whenever the situation requires it. You can notice the pattern of the drywall screws in the imagine, and how you should use the electric screwdriver to insert the screws. Smart Tip: If you are going to install the arch in an area affected by water vapors, you should buy anti-moisture drywall (the green sheets), as it is designed to resist in such harsh conditions, otherwise your drywall arch will deteriorate over time.
Thank you for reading our article on how to build a drywall arch and we recommend you to check out the rest of the projects related to drywall arch.
A picture showing how the corner beads act as a guide for skimming off the mud are shown below. After your surface is scraped level, place an additional coat in a manner similar to that of step 3.

Step 7 - At this point, your surface should be nearly finished, except for minor imperfections.
Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. Converting a plain entryway into a curved arch is a great way to give a room a new look and feel.
Converting a plan doorway into a curved arch is a relatively straightforward project that requires some carpentry and drywall taping skills. Have the necessary tools for this DIY project lined up before you start—you’ll save time and frustration. A table saw will be helpful to rip the 2x4 lumber to size, but if you don’t have one, you can use a circular saw. These openings really can make a big difference but adding an extra feature to them like an arched top makes them more appealing to the eye. I usually cut arch shaped ribs out of plywood and use 2x4 material as spacers between two plywood ribs to create each arch I need for the project.
If you are doing a whole hallway you will need to make up multiple arches and space them about 16" apart along the length of the hallway ceiling. After you have your plywood pieces all cut then figure out how wide you need to cut your spacers that will go between the two plywood side arches.
The next technique we’re about to show you doesn’t involve a lot of money, nor a professional designer to visit your property for an assessment. We try to show you what is new and beautiful in this area, arranged in several categories (apartments, ideas, interior design, home decor, home design, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, furniture, hotels & resorts, architecture) related to the area and style. Building a metal stud frame arch is not as difficult as it might look at first glance and we show it in this article. The most important step is to draw the ellipse in a proper manner, otherwise the hard work will be in vain. During the operation, make sure you locked firmly the drywall board, otherwise you can injure yourself, or damage the material.
In order to make a professional operation, we recommend you to use an electrical screwdriver with torque control.
Consequently, you should use a drill machine to drill holes, install dowels and then drive the screws to fix the metal stud frame. Use an electrical screwdriver and install the screws as their heads to be level with the drywall surface, otherwise you will have to repair the surface with drywall mud. Remember to use safety gloves, as you could easily cut yourself in the edges of the metal stud. The drywall should be fastened with drywall screws, as to make sure it is locked into position.
Next cut a piece of drywall exactly to that specific dimensions, using an utility knife and a t-square.
Just use the small-steps technique, and the drywall will get the form of the arch in a matter of seconds.
You can also notice that the drywall board gets the curved shaped, step by step, as we install more screws and go along the arch, towards its both ends.
Nevertheless, we will publish a complete guide on how to bend drywall, as soon as possible.
You can notice that the right technique is to work in mirror, to fix the bottom drywall starting from center in both directions.
Consequently, it is possible that in several areas the drywall boards not to be perfectly aligned. Don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE our articles with your friends, by using the social media widgets. Once you have your drywall cut and up on the wall, you only need to cover the corners with flexible corner bead (pictured in Step 2), available at Menards and other home stores and building supply stores. Note that you should cut your corner bead a full inch longer than you measure and cut off the extra after it is all up - it is very easy to cut it too short! Note that another corner bead will be attached on the back side of the arch - the two corner beads provide a guide for skimming mud off the arched area with a wide knife. Then use a wet down wide knife to skim off the compound, using the corner bead as a guide for your knife to glide over as you skim the mud. Use a wide-enough taping knife to skim off the compound, allowing the knife to glide over the two corner beads.

Washboard type ridges should be scraped down with a taping knife that is scraped in a direction perpendicular to the ridges, as shown on the right. In our case, we used All Purpose USG joint compound, which shrinks in a fair amount, so we felt the need to add another coat. Then, place a thin, 8-10" wide coat over your the previous coats, but skim this coat off perpendicular to the corner bead as opposed to using the corner bead as a guide. To get a professional-looking finish that may be painted without texture, use a trouble light or ordinary house lamp with shade removed and add small amounts of slightly thinned mud as needed. You’ll need to frame a curved arch, bend and fasten a strip of drywall to the curved framing, and then install a flexible corner bead. Let it overhang into the archway and then cut out the curve of the arch with a drywall or keyhole saw. Cut your 2x4 material to that width and then cut pieces that will go between the plywood to space it apart. Actually, the project suggested here will help you harvest vegetables in the future whilst aesthetically augmenting your garden. You can build your archway in any room: in your kitchen, living room or in the hallway, as to add style and personality to your home. Place screws at both ends of the drywall sheet and use a piece of string to guide you when drawing the mark line. Each approach has its own advantages: the metal is perfectly straight and very light, as the wood studs are very resistant.
The jigsaw’s blade should cut the drywall exactly over the drawn line, so work carefully to make a good job. After we have applied the technique to the whole surface of the drywall rectangle, we turn it with the cuts upward. In addition, we reiterate to take all necessary measures to work in safe conditions, as diy projects have their risks. We hope you have enjoyed our article on how to build a drywall arch, and leave a comment if you have any questions.
The corners are then finished in a manner very similar to that used for regular outside corners.
After marking the arch on your drywall, cut out the curved portion of the drywall with a jig saw, as shown right. After the corner bead is attached, run a taping knife over the edge as shown in the lower right photo to identify any screws or tabs sticking up.
Next determine the style and size of the arch (half circle, partial circle or ellipse) and make a pattern out of cardboard.
In other words, the DIY arch we’re showcasing will both make your yard pretty and prove efficient in helping you pick your vegetables once they’re ready. If you really have something good, we will publish it with your own name in our online magazine. This project can take up to a couple of days, if you aren’t experienced, but we can assure you the hard work it will pay off eventually. It is essential to use the spirit level, or a T-square  as to make sure the cuts are perpendicular on the side edges and parallel between them.
Whether you’re remodeling a room or just looking for a weekend improvement, this project adds interest and character.
In the following link you will find everything you need to know on how to build a squash trellis arch DIY gardening project. Note in the photo below that the drywall is marked where the wood side supports are so that when the arched piece of drywall is attached you will know where to locate the screws.
Also, you will need to know the locations of these wood supports when attaching the corner bead. Look for it at drywall suppliers (search online or see “Drywall Supplies” in your yellow pages).

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