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Choosing between different types of pop up camper trailers – tent camper trailers, retractable camper trailers and chalet (A-Frame) camper trailers.
There are basically three kinds of pop-up trailers – tent campers, chalet (A-frame) campers and retractable campers.
Tent camper trailers are usually the first type of trailer folks think of when upgrading from tent camping. Everything considered, you get an upgraded camping experience while still sleeping under canvas – for many the essence of camping in the outdoors. We once owned an expandable trailer and found the canvas got dirty quick and canvas cannot keep the heat and cold out. With towing weights between 3,000 lbs and 4000 lbs, tent camper trailers are towable by most family vehicles!
The interior living space is rather tight but if you are used to tent camping then A-frames are indeed very comfortable! We understand that pop ups and extractable trailers are light-weight, aerodynamic and designed to be towed by anything from your basic minivan to a RAV 4.
But with some models costing well over $40,000, it’s lot of money for a trailer with a bar-size fridge, sparse decor, very limited storage and quite a bit of set up considering everything have to be stored out of the way for the mechanism to retract safely.
Our recommendation is to always compare pop up camper trailers with smaller standard trailers before buying, especially if you are thinking to spend more than $8,000! This entry was posted in Camping, RV Discussion and tagged campers, Camping, RV Discussion, trailers. Several weeks ago, I started seeing stories about this stylish tent trailer designed by Belgian architect Axel Enthoven.
The Conestoga-like interior appears to have a small bathroom in the front, with narrow beds on either side. I’m a big fan of innovative products, like SylvanSport’s ‘GO’ multipurpose trailer and the Coleman Switchback tent trailer, but the Opera strikes me as more of a design exercise than a serious offering designed for the backcountry. The Opera is supposed to go into limited production in 2010, most likely in Europe although the iconic design is sure to tickle the fancy of at least a few people here in the States.
Sorry Roy, you are right, the website was indeed placed at the internet by the beginning of december. The beds are gliding automaticly to eachother to have one very big comfotable bed fot 2 persons.
Hi, I'm Roy Scribner and I have been camping with my wife Lisa and our three children, all over the Pacific Coast of the United States. One of the reasons so many people love folding camping trailers, or what are more commonly known as tent trailers or pop-ups, is that they are lightweight and easy to tow, economical to own and operate, and most importantly, still offer that superbly classic camping experience. The biggest surprise to many onlookers these days is that these aren’t just empty tents on top of trailers any longer.
The diminutive SylvanSport Go, for instance, is three trailers in one and is meant to be appeal to serious outdoor sports enthusiasts while being available for everyday chores.
The Go, besides being out of the ordinary, is also a green rig due to its environmentally friendly construction methods, as are the pop-ups from Livin’ Lite Recreational Vehicles, Jayco and Starcraft. With eight floorplans ranging from 12 to 19 feet in length, the new Traverse series of folding camping trailers from Palomino RV offers a variety of choices for campers looking for a high-end tent trailer. Some new hard-sided trailer designs have been added to Forest River’s Flagstaff and Rockwood pop-up series for 2012. The Jay Series folding camping trailer is designed with the family in mind, so each of the five floorplans from this Jayco RV product has a king-size bed along with a second queen or double bed and a convertible dinette. Starcraft’s 2012 Comet pop-up has been certified green by TRA Certification, as has the whole company due to its efforts to reduce waste and use environmentally conscientious processes in building its camping trailers and other towables. Adaptability is the key to Lees-ure Lite’s diminutive Excel pop-up camper, which the company claims has a featherweight of just 225 pounds dry.
Well known for its hard-sided A-frame pop-ups, the company has ventured into more traditional tent trailers with the introduction of the Somerset series, available in three touring and two off-road suspension designs. Livin’ Lite Recreational Vehicles has created a niche for itself over the past decade building all-aluminum lightweight folding camping trailers. RV enthusiasts are passionate about their vehicles and they do not take kindly to criticism of their choices!

Pricing for basic new models start around $5,000 while top models sell for close to $20,000! The condensation also bothered us and our canvas tore when debris from overhanging trees fell down in windy conditions. The lack of canvas (a few models do have canvas extensions) make these easier to clean and more comfortable in warm and cold weather conditions. Unless you own a truck, you may also have to invest in stabilizing bars when towing trailers behind your passenger vehicle. There is a lot of packing and unpacking and re-arranging of stored items whereas we can park and completely set up our 40-feet 5th wheel in 20 – 30 minutes. A stovetop on the left and a sink on the right frame the open back of the Opera.  It’s unclear from the few pictures available, whether the rear of the pop-up closes for protection from the elements. For something that appears so gargantuan on the outside, the interior shot of the Opera displays a surprising lack of useable interior space. It’s sure to draw a crowd wherever it pops-up, which is likely the primary reason someone would purchase one. At least they have not taking the affort to look at the website for the details of the Opera. CampingBlogger is where I share some of our adventures and yes, a few mis-adventures, in hopes of encouraging other parents to explore the great outdoors with their kids. They’re loaded with amenities that often include stoves, refrigerators, furnaces, water, air conditioning and, in some cases, rugged off-road suspension packages. It’s also designed to haul an ATV and other toys, or to become a small open-top cargo trailer. The 18-foot 2-inch long Jay Series 1208 floorplan, the largest in the series, is equipped with a soft-sided dinette slideout, along with a second portable dinette table and a stainless-steel two-burner stove that can be taken outside. Available in two floorplans, one with a convertible sofa and the other featuring a permanent rear bed, the Aliner’s laminated foam core sidewalls and folding roof system close down to create a 57-inch-high trailer with a dry weight of 1,515 pounds that can be towed by just about anything. Somerset G2G (Good to Go) trailers feature boxes that range from 12 to 14 feet long with 70-inch by 77-inch beds on each end, along with convertible dinettes, stoves, refrigerators and cassette or flush toilets.
Wider and longer than Chalet’s other three models, the XL Series provides ample space for large families, and offers sleeping accommodations for up to six.
The Sylvan sport looks cool, but could the fabric hold up to heavy use and unfortunate weather? A little work, care and patience will lead to a beautiful door.Interior French DoorsA French door, which is occasionally known as a French window, is basically, a door made up of glass panels. That’s until you start adding convenience options and suddenly your quotes are $12,000 and higher!
At 2000 – 3000 lbs, A-frame trailers are light-weight and perfect for tent enthusiasts who want to step up in comfort and security.
At only 4,000 lbs or less, these low-profile trailers will save you money in terms of fuel and vehicle wear & tear, and you do not have to worry about hitting low-hanging tree branches in woody campgrounds. These can be cumbersome and time-consuming to hitch and unhitch especially on uneven ground. When packing in rain also keep in mind that, when stored,  wet canvas encourages mold growth. Despite all of the excitement, there is scant little tangible information available on the ‘Opera’ tent trailer, other than its lavish accoutrements.
One thing’s for sure, with hardwood floors, a wine cabinet, hot and cold running water and a porcelain toilet, the Opera is not going to be one of the lighter tent trailers.
The friends I have who were drawn to pop-ups are family campers who like the large bed platforms, which provide plenty of sleeping space. The mover, the automatic levelsystem, the automatic fold-out of the tent and the adjustable beds are so handy! Yes, it will seal on several points, yes you can close it up so there will be no fly’s or mosquitoes inside, no the wind has no effect on the Opera, etc.
A few even have hard fiberglass sides like traditional travel trailers that form A-frames in the campground and fold down neatly on top of the box for travel. For 2012, the Go — at 11 feet 6 inches from ball to bumper — has been tweaked with a new bicycle-style support frame, suspension, LED taillights, paint and graphics.

When equipped with a Customer Convenience package, each also includes a three-way refrigerator, awning, water purifier and a stereo with MP3 inputs. Each 5-foot 6-inch-long Excel is offered with two screened entryways, allowing an optional room to be added to each side.
Standard amenities include an outside shower, three-cubic-foot refrigerator and a microwave.
Both floorplans in the off-road Somerset A3 model have 12-foot boxes with a beefed-up suspension, dual battery trays, LED interior lights and additional fresh water. With 30-inch high sidewalls, the 14-foot Quicksilver XLP is designed with queen beds on both ends, along with a side or rear dinette, and is equipped with a standard refrigerator, furnace and range or grill. I guess people really need to decide what they want in a camper and find on that meets the needs. While French doors can be sometimes functional, they are usually, used for aesthetic effects. The canvas pop-outs increase your living space without adding weight which is a big advantage. And you can get a proper bathroom, a full-size fridge, plenty of storage and faster set up for less than $10,000! To be honest: the design is so exeptional that a great lot of people want to have a demonstration when we are camping. And there’s no small amount of innovation among pop-up manufacturers whose goal is to get people outdoors, enjoying the RV-camping lifestyle. When open and in the camping mode, the Go provides 6 feet 6 inches of headroom along with a 7-foot-long bed. Standard equipment includes curtains, carpeted sleeping area, rain tarp and four-screened windows.
An optional Titanium Package is available adding LED interior lights and a gray exterior with bold black trim. Base MSRP begins at $14,900. They are great and make a dramatic effect when they connect two distinct areas such as outdoor and indoor living, kitchen and patio or kitchen and dining area. We are in the process of picking a RV for our travels in 2015 and decided to share our selection process with the public. It is good to love the campinggear you are using at this moment, but stay awake for interesting developments! An Adventure Accessory Package includes a rear awning, table panels, two self-inflating mattresses and a spare tire kit. In the travel mode, the Excel provides 30 cubic feet of storage and carries 100 pounds of gear on the roof.
Other feature highlights include aluminum cabinets, interior lights, a cassette commode, exterior shower, aluminum rear deck and a storage box over the hitch. The A-walls are then manually lifted into place with the help of gas struts on each of the walls. Because we are experienced long-term RV campers, we look at things a bit different than the casual camper so hopefully our readers can score a few useful tips when making their own buying decisions. Along with several other storage possibilities, customizing options include awnings, skirts, mattresses with removable covers, cooler racks and aluminum folding tables.
Construction features include a composite floor (just like the walls and roof), high-strength aluminum alloy frame, fiberglass structural skin and EPS foam core.
If you prefer a more insulated unit, the hard sided A framed campers are great, but they don’t have much space. The nearly 19-foot-long 1935 model is one of the most popular in the XL Series, and it offers an expanding front dormer as standard. If space for a larger family is the most important variable, tent campers can have four beds in them.
Pricing guidelines are based on new 2014-2015 models – we know one can save a lot by looking at used models!

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