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Choosing between different types of pop up camper trailers – tent camper trailers, retractable camper trailers and chalet (A-Frame) camper trailers. There are basically three kinds of pop-up trailers – tent campers, chalet (A-frame) campers and retractable campers. Tent camper trailers are usually the first type of trailer folks think of when upgrading from tent camping. Everything considered, you get an upgraded camping experience while still sleeping under canvas – for many the essence of camping in the outdoors. We once owned an expandable trailer and found the canvas got dirty quick and canvas cannot keep the heat and cold out. With towing weights between 3,000 lbs and 4000 lbs, tent camper trailers are towable by most family vehicles! The interior living space is rather tight but if you are used to tent camping then A-frames are indeed very comfortable! We understand that pop ups and extractable trailers are light-weight, aerodynamic and designed to be towed by anything from your basic minivan to a RAV 4. But with some models costing well over $40,000, it’s lot of money for a trailer with a bar-size fridge, sparse decor, very limited storage and quite a bit of set up considering everything have to be stored out of the way for the mechanism to retract safely.
Our recommendation is to always compare pop up camper trailers with smaller standard trailers before buying, especially if you are thinking to spend more than $8,000! This entry was posted in Camping, RV Discussion and tagged campers, Camping, RV Discussion, trailers.

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Pricing for basic new models start around $5,000 while top models sell for close to $20,000!
The condensation also bothered us and our canvas tore when debris from overhanging trees fell down in windy conditions. The lack of canvas (a few models do have canvas extensions) make these easier to clean and more comfortable in warm and cold weather conditions. Unless you own a truck, you may also have to invest in stabilizing bars when towing trailers behind your passenger vehicle.
There is a lot of packing and unpacking and re-arranging of stored items whereas we can park and completely set up our 40-feet 5th wheel in 20 – 30 minutes. That’s until you start adding convenience options and suddenly your quotes are $12,000 and higher!
At 2000 – 3000 lbs, A-frame trailers are light-weight and perfect for tent enthusiasts who want to step up in comfort and security.
At only 4,000 lbs or less, these low-profile trailers will save you money in terms of fuel and vehicle wear & tear, and you do not have to worry about hitting low-hanging tree branches in woody campgrounds.

These can be cumbersome and time-consuming to hitch and unhitch especially on uneven ground. When packing in rain also keep in mind that, when stored,  wet canvas encourages mold growth. Diagonal linear lines intersection of light and shadow, repeating the multiple structural supports creating symmetrical uniformity.
The canvas pop-outs increase your living space without adding weight which is a big advantage. And you can get a proper bathroom, a full-size fridge, plenty of storage and faster set up for less than $10,000! We are in the process of picking a RV for our travels in 2015 and decided to share our selection process with the public. Because we are experienced long-term RV campers, we look at things a bit different than the casual camper so hopefully our readers can score a few useful tips when making their own buying decisions.
Pricing guidelines are based on new 2014-2015 models – we know one can save a lot by looking at used models!

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