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A sliding, or barn-style, door is a creative way to separate two living spaces and add privacy with style. Follow the downloadable guidelines (Project Diagram, Drawing 1) to determine the best door size. Good to KnowFor openings where you are going to use two doors instead of one, divide the new calculated door width by two; the height remains the same as for a single door. Most installations will require a hanger board or ledger on the wall to mount the door track; it also creates space for the new sliding door away from the wall to clear the trim.
Good to KnowThe track comes in stock lengths, if you choose; you can leave the track full length or cut it to the desired length with a hack saw. Mount the board 2 inches above the door opening or above the top of the door casing -- check the hardware manufacturer’s instructions for additional requirements. For the hangers, you will install a hanger bracket that connects the two rails, or use two hanger brackets.
Download the new Lowe's Creative Ideas app with our latest projects, blogger news, smart tips and daily updates. Sliding doors are popular on bedroom closets and are available both finished and unfinished and in solid and hollow core options. All homeowners are familiar with the problem of space and, given the cost of the houses and the efforts that a family has to sustain to buy a home, any solution that allows us to gain space is certainly welcome. With this in mind we want to deal with how to install  a sliding door or a folding door, in our apartment by modifying the existing ones. You can ask the question whether to change or modify a door in a house during the renovation or decide, while the house is under construction, to ask to change the doors type as a variant to the terms provided for the real estate contract. Obviously we are not considering the last case, but since we are on a DIY site, we aim to make sure you do not have to use the services of a mason because otherwise it would be enough to address you to the Yellow Pages. So here we are trying to understand what types of sliding or folding doors are available, what is the difference and what you need to do to install them. We have talked about home ownership not because you can not install a sliding door or a folding door in a rented house or apartment,  but simply because that is a work that represents an investment and as such has more meaning for your own home. We also mentioned the advantage of increasing the space available in your home, but this is not the only reason why you may want to install a sliding door or a folding door. A sliding door or a folding door, when installed in a workmanlike manner, constitute an element that enhances the apartment giving to it a touch of uniqueness improving his value. Another advantage of both doors is given by the fact that, unlike traditional doors, sliding doors or folding ones can serve a much wider surface, we can say that, theoretically, there is no limit to the possible width of the door.
The difference between sliding doors and folding doors is already explained by their name itself. The sliding door has the advantage that it does not need of space for the closing of the leaf, however, must be taken into account that you cannot use the part of the wall at the side of the door itself. Folding door: it is a door that folds back on itself and offers the advantage of occupying less space. For aesthetic reasons the metal guide should be subsequently covered by a wooden strip with the size of the double length of the door and with the same thickness. The kit mentioned above is not hard to find on the market, you can see at the DIY Centers or with the best hardware stores. The guide is equipped with two adjustable brackets to be fixed to the wall above the door frame by using simple screw anchors.

It is very important having taken accurate measures, in fact the lower part of the door, once mounted, must be positioned at least at one-tenth of an inch above the floor level.
Normally, the kit also includes a stop race to prevent the sliding door getting off the rails. The old handle and lock have to be removed, to be replaced with a nice knob or fake handle with the function of allowing the socket to slide the door. The folding doors are structural elements of the flat and consist of several panels that are closed to each other providing often solve those problems of space that are becoming more and more important in modern homes. Here things are perhaps even more simple than for sliding doors as the folding door replaces the existing traditional doors, keeping almost all the jamb and, where possible, using the same lock. You will have to remove only the parts where the old door was hinged with hinges to the jamb,  then proceed to stare directly into the folding door jamb using the kit. Moreover, as regards the portion of the scroll, it is ensured by a guide, preferably made of anodized aluminum, which is screwed onto the lower face of the jamb at the top, and within which slide the hooks of the folding door. We want to add a last small but important hint that concerns the measures of the folding door which must be a little bit less high compared to the traditional one in order to avoid that the lower part of the door can touch the floor, creating friction. HOW TO REPLACE MOSQUITO NETTING With the arrival of the warm weather, after a cold Winter, unfortunately also the mosquitoes are coming. HOW TO REPLACE A BROKEN TILE, CHANGE A CERAMIC TILE Ceramic floors are a detail that gives a touch of customization to our house.
My dressing room and bathroom do not have a bathroom door, and while thata€™s all fine and well if your hubby is always on his best behaviour, mine has the manners of a donkey! Not wanting to schlep around looking for a door and hardware to fit the space, I realised it would be far easier to make my own door.
Using an angled cutting bit, the Dremel Trio allows you to create edges that are more decorative.
You can use clamps to hold the sections together while they dry, but do not move the door until you are absolutely sure the adhesive has cured. Is there room next to the door equal to the door opening itself for the door to slide over? Much like a pocket door, these doors function best when they’ll remain open or closed most of the time. The door width should be 2 inches wider than the opening, or at least as wide as the full opening plus any casing.
Secure the hanger board to wall studs with flathead screws driven slightly below the surface of the wood. When hanging a double door, use either one continuous track or two equal lengths with the joint centered over the door opening (Project Diagram, Drawing 3).
Install three brackets for a single door, five for a double door, or six if there’s no connector bracket. The door should have 1 inch of clearance between the bottom of the door and the finished flooring.
At each end of the track install the roller stops, then adjust the stops to align the operation of the door with your opening. It will make installation much easier if unfinished doors are finished before installation. It is a very good solution and it can be adopted for small apartments because the furniture can be placed also in close as there is no need of space for the opening of the leaf.

You must choose the same type of wood or something similar, looking anyway for a seasoned and sturdy wood. I bought the hanging hardware from my local Builders Warehouse and ordered all the board cut to size. Having all your pieces cut to size means that this project is more assembly than anything else. Apply a bead of No More Nails adhesive down both long sides of the door and glue the side frames in place. Mark in 90mm from the side panels and 200mm from the top and bottom and draw a pencil line. I applied the base coat of acrylic PVA with a foam applicator as it is easier to get into all the nooks and crannies with this. You will need to apply a total of three coats of paint, allowing drying time between each coat.
To mount the track onto the wall above the door, use a spirit level and pencil to mark at the correct height. Finally, fit the bottom door guide as instructed, making sure to adjust for the size and thickness of your particular door. For the height of the door, measure from the finished floor to the top of the opening, or to the top of the casing. Slip the brackets onto the track and then hang the track with the bottom of the track even with the bottom of the hanger board. On the other side, drill for a recessed cup pull that will clear the door opening or trim when you slide the door open. It is enough to make some minor changes and moreover you are not forced to create dust, dirt and breaking anything, things of which your wife will surely be happy. This type of door is very interesting and offers many advantages: we will deal with it in another post. This kit is composed of a guide, usually made of anodized aluminum, which serves as a track on which slide the brackets that support the door.
But, likely, I'll end up in a standard single family home, hopefully with a great kitchen and a little yard. However, if you own a Dremel Trio, you can use this to angle the edges of the door panels for a decorative finish. I placed my door back on the floor, as you do need a large, level and flat surface for this project. The hangers are screwed to the top of the door, the track is mounted onto the wall with wall plugs and screws.
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Smooth well with sandpaper and finally finish with a brush with the same color as the door.

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