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Edmonton’s dry climate made working with paint much easier, but the cold winter made many things much more challenging.
The sheet is over the door attempting to hold in the heat, while the door is holding up the insulation while it dries. I had seen some other Bolers had extended the counter to the front of the trailer, and liked that option, so I took it a step further and made the bunk the same height as the counter.
I picked up some LED lights for the trailer, a piano hinge for the couch and table, and other hardware for the bunks. The full sized dinette table seemed like a little too much, so I borrowed the idea of folding it in half as I have seen on other trailers on the internet. Little E was building an ice cream truck, you can see branches and other random things he’s collected to build it.
With the temperatures warming up, I got out the contact cement and glued the uv stabilized outdoor carpet up.
The door had been damaged at some time, the first attempt to fix it had failed, so I attacked it again, with the ne skills from this project it worked well this time. For the cabinets I found a youtube video, and used this to make the cabinets, bunk rails, mirrored door and it worked great. These hold the top bunk up, and easily support someone well over 200 lbs (as I got up there and tested it). I added a computer fan to the vent, much more affordable that the ones you buy, uses less energy and works great. I used old foam sleeping mats for the boys and a $12 air mattress for use to camp the first year.
With the squared up corners on the benches, the bed was bigger, and didn’t need an extension that needed to be stored elsewhere. Last week I showed you the shelves I installed in our guest room slash my new office closet.
I wanted two additional shelves that were the same depth as the original shelf, and then two lower shelves that were deeper. Sheets of MDF are significantly cheaper than pre-cut sheets of MDF or wood, so I chose to purchase two sheets of MDF and have Home Depot cut it for me. Once I got home with my pre-cut MDF and all my 1x2s, I laid them out in the garage so I could prime them. If you add all your 1x2s first, it will be impossible to get the shelves into the closet because the opening of the closet is smaller than the actual closet. I used my nail gun to attach all the supports, but you might want to consider adding a few screws into the studs for additional support. Now I know you are itching to put those shelves up now, but you still have to get your center bracket into place. I added mine slightly off-center so they would line up perfectly with the bracket from the original shelf.
Once everything was puttied up and dry, I used a small foam roller to add two coats of semi-gloss white paint (Alabaster from Sherwin Williams) to the tops and fronts of each board. I really wasn’t concerned about getting paint and caulk all over the walls because once the white shelf paint dried, I planned to paint the walls. I am literally doing this right now to my guestroom closet, and I would NOT have thought about putting the shelves in first. This tutorial came at a purrfect time for me since I’m planning on adding extra shelves in 3 of my closets (thanks!). Totally out of context but what’s with no lights in the centre of the ceilings in any of the rooms (in particular the bedrooms).
So we just cleared out the closet and took the basic measurments to get started on this project.
If my DH was physically able to install these shelves himself, the only thing he would have done differently is install more support brackets under the MDF board.
So come summer, I hope to accomplish what you have done in my linen closet and get rid of those wire shelves that I hate.
I remember a long time ago that I had painted shelves in a closet, and even though I waited a few days before loading it up with stuff, some of my items would stick to the paint and even took some of the paint off the shelves. Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. Use small toggle bolts to fasten bath accessories to fiberglass or plastic tub and shower surrounds. A brad point bit cuts a clean, sharp hole exactly where you want it without chipping, tearing, or wandering.
Have the necessary tools for this DIY project lined up before you start—you’ll save time and frustration. Dulles Glass and Mirror specializes in the manufacturer and installation of custom glass shelving. Each of those protectors was attached to the glass in a very secure fashion, so I was pretty careful in trying to remove them from the glass. Thanks.Glass ShelfJanuary 15, 2016North Wales, PAIt was very easy to order exactly the shelf I needed. Items received were exactly as described they would be and had been packaged very securely.
It was then no surprise then that when I received my product it was exactly as I detailed it. Thanks Dulles Glass and Mirrors!glass shelvesOctober 24, 2015Belleville, PA2 tempered glass shelves arrive .

I had an image in mind and went to the website and in a mater of a few minutes ordered exactly what it wanted. The custom glass order process on Dulles' web site is easy to use and allows for a wide variety of glass types, custom cuts and finishes, and sizing. The mounting brackets perfectly matched the oil rubbed bronze already in our kitchen and I installed everything within 25 minutes (including cleanup!). It is now in the piece of furniture and stacked with the wine glasses and we are so pleased.
I will always return to Dulles Glass & Mirror for all my glass needs ~ speedy delivery right to my front door. I needed a 72" x 8" glass shelf, and the Dulles Glass web site let me create it quickly and easily. We use our Bosch job site table saw and a Craftsman circular saw to make the two cuts for our plywood surface. Fastening the shelf at every stud provides significant additional weight-holding capability, especially towards the back of the shelf.
With the middle shelf fastened, we construct and install the bottom shelf using the same technique.
The top plate of the wall is exposed in this style shed, and we decided we wanted our plywood shelf to cover it.
And just as we had hoped, our five largest yard tools now fit neatly beneath our large work shelf. Stay tuned in the next few weeks for the shelving on the other side of the shed, and some nifty latching hooks we’ll be installing on the back of the shed to hang our shovels, rakes, and other gardening and lawn tools. You can strengthen the shelf by installing diagonal braces (available at the big box stores) from the studs to the shelf base.
If you want a backsplash, you might consider installing peg board on the back wall before installing the shelves.
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I see those 12V Lion porter cable tools you’re using, I have heard good things about them. This is another article I keep coming back to… What do you recommend doing when I am trying to build free-standing shelves in the basement… Should I fasten supports or the whole structure to the concrete or simply bolster the strength of the shelves (3 rows high)? Right now, the part of our site that is still active is The Better Half (you can find the links at the top).
Of course, since Ethan isn’t full time, there’s no one here to put up the content! I seriously feel like every single day you have some sort of incredible tutorial or project up.
Now, if I can get some happy thoughts about shelves in closets at my house, I’ll be all set.
We just had our basement finished and the contractor put shelves in one closet just like this.
I’m looking at a closet here in the home office that he installed shelves when we moved in 8 years ago for all my genealogy notebooks and office supplies.
I love this tutorial because I have been wanting to install shelving like this in two of my closets and I’ve been trying to figure out how to do it.
I still can't be sure that the chip didn't occur in my attempt to remove it or if it was there to begin with. I live in a city apartment and did not want to have to deal with going to a store to buy and try to get glass back to my apartment by myself. We found Dulles Glass & Mirror in a blind internet search and soon decided that the combination of a custom-sized glass offer along with accompanying shelf supports was a perfect fit.
Quality craftmanship and product.custom ShelvesMay 10, 2015Ponte Vedra, FLOrder was well packaged.
They took great care in preparing it for shipping and shipped it quickly.Glass shelf replacementJanuary 11, 2015Oakland, TNGreat service, product was a perfect fit and match for the other shelves. I highly recommend them.Very Good!December 11, 2014San Diego, CAPacking the fragile glass---best job I have ever seen. We recently watched a movie on TV and noticed a wine rack in the background that was similar to ours, except that it had a bottom shelf. It looks great on the outside, but without some shelving and storage hooks for tools inside, most of the interior space would go to waste. This helped us try out different articles to make sure the shelving heights worked for our storage goals. Hopefully when we’re done, these will all fit neatly in their own place in the new design. The table saw makes quick work of the rip cut, but the circular saw is a little easier to manage for the shorter cross-cut. We want the shelf to have a nice fit and finish, and getting the cuts right is essential for this. One optional step here would be to also use construction adhesive to attach the plywood tops. This shelf has several horizontal cross members to keep the plywood from sagging in the center. We also decided that this shelf would be easier to install in place, rather than building it outside. We should’ve snapped a pic before piling everything in the shed, but with the heat still beating down on us, we rushed the completion.

We enjoy writing these articles, but it’s ever more rewarding to see the discussion that ensues. These are just as good (if not better than) torx screws in my opinion and the free driver bit with the box of screws means not having to keep extra bits on hand. Ethan briefly put up a message back in July explaining that he was leaving full time work with OPC to pursue another job. Changes in Google’s search algorithms coupled with the rise of literally thousands of home improvement-focused sites have made competition for readers fierce. So we collectively decided it was time for him to pursue new interests so he could make sure his family is taken care of!
It certainly isn’t the future that we had hoped for with the site, but the site was a fantastic success for years, and we feel very proud that we were able to contribute in such a cool way to the web ecosystem. We have the wire type shelves and I hate them, along with the floor to ceiling sliding doors that were installed by the builder of these homes in 1977.
When I read the find print on those things at home depot they said the shelf width shouldn’t exceed 10 inches. But fear not, the heat didn’t deter us from tackling our long-awaited shed storage shelves project. On deeper shelves where weight isn’t a major concern, 2x4s can be run front-to-back to avoid plywood sag. We measure below the surface of the top plate to find the right spot for the support 2×4. They’re hanging off the wall and the ceiling, so I used lag bolts instead of just wood screws. I generally use a Senco screwgun for anything major and I believe they do have the torx head drivers for those as well, but phillips seem to work pretty well (have to change the bit every couple hundred screws). Jocie continues to maintain TBH, while Kim still keeps our coupons and deals articles as up-to-date as possible. I want to have my handyman remove those stupid doors, he’ll have to fuild like a header and buy some nice bi-fold doors to put there in my linen and laundry room area.
Would recommend to anyone.Love my shelves!November 10, 2014Murrysville, PAA terrific company to deal with, my shelves were delivered promptly and to the exact specifications ordered. Ordering was quick and easy, the options were more than enough, and the price was actually less than what a local firm wanted. These screws are more than sufficient for the weight loads we’ll be putting on these shelves. So starting with the smaller shelves meant we didn’t have any waste or have to make extra cuts.
It was so frustrating to pull everything out of the closet and the shelves didn’t fit. Shipping glass is always a concern but it came perfectly wrapped and packaged and in a very timely manner. No complaints.Amazing companyWritten by CJDecember 30, 2015Chesapeake, VAThe glass sheet was beautiful and perfectly cut. I was impressed with the packaging; someone actually engineered the packaging to prevent damage in shipment. For a deep shelf, a third 2×4 could be placed at the middle of the shelf spanning side-to-side parallel to the front and back. They tons easier to drive and much more forgiving if you aren’t perfectly lined up straight. My husband was always good at doing stuff like this but he can’t pysically do it anymore so I have to figure a way to hire it done or learn to do it myself. I think if you installed another L bracket support under each shelf, it would give you adequate support. I recommend measuring the FRONT and the BACK of your closet to make sure the shelves will fit lengthwise.
Another concern I had was the cost of shipping because the shelving was quite heavy but the shipping was less than the sales tax would have been if we had bought locally. The glass shelves and the mirror are very good quality so I am not worried about them breaking as I place items on the shelves. All in all, a pleasurable experience, and I would definitely use Dulles Glass & Mirror again.Love the glass cabinet shelvesWritten by Kathy SSeptember 26, 2014Oakdale, CTI had refinished a cabinet and wanted to replace wood shelves with glass shelves. I measured the shelves that I needed to replace several times to make sure they were correct and hit send.
Oh, when we moved here, we lacked storage and he and our son-in-law built storage cabinets that cover almost one wall of the garage. The son-in-law built the frame and helped him stabalize it on the wall and left to go finish some of his projects he had started at own home.
He had built himself a workbench years ago for the basement and refused to leave it for the buyers of our house to use but we heard a lot of gripping and grunts from the professional movers when they had to move that workbench up stairs and into the truck. The range of choices of glass and finishing was very clearly presented, the shelves are beautiful and exactly as ordered, delivery was very quick (three days or so) and they were very well--and ingeniously--packaged. Dulles will be my go-to glass supplier.Excellent QualityJuly 23, 2015Houston, TXI purchased two long custom cut glasses and I love it. It explains the product in detail, delivery was on time and the quality of the product is great.

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