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I've been vaping for quite some time and I have noticed that the hot vapor is pretty harsh on the throat and sometimes the lungs so I have been looking for ways to cool the vapor, as well as dissolve some of the ammonia that has been detected in noticeable concentration in most vaporizers (basic solutions are harsh on the lungs) . I was thinking about trying to make a water attachment (all the retail options are too expensive) and was looking for help with a small water pipe design. I know that it is very easy to get a temperature resistant bag (like turkey bags used in baking) which could also be incorporated.
Lol, actually my charging stand isn't a super tight fit, I added some additional tolerance for slight differences between 3D printers.
Please note that these are natural, one of a kind products and therefore the item you receive may vary slightly from what you see here.
Free Shipping StonedClassy is commited to keeping our prices as low as possible - and that includes getting rid of shipping charges altogether. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. James Burgett of computer recycling fame shows me his test setup at ACCRC for running his Lincoln on aluminum soda cans.
Hydrogen Fuel Cells for vehicles tried by major auto company and after much spent was not feasible for a ton of reasons even I did mot see.
I might of missed it but what is your lye water ratio, do you use a small amount of it, or like 20, 1lb jars of it. If you didn't waterproof the cylinders and exhaust system, your car is going to be ruined. Can you post where to get the instructions on how to make this and where to get any special materials. Ok lets run this through the mill--- I collect and melt down aluminum cans into small ingots for later use to make antique car and boat parts. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I have only ever used a water pipe once and did not get a good chance to look at it for design ideas.
I was thinking make it out of glass or a temperature resistant plastic (silicone?) not sure what other materials would be safe. At last, wood and glass come together in perfect harmony in the form of the Slimline Bubbler by Elevate Accessories. Please note that the color and fabric of your free case may not be the same as you see here. Recycling, manufacturing, supply of key metals, size needed, weight, hazards on road like placards for accidents and cleanup costs. With a 2.5 gallon tank, I was able to produce hydrogen for roughly 1 hour and fifteen minutes before the water was depleted. I appreciate the science behind this but it would be much better in overall energy savings to recycle the cans.
This looks like an easier and cheaper way to make than some of the other methods I have seen.

Although how about using electrolysis to produce hydrogen and oxygen, which can be injected into the fuel mixture of a regular car?
These charge a bank of golf card batteries which run a 5000 watt Inverter from which I get 120Volts a.c. Struggle no more, this cute little Coach purse has a key fob attached to it, so you can keep everything in one place.
His voice!"i»?Poke Guy: I wanna curb stomp this soundFag, and than poop diarrhea into his bloody mouth, pour some alcohol into the mouth full of poo and duct tape it shut. One day while looking at stereos online I accidentally came across dandlco website so I started browsing it and found this rig and I thought man for that price it's gotta be junk!! This showroom-worthy bubbler is guaranteed to make your friends jealous – because, really, who wouldn't be? The gas that bubbles out of it is hot and steamy and has a fair amount of powdery white aluminum oxide in it.
They will actually cause the oxygen molecule to bond with the aluminum, as the hydrogen gas is released. That way the aluminum would be re-used and save the intensive amounts of energy that is used to produce new aluminum. Theres no mess other than a quick wash out of the unit once every other week and the gas mileage gains are great!
Either because they have a monetary stake in doing so or are skeptical to the point of mental problems or just think they know everything there is to know.
I could pour the aluminum into a mold to make grids or whatever to run into the lye solution like nuclear fuel rods. The bubbler easily comes apart at the base for extremely easy cleaning that doesn't affect the beautiful natural wood. The aluminum immediately oxidizes, ripping the water's oxygen atoms away to make aluminum oxide.
So next it goes into a pipe to the bottom of the white bubbler tank, where it bubbles through water. If you add more caustic material, it will generally react faster and also expend the fuel (water) faster. I would suggest BioDiesel which is what I use, or if you prefer a gasoline style engine and have a truck you should look into The Mother Earth News wood gas generator.
Perhaps the hydrogen could be used to augment the propane usd in my home made air blast smelter.
If you are able to remove the plastic lining and paint from the aluminum, the reaction will, again, begin faster and also expend the fuel faster. Alumina is used for many different industrial uses including brake pads, sand paper, or even body armor.
So, it will dissolve into a powered substance (once all water is removed through either the process of creating the hydrogen, or from draining it from the tank that is utilized. Your comment about recycling the cans putting the stored energy to waste is ridiculous too.

With how many uses we have for aluminum we should not be lightly destroying it for fuel purposes.
I used such a system on a 1988 Honda Accord with a carb and an automatic transmission and achieved 50 mpg on the combination of gasoline and hydrogen, several years ago. I have also witnessed systems similar to albee's set up below in real life and they are spectacular.
Recycling it for re-use in other aluminum goods saves as much as 75% of the electricity usage, which many times is produced using coal fired powerplants. Unfortunately, I now have to spend additional time and money dealing with tricking the computer, as it is fuel injected. HP Agilent makes a good vintage pulse gen (HP 8131A is what I got) that sells for around $300 on ebay these days, they where $42,000 in 1982.
It takes energy to break the covalent bond of water but you liberate energy in the process.
They also didnt take into consideration that resonance can also play its role in electrolysis.
It is believed that High Frequency Pulses of High Voltage DC can create very efficient electrolysis. The frequency of resonance is different for each cell and each cell condition such as cell construction, cell surface area, water temp, water composition, ect. During combustion one of the byproducts would be water vapor, that water vapor can be condensed back into water.
In fact the water needs nutrients added to it to keep it from leaching nutrients from the body when it is used as drinking water. It's handled in one of three ways, using oxygen generators, pressurized oxygen tanks or solid fuel oxygen generators (also called oxygen candles). The Elektron is located in the service module (Zvezda) and the ECLSS is located in the Destiny laboratory module.
These devices make oxygen from water by a process called electrolysis, during which an electric current passes through water from one positively-charged electrode called an anode to another negatively-charged electrode called a cathode.
There's a small concentration of salt in the water to conduct electricity because water itself is a poor electrical conductor. The water gets delivered to the station from Earth by Progress supply ships and the space shuttle.
Water also gets reclaimed by condensers that remove water vapor from the cabin air (astronauts exhale water vapor). The hydrogen gas made in the electrolysis process gets vented into space and the oxygen gas is circulated into the cabin air.

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