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Fujima's Premium Bubbler Water Pipe features a unique multi-function design to accommodate your smoking style. Nah dude, the shiny side is sprayed with a chemical coating, it's because foil is supposed to be used for food haha.
I just finished the last bowl of the best glass i have ever seen, and i'm disappointed i didn't have the chance to inject. With ANY substance when you don't know it's concentration, not just meth, it's seriously russian roulette. This is why I have a strong dislike for street drugs, I need to know WHAT im putting in my body, and EXACTLY HOW MUCH.
A bubbler pipe is a pipe that operates on the same mechanics as a bong but on a smaller scale. They are portable, but usually can’t fit inconspicuously into pockets because of the size.
This classic bubbler style water pipe provides maximum filtration producing an abundance of smooth smoke for a greater smoking experience. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Shiny side down, you never put the shiny side in contact with food, or drugs, or anything you use foil with.

Apply direct flame to the shiny side for a few seconds, and I recommend doing this outside as it creates a noxious black smoke when the coating is destroyed. I mean, it's valid advice for CLEANING your pipe, but H20 is the best, because usually I save the H20 used to clean the pipe, let most of it evaporate and then it on foil. I want to finish this last bit up though, because I know if I dont do it today I just will tomorrow, and I'd rather start recovery tomorrow instead. Because methamphetamine is FREELY soluble in water, as any pro knows, when prepping for IV, rectal, or any aqueous solution, good crystal dissolves in less than a second, on contact with water. This offers the portability of a pipe, while still offering the filtration and cooling capabilities of a bong. Water filtration removes the harsh elements found in smoke such as ash and smoldering tobacco; water filtration also cools the smoke and adds a balance of moisture for maximum enjoyment. Shiny side= sprayed with toxic coating, you can and should burn this off first and watch it go up in black smoke.. Would you be willing to inject yourself with an unknown cut(s) and risk a myriad of complications?
A better analogy would be heroin, like if you are shooting multiple bags in one shot, what if JUST ONE of those bags in the shot had a chip off the block SOMEHOW (MISTAKES HAPPEN, ESPECIALLY BY DRUG DEALERS). Like I said, I've done a LOT of speed and even plenty of meth in the past, just never smoked it.

While it does offer a the cooling and filtration of a bong, it doesn’t come close to volume capacity of a bong.
The Fujima Premium Bubbler Water Pipe includes 2 different bowl heads: a large one for loose tobacco or herbs and a smaller bowl that is compatible with a cigarette or small cigar. Now you can add water filtration to your cigarette smoking experience simply by inserting a cigarette in to the bowl head as demonstrated in the animation below! The smaller bowl head can also be used with loose herb or tobacco for some one who is looking to conserve of consumption. The Fujima Premium Bubbler Water Pipe can be easily taken apart for cleaning and included is a couple extra sets of gaskets to keep your pipe air tight! A long Sherlock style mouthpiece comfortably forms to the users mouth, is easy to clean and keeps residual smoke out of the users face while toking. The clean lines and contemporary styling of this pipe make it an attractive piece you will be proud to share!

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