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Pallets couch can be created easily using recycled pallets and some colorful and beautiful cushions.
The pallet couch made from pallet wood can easily be transformed into a comfortable place in your lounge. A pallet pouch created by you will give you a sense of pride and you can make it more artistic using your creative skills. The pallet couch will be a source and admiration for you from others and also as an inspiration for others to make their houses more beautiful and attractive. To place a pallet couch outside we can color the pallets as blue and the cushions as white. Caution: pallet or reclaimed wood can be contaminated so please do wear breathing, hand and eye protection!
The height of the legs will be determined upon the kind of padding you choose for your chair. I’m still debating on adding some extra detail under the armrests to fill in the big holes.
Because I drag these pieces in each night, I wanted something just super easy to fold up and store again. I’ll be celebrating Cinco de Mayo with some super nachos, a pitcher of margaritas and making this!!

The people who are environment friendly and do not prefer to have expensive wood furniture love to have pallet couches. I also wanted the option to use the pallet as a 2 sided bench, so leaving the backer off proved to be best choice for us. Fred used a foam cutter, and glued chunks together creating the exact size cushion required.
Acting like big pillow cases, oversized pillows (found at the thrift) were just slipped in and the tops folded over.
My huband and I just got a hold of 100 + pallets I can’t wait to see what he makes out of these! The use of recycled pallets is Eco friendly and inexpensive solution to have innovative and fascinating furniture. You want to be able to sit on your chair with your feet nearly flat on the floor if possible.
Just make sure your screws are long enough to clear the legs and give firm hold into the other side.
If your pallet was longer, you could always cut some support legs to set midway if desired. I’ve found most pallet wood to withstand weather pretty well unprotected though but it isn’t a bad idea!

Within a small budget we can create multiple things that can be used inside and outside of the house to fulfill the needs of beautiful furniture.
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