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I have another project that I’ve made with my little visitor to share today and this one comes with a cut file for you.
To decorate ours, we used the heart from the heart easel card and layered the little girls name over the top (I blanked it out in the photo).
This entry was posted in Free Digital Cutting Files, Project Ideas on February 7, 2014 by Bird. Thanks so much for this Bird, I am going to make it for my daughter who needs a little lift at the minute.
I tend to cut them out of the thickest cardstock I have 300-340gsm then cut patterned paper panels to fit just inside which give more stability. User Experience Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for user experience researchers and experts. As far as I know, in US, grip-and-turn style door knobs are still the most popular, as opposed to lever-style handles, which dominate in the rest of the world. Is there some UX advantage to door knobs that I am not aware of, which is the reason for keeping them around?
In the US, grip and turn knobs are used in virtually all homes, while lever style are often seen in offices. FYI, I had to replace my lever style bedroom door knob with a grip and turn version because the cat figured out how to jump up, pull the lever and bust into the room. Door knobs are standard in US homes for the same reason that exterior doors open inwards* -- it's "always been done that way". I don't see lever mechanisms and outward-opening doors becoming common in US homebuilding, unless codes are amended to require them. Looking around for a citation, I saw suggestions that 1) in snowy areas an outward-opening door could trap you inside (and code thus requires inward-opening in some areas), 2) hinges on the outside can have their pins driven out by a burglar, 3) the wind can catch an outward-opening door and damage it.
Doorknobs provide a worse UX for bears, which can be a useful feature for humans who want to keep bears out.
They are harder for little hands and jumping pets to open (though turning a lever door handle to the vertical also works for these purposes).
They are also somewhat less likely to have things catch on them (bag straps, stray elbows), especially in confined spaces. I still think those are not big enough (dis)advantages that any side switches to the other; people use them because people around them use them. Is this actually the reason for them existing though, or are you just applying some retrocausality - assuming a reason where one may not exist?
I'm at the exact height so that I also constantly get belt loops stuck in the door handles. You will likely find that less material is needed for a doorknob as well, so they are cheaper. Those that are not specifically shaped, often have a base-plate that makes the mounting different for different door-sides. Out of interest, door handles normally have a 'stop' built in to the handle which limits the handle's travel to avoid stressing the actual bolt mechanism in the door (on the other hand, knobs don't have that leverage, so they let the mechanism in the door be the 'stop'). While levers that are attached to their baseplate can't be swapped, if you can swap the interior and exterior handles, then the lever becomes usable in either direction. I don't remember last time using door knobs, could they operate turning both ways (meaning, could I open the door turning the knob either way)? Since you mentioned the US, I feel it's important to bring up the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Do note that the ADA does not apply to all doors in the country (private residences which are not also used for business purposes do not need to adhere to the ADA, for example), and the ADA only applies to things built (or modified) after the ADA went into effect (July 1992), so an old building that hasn't been updated wouldn't necessarily be subject to the ADA standards.

I'm from the UK, live in Spain, and I certainly noticed a lot more grip and turn knobs when I was in the USA.
This makes the appearance neater and the installation easier than the typical European handle, which must have a separate lock.
Upon reading your answer, it just sounded a bit one-sided, but you're right about the question asking only about advantages. La funda es, realmente, una funda de tela que cubre la puerta por sus dos caras y tiene multiples dibujos, desde anime japones hasta romanticas escenas en blanco y negro. Tiradores, pomos, manillas, manivelas, picaportes, manijas… un monton de nombres para una sola funcion, permitirnos abrir y cerrar las puertas con facilidad. Los tiradores (habia que decidirse por algun nombre), ademas de utiles, pueden ser muy decorativos.
Seguramente las puertas de tu casa pueden parecerte un poco simples y aburridas, aunque las hayas pintado con algun color divertido. Lo mejor de los estenciles es la posibilidad, el mundo creativo y la variedad que se esconde en tan sencilla herramienta.
Renovar la decoracion de una habitacion suele incluir el cambio de los colores de las paredes, agregar nuevos accesorios y mucho mas. Hay casas con unas puertas magnificas que se convierten en protagonistas por si mismas, pero hay otras con unas puertas lisas, sosas y anodinas cuando no feas.
Generalmente las puertas solemos dejarlas tal y como estan, a veces nos atrevemos a lacarlas de color, pero las posibilidades son infinitas y pasan por darle un color diferente a la puerta que al marco, empapelar los cuarterones o colocar un vinilo decorativo.
Note: If you intend to use an image you find here for commercial use, please be aware that some photos do require a model or property release. I made some Door Handle Hangers, there are 2 designs to chose from so they should fit on any style of Door Handle that you may have.
I cut the shape twice more from some patterned paper remembering to mirror one as I was using single sided paper.
I have saved some to my computer but am unable to pick them up for cutting with my silhuette. People grow up used to knobs, and specify knobs on new work, and thus this inferior mechanism is perpetuated.
Considering how much pushback there has been over incandescent lightbulbs, I don't see that happening any time soon.
It seems like it would have to do with any hostile person, not just Native Americans, and would go back further than colonial times. But I do remember being told long ago about being able to barricade an inward-opening door. This mechanical stop requires the handle to be securely fastened to the door, so handles (with their additional leverage) need a stronger mounting (the mechanical stop in the handle also often prevents you from being able to reverse the handle on the mounting plate). Normally, in particular for interior doors between rooms, the same type of levers is used on both sides of the door.
The USA is a country of low material costs and high labour costs, so the convenience of installation may be relevant. This is definitely an advantage for boisterous children who may have their heads at doorknob height. For lever style grips, both opening and closing is still easily possible with one's elbow. As for your explanation on that being specific to the USA, though, I am not convinced about that.
Most of the ones I've personally seen were privacy locks rather than security locks, but merely having a lever handle does not preclude the incorporation of a lock.

Fundas para puertas! No tenia ni idea de que existian y cuando vi una en la casa de una amiga me quede perpleja. Hay modelos lisos en varios colores que imitan la madera o acabados metalicos a la perfeccion, si no quieres una puerta con fotos, dibujos o estampados. La fabricacion en diferentes materiales: acero, laton, aleaciones, plasticos resistentes o combinaciones de varios de ellos, permiten muchas soluciones decorativas adaptadas a las necesidades de cada puerta, habitacion u hogar. Si no deseas empapelarlas o cubrirlas con tela, entonces tienes una opcioon fantastica y muy versatil: decora tus puertas usando estenciles. Para decorar tu puerta, puedes aprovechar el color del fondo y hacer detalles en uno o varios colores contrastantes.
Sin embargo, muchas veces, solemos dejar relegadas las puertas, descuidando un elemento decorativo que puede ser decisivo a la hora de transformar una estancia. Una puerta solida y lisa de madera ofrece oportunidades diferentes a una elaborada con madera y cristal o una que tiene molduras y paneles. Y una puerta puede dar al traste con todo un conjunto por mucho que nos hayamos esforzado en su decoracion. For some buildings (not private homes), some building codes now require lever mechanisms so that the handicapped can operate them more easily. Maybe if there is some sort of "handicap accessible" certification that would make a home easier to sell, that would encourage the change. In British Columbia, bears have been known to scavenge for food inside cars—whose doors have handles, knob advocates point out. At the same time, it is also a serious answer: it may be the only answer here with a citation that contains a definitive reason.
Sin embargo, son muy decorativas, utiles y te permiten renovar tu hogar radicalmente, porque las puertas aunque a veces pasen inadvertidas son un elemento fundamental en la decoracion de nuestro hogar. Por si para ti tambien es la primera noticia de la existencia de estas fundas, te explico un poco que y como son. Ya sea que utilices uno pequeno para repetir y crear un patron o pintes una imagen o una frase en cada puerta, usar estenciles es una forma rapida, sencilla e imaginativa para decorar sin mayores elementos.
La tendencia actual se inclina a los disenos geometricos, que puedes hacer a un tamano mas o menos reducido y repetir en toda la superficie de la puerta para crear un patron interesante. Con una decoracion original para tus puertas puedes lograr ese ansiado cambio para tus espacios, de hecho, puede ser el broche de oro para impregnar de tu personalidad los ambientes y darles un poco de color. Puedes comenzar cambiando el pomo o manivela por una que se adecue a la decoracion o a tu estilo. Aqui os proponemos unas cuantas ideas para reformar vuestras puertas con algo de imaginacion y no demasiado dinero.
In most buildings with high occupancy (schools, commercial space), outward-opening doors with crash bars are required.
Pitkin County, Colorado, in the United States, has banned door levers on buildings for this very reason. For example, I hear in the USA, there are even employees packing stuff into bags at supermarkets, which is something completely unknown in most European countries exactly because the labour cost is way too high for such tasks. These codes came after some tragic fires, where people piled up against inward-opening doors. One newspaper columnist in the pro-knob camp has noted that the velociraptors in “Jurassic Park” were able to open doors by their handles. Quizas desees que el lado de la puerta que da hacia afuera permanezca neutral y sencillo, para que combine de forma armonica, mientras que el interior puede ser un poco mas personalizado.

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