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I hope you can pop in on Twitter later tonight…I will be hosting a twitterchat with my friends at True Value! This is the metal disc at the top of the door and holds the door in the closed position against the magnetic plunger.
Most kitchen cabinet type hinges incorporate a spring to hold the door shut whereas when using a push to open mechanism we don’t want the hinge supplying any closing action.
This ensures that when you push the door to open it there is enough travel to activate the spring in the TIP ON module. Did you hear that this winter is going to be colder than last….that is what the experts are saying. My hope is that when you leave here you are inspired to go forth and be clever in your own home. Cleaning home, shopping new stuff, lightening the home, decoration, sending sweets to relatives, etc.

These decorative toran are hung with an intention to welcome goddess Lakshmi to the households. You may use artificial flowers which can be washed and re-used next year. But the fresh real flowers look much more lively though they last for a shorter duration. Use the hinge adjustment screws to set this distance (the Blum hinges can be adjusted to position the door up to 2mm away from the cabinet carcass).
I like that they completely retract so that you have all the sun and light during the day…. You can either make toran by yourself in different ways to create varied effects, or buy it from market. We didn’t really have an office space for him in the new house (at least not yet) so the barn door desk was dismantled.
All you need is a decent old railing part….an old door and some glass that you have cut to fit the top.

Toran is a traditional hanging seen in Indian households during festive occasions, like Diwali. It fits perfectly into the archways of doors and at the entrance of homes. The flowers and beads are hung on the doorways, pathways and windows and it gives the festive mood an enhancement and also adds on to the decor of the house. While making a bead toran, make sure to use traditional colors like red, brown, orange and yellow.

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