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I’ll be back later this week to show you how I made the HVAC air return cover from the hallway reveal. One of my favorite tricks when decorating our small home is using things that have two purposes.
Making my own piece of personalized art with some scrap wood seemed like the perfect solution.
For the corners, add some Mod Podge before you fold and staple your corners like you’re wrapping a gift.
Not only do I now have a piece of personalized artwork to fill that empty space, but I can also sit it on top of the doorbell to hide it. Your post made me smile Krista, I feel the same way about a lot stuff on my wall, like the air filter for example!
I did something similar to this but I was lazy and just used a cut-down cracker box that I covered with pretty paper to pop over the doorbell thingie. Could you list all of your communal sites like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?
I simply couldn’t leave your site prior to suggesting that I actually enjoyed the usual information a person provide in your visitors?
The Folsom Historic District also features really neat original storefronts, the Folsom History Museum, and an original blacksmith forge, next to which you can pan for “gold” and learn about early prospectors. We learned a lot on this trip without realizing it, and had a lot of fun while we were learning!
We were reading one of our favorite books, Madeline, and were wondering about something that happens to her in the story. Right after we were talking about Madeline’s appendix, the grandson of Madeline author Ludwig Bemelmans was on the radio, talking about his new book Madeline and the Old House in Paris.
Expanding Your Horizons is a series of conferences for girls with workshops in science, technology, engineering and math (also known as STEM). This entry was posted in Fun Stuff, Math, Scientists, Technology on October 3, 2013 by carole.
From the Kid Scientist About page: “Kid Scientist is the blog of Jeffrey McManus, a Silicon Valley software engineer and writer, and his daughter, Celeste.
At the beginning of this Summer, our family made plans for revitalizing Kid Scientist with input from now middle school-aged Celeste and her younger brother Revelin.

If you have a topic that you’d like us to cover, please leave a comment and we’ll investigate!
From aboard the International Space Station, astronaut Chris Hadfield explains how to make a peanut butter tortilla in zero-gravity.
Here’s a cool video that shows what happens when a pair of leopards encounter a mirror in the forest, enabling them to see their reflection for the first time.
Doggie Doorbells are a good way to teach your dog to let you know that they have to go out side. Making The Handle - Cut 12? of ribbon, fold it over like illustrated in the picture and pin it together. Cutting Ribbon For the Bells - Now that the handle is completed, it must be measured since it contributes to the total length of the finished product. Assembling Ribbon For The Bells - Place the ribbons together, starting with the longest one on the bottom. Fabric that is cut large enough to wrap around the sides of the frame plus 2 inches on all sides. So wires and brass is what I’ve been staring at for a week now, trying to figure out how to make it pretty lol. As much as I’d like to hide my thermostat, too, it would block the airflow around it and keep it from working properly.
This means you have more time and freedom to spend with your family, doing the things you absolutely love to do.
Built in 1895, it used what was then state-of-the-art technology to harness water power and turn it into electricity for the city of Sacramento.  This kind of power is also known as hydroelectric power. Since the appendix doesn’t serve a necessary function, her doctor removed it in a procedure called an appendectomy.
When Celeste started kindergarten, they began having a conversation about science every morning — Celeste would ask questions and Jeffrey would answer to the best of his ability. I’d appreciate your recommendation of an equivalent chip that can simply replace it in the same circuit.
The sensor stays asleep until the pin is pulled, then it wakes up and sends an alert to OpenEnergyMonitor.
Hang the measuring tape at a place where you would like the bells to hang and make a note of the length.

If you are using a lighter colored fabric, I recommend priming the frame so the wood does not show through. I tried the canvas when I did the ones over my boy’s beds but I had a problem with the letters on the large canvas.
It’s a really cool way to learn about electronics by building things like a flashlight, a windmill, or a three-wheeled car.
Scientists and other educators lead fun hands-on experiments and learning exercises on topics like marine biology, scientific illustration, space and entomology. But if you don't have a spare iPhone, or just don't want to go to the trouble, this simple hack will add text message alerts to your doorbell so that it lets you know when someone's there.With just a regular, cheap doorbell, his 'Funky' sensor, and a few lines of code, Martin was able to make his doorbell send an SMS message and email whenever someone rings it. If you use 1 x 3″ boards instead, your lengths will be different due to the thickness of the wood.
Your intestines are part of your digestive system, which helps you process the food you eat and eliminates waste. Last year’s session on insects (entomology is the study of insects) was one of our favorites! His children’s education meant everything to him, and he was always looking for ways to teach them new things in a way that was fun and memorable. The second overlapping ribbon will be cut three inches shorter and the third overlapping ribbon will be cut six inches shorter.
Home improvement stores will usually do three cuts of wood for free and then charge a small amount for anything over that. Thanks to him, Celeste and Revelin remain fascinated by nature and the universe and what makes it tick. Try out a doorbell that calls your cell and lets you talk to them on the intercom—from anywhere. In that spirit we are going to continue to blog about the things that make us curious about science.
If it's guests you're expecting, maybe you'd rather just give them access with a programmable RFID lock.

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