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The Secret Door Kits are comprised of all the necessary components to construct a secret bookcase door, including all of the wood and hardware used to install the structure. The Secret Door Kits are sold in several different varieties including Black, White, Oak, Knotty Alder, and Maple. Celebrating its 59th year as a family-run business, Rockler Woodworking and Hardware is the nation’s premier supplier of specialty hardware, tools, lumber and other high quality woodworking products.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. When Goat, Rooster, and Donkey decide to try their hand at farming, Donkey learns the price of being greedy and discovers that the truth will always come out. Just about everyone knows about King Tut, but may not be aware of the legends associated with his tomb.
Take the larger side of the two halves that were cut again and attach them to the outer cut sides of the half plate. Use small pieces of tagboard; have the children write their names on them in hieroglyphs. Tape the middle of the straws together, and then tape the straws together just inside the ends of the straws before the bends.
This book would be fun presented with one person reading the book and someone acting out the part of Hilda. A large giraffe marionette is made and dances through the story as the other animals, portrayed with headbands, act out the story. As the name of the individual character is mentioned and the dash appears, the group or person assigned to be that character rises and makes the sound indicated for that character.

Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. The new Secret Door Kits allow users to convert a doorway into a secret passage or a closet into a secret storage space by the construction of a bookcase that fits the door space and which then functions as a hidden door.
The Secret Door Hardware allows the bookcase to open like a door and also provides secure mounting to the door frame or wall surface, depending on the specific kit.
Rockler has 29 retail locations in AZ, CA, CO, GA, IL, IN, MA, ME, MI, MN, MO, NH, NY, OH, OR, PA, TX, WA, and WI – plus 60 independent reseller locations nationwide, as well as extensive catalog and internet operations. The return of cooler temperatures, fall colors, and nature changing before our eyes is all the evidence we need that autumn is officially here.  Adding autumn touches of decor to your home will help you transition into the new season with excitement of the passing of the year. Children may lie on the butcher paper and outline each other to make Egyptian style wall drawings; show several examples so children will know the appropriate pose before they begin tracing.
You can either punch a hole on either side and attach yarn for hanging, or glue a magnet to the back. If a player doesn’t have an available chair when the music ends, they must go to the middle and dance like a hippo. The bookcase can be used for display or storage purposes, as the hardware is designed to allow the bookcase to slide open without disturbing the items on the shelves.
He had a very important job being king, making sure the jungle was safe and that everyone was well fed.
Before she could impress the king with her call, she had to spit out the melon she was chewing. Once she finally stopped giggling, she started her call, “ROAR-ROAR-ROAR-woo-hoo!” “Next!” hollered Leo the Lion ________.

Hippos love water, are good swimmers, and become very graceful in their movements underwater. The result is a fully functional bookcase which conceals the room or closet behind it and allows secret access by pulling on the fixed shelves to slide it open. Or the audience could be the animal friends and repeat “Hilda must be dancing.” They could also make the sounds “Ka-bump! Cover the inside walls of the corner with black paper so children can decorate the inside with hieroglyphs.
Feed me, feed me!” And she flew away in search of food before the king could even decide how great her call was. He can’t touch them, but he can talk or make sounds to get the mummies to smile, giggle, open their eyes, etc.
Whether you look in your yard, or you travel to an arts and crafts store, dried leaves and pine cones make great decor. If they move, they become “cursed mummies” along with the original one, and assist him in making the others move.

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