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Once you've sewed the long side of the fabric, flip the tube around to sew one end of the tube shut; back-stitch both ends.
Use either the non-graphite end of a pencil, a chopstick or other thin, pointy object to poke out the corners. Thanks for your instructions, I appreciate your photos I am going to make one in green, gold, and white for Country Women's Assoc. The draft stoppers helps to avoid the external entries through the under door.The steps mentioned in this page helps to do it our self.

I've been meaning to make a draft stopper for one of our windows all winter--and now that it's actually warmed up a bit, I finally got around to it. Then fold the piece of fabric in half lengthwise with the wrong side of the fabric facing out. These door snakes are an excellent way to reduce the draft and cold which can come in through the gap at the bottom of your doors. These draft stoppers are cheap and easy to make, so now’s a great time to get making and sort out those drafty doors.

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