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With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. I enjoy relaxing on a sofa and in my bed, and so it may come as no surprise that I would wish to combine the two. When doing any measurements throughout this instructable, remember to MEASURE TWICE, CUT ONCE. This futon folds in three sections to give a comfortably wide (4ft) and long (6ft-ish) bed that could sleep two (if proximity is not an issue!). I am not a carpenter, crafstman or a great DIY-er, I didn't even take wood tech in school, so this instructable is very accessable.
The total cost of the wood came to around 33GBP ($40) and the screws, bolts and nuts totalled about 2GBP ($2.50).
If you clamp two or three boards together, you could use an electric sander to finish the edges of them. Is there any possiblity if you can provide the photo or video of assembled frame in showing working before putting 12 Longest Planks on it.
I'll do some extensive searching to find the best price for both you and me, it does take a while because a lot of the prices are a bit high since they use some expensive materials.
Once you have completed your sewing together of all the panels, test fit your futon cover on the futon. Instead of using a combination barrel nuts and hex bolts, you can opt to use either all barrel nuts or all hex nuts.
Instead of using a mortice and tenon for the frame and the struts, you can opt to use reinforcing steel brackets attached with either bolts or with screws. I began college at the University of California, Berkeley, in 2008, and halfway through my first semester, the economy collapsed.
Because of the nature of today's economy, anyone right now, but especially college students, can truly appreciate a good bargain. I will try to post up about 2-3 major projects per year to try to give college DIYers a nifty way to save money, acquire something functional and useful, while also getting that DIY monkey off their backs. I collected what I could, and aggregated it all here on this project page for your viewing pleasure.
In building this, we want a functional, sturdy (hopefully aesthetically pleasing), affordable piece of furniture that will last you at least through college with proper care.
Cushion thickness will vary depending on the materials you use and how much you use, but expect around 4-5 inches of thickness with my method. You could easily build this entire futon using bolts and screws reinforcing butt joints, but there would be a lot of visible hardware showing.
I lack the sewing skills necessary to make the cushion with a removable cover, so the covers in this project are stapled onto wood. Although I used other sources as reference material, the designs specified on this project are my own. I just spent the time to read your entire instructable and I must say that your English teacher is an ***. Wow great detailed instructable, and just in time for me to desperatly need a single bed frame. I had a great time building it, and was pleasantly surprised with how the wood came out looking. Give the whole thing a good sanding to get rid of sharp edges and to prepare it  for treating.
I have not yet worked out how I will make the mattress or if I will attempt to buy one, but in the instructables spirit if anyone has any suggestions, suggest away.
When it is folded up it forms a sofa that is close to the ground and has an open angle (about 100 degrees) which I find very comfortable to sit on. So get up off your computer and turn that empty space in your bedroom or living room into a versatile piece of furniture! The wood I used was pine as it is cheap, relatively strong yet a little springy to make the futon a bit more comfortable.
I alreday had the teak oil so the total cost for this project (assuming you have all the tools) is around 35GBP ($45), but again this depends on where you shop.

Not for the bedding itself (though you might get lucky, but they can let you know who supplies their foam.
I consider myself pretty resourceful and mechanically inclined, the simplicity of this design makes it also very compatible with any type of decorating whether it be modern, country, or traditional, etc. I has seen a pull out version, but I think I like this better, or perhaps a combination of the two- where the back piece could double as the headboard of the bed. Some even have a notch cut in them when you buy them to make it easier to attach to your project. I struggled to make ends meet in the second semester, and after the school year finished, I withdrew due to financial constraints and moved back home to OC. I'm returning to Berkeley to finish up my degree in Computer Science, and have set out to further change my spending habits in an effort to stretch every dollar.
It was rolled tubular steel, had good welds, and came with a decent mattress, all for $100. If you've wanted to build a futon all your life (pretty low life expectations, if I may say so), and you wanted proper instructions from someone who knew what they were doing, you're in the wrong place. In an effort to maximize aesthetics, I intentionally set out to build this with as few bolts, screws, or nails showing as possible. They were cobbled together after careful observation of dozens of other futons both in real life and in photographs and schematics. I drew it up once, and have made no major modifications to it - much like my English essays.
The hinges and its screws are countersunk, and using bolts would mean that the bolt head would make the cushion mounting surface uneven. It just so happens that I ordered a copy last Friday off Amazon, but the seller won't ship til after Thanksgiving.
You need never be unemployed if you can both work with your hands and communicate as well as you do.
Feedback like this is exactly why I decided to begin documenting my projects in the first place, although the possibility of winning a laser cutter doesn't hurt either. Strangely enough I've found foam suppliers across the US this way and they do not advertise.
Note mattress should be measured to overlap frame 3-5 inches in flat position because when in upright position you want mattress to hang over frame to prevent pinching. If you live in a country other then the USA, which I am guessing you do (not trying to be rude here) then I am not sure if these sites will work, they should though so give it a shot. Oakley Futon Cover – Our SIS futon covers offer an assortment of high quality prints and wovens. I spent 2 years taking courses at the local community college in an effort to save money on my GE. I'll document my efforts on this site in hopes of helping my fellow college students, or anyone else, who may be looking to save a few bucks here and there. A lot of information is scattered here and there, and many of the whole project pages are old.
If you do something brilliant in the process of building this futon, I claim all the intellectual property rights to it. The best way to reduce the number of visible fasteners is to reduce the actual number of fasteners.
It is not a copy of a single design, but an amalgam of them all, with some simplified ideas of my own thrown in. Thanks for the suggestion, I was worried about the relevance of a 38 year old book, so it was a complete blind-buy. It's encouragement like this that drives me to do these projects and try to help others in matters big and small.
If you are in need of a single bed frame, I'd point you towards the $15 bed frame by Stormthirst. It can double up as multitasking furniture which can save you not only space but also some money. Not only to make the house much more appealing, decorating the house is the way to bring more roles into the house.

My local hardware store cut the planks for me at no extra cost, but depending on where you go they may charge 10% extra: this is worth it.
College has always been expensive, and a relatively difficult time in a student's life, but it has gotten worse in recent years. I can recommend the cushion materials and methods for making the cushion itself, but how they feel to you and what you are getting for your money will be independent of what I say or do.
Because of that, this futon is largely held together by mortise and tenon joints and hidden fasteners.
I have tried my best to give credit where it's due, but if there is any dispute, feel free to contact me. As the name suggests, this furniture will leave the customer with the combined advantages of having a bed and sofa in just one furniture. Many parts of the house we have to pay serious attention at the start from the bedroom, bathroom, dining room, up to the living room. If you graduated before 2007, consider yourself very lucky - no matter how much debt you may currently have or whatever worthless degree you may have gotten.
In my opinion, it all has some relevance if not direct connection to what we do or make today.
It can serve as a sofa and a seating arrangement in the daytime when relatives and friends come over, and be changed into a cozy bed at night.This black adjustable sofa has provided the users with the combined advantages of a bed and sofa.
As the last name I mentioned, the living room might be the one that most homeowners pay serious awareness because this is the place where the whole family sit together doing something fun.
If you're currently in college, or getting ready to go soon, cheer up - the worst has yet to come! However, unlike Pet Rocks, making a futon at home isn't as easy as some Elmer's glue and googly-eyes. Amazingly, I couldn't find a fully fleshed-out set of plans on Instructables for a proper futon. The only exceptions will be the long pieces of the frame, which are held together with a lap joint and reinforced with 2 bolts.
Decorating the living room is not that hard, you only need to find what is right, like the white faux leather futon for an example. Being a beginner myself, my instructions, and my assumptions, will be written with the beginner DIYer in mind. What do you know about it anyway, guys?More and more people now are using the futon bed to save a lot of space in the living area of the house.
Because this is a place where people can sleep it is a good idea to make cover for the futon mattress.
The rear of the frame is reinforced with a few screws (a pocket-hole joint), but it is still fundamentally a mortise and tenon joint. Furthermore, for budget customers, there are some other varieties of models which are broken down in the mid levels and first-class levels in terms of home furniture selections. The space of the house is a very vital issue a lot of people are dealing with at this moment and that is why it is really advisable to find what is right to accommodate such a problem.
In essence, due to how versatile those designs are, the owner has the choice of changing covers for his couch bedding furniture quickly and periodically to match the overall idea of his office or living space.Baxton Studio Franklin Black Modern Adjustable Sectional Sofa with Adjustable HeadrestBlack Microfiber Adjustable Back Klik Klak Sofa with Futon Bed Sleeper by Kings Brand FurnitureManufacturers and designers have embraced the sheer improvement and desire to make bedding furniture without hinges and screws, to manufacture a model which is really green in all respects.
This is when the futon comes in handy, not only to bring the best out of the ordinary intended room, but also save the space.The futon itself comes in various designs and styles to choose from not to mention the materials as well so people can easily integrate it with the style of the house in general although it takes time to find which one is the best in the end.
With regards to being environmentally friendly, many of the producers have adopted environmentally recyclable mattress for their first-class black adjustable sofa models.
Another reason why many people tend to gravitate and want to have a sofa bed instead is due to the basic design and structure which can make it fuss-free to include into a room, office or living space.A black adjustable sofa has been exclusively designed in such a way in which it can be used for several purposes and also in different places, reasserting the truth of how multipurpose it can be. Lastly, before buying this particular design or in fact for all bedding fixtures, you need to be certain to check out the sizes of the particular design you are looking at.

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