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Whether you are remodeling your existing home or building an addition it is important that your window openings are constructed properly.
I-Beam Headers: For large spans such as a garage door opening it is common to purchase a prefabricated header. If you think that trying to build window headers on your own seems like it may be more than you can handle give us a call. I know that not everybody is born with artsy skills, which is exactly why I made my blog template shop, so I’m here to give you some hope and tell you that you can still create a nice looking blog header even if you’re not a designer!! UPDATE: If you want to watch a video of me showing you how to create a blog header in Photoshop, click here! When you create a New Image in either of these programs (File > New), it should ask you for dimensions. I used the same basic structure as header #2, only I threw in a bit of graphic detail and made sure it didn’t interfere with the text.
The thing to keep in mind with graphics is that you don’t want to overpower the text. I am generally quite quick to respond to requests for blog tutorials, but I have been putting off writing a post on "how to make a blog header" despite several requests. The size of the header on Blogger will be determined by what template you are using and what settings you've applied to your blog. Now that you have an idea how large you want to make your banner, here is how to create a simple blog banner. PicMonkey has a lot of free tools and I can't cover every feature in one tutorial, so what I've done here is create a step-by-step tutorial for a header design that I like.
Obviously the quality of the photos you use is going to have a big influence on how good your finished header looks. Since my banner is just for tutorial purposes I didn't spend long picking the perfect photos, so don't judge me. We will show you the easy steps you need to take to build window headers that are strong, stable, and durable. In particular, on very wide windows, you must bridge the gap between two distant wall studs. The stud that reaches from floor to ceiling is called a “King Stud” while the inner support beneath the header is called a “Jack Stud.” If it was your first time trying to build window headers you may not think of installing a Jack Stud, not knowing any better.

That said, you MUST check with your local building code enforcement office to confirm the regulations for your area. Actual requirements may vary in certain areas of the country due to snow loads, wind loads, etc. In each case 2 pieces of wood are nailed together side by side and stood up on edge to bridge the span. These are usually constructed using plywood for the vertical member, capped both top and bottom with 2×2 lumber.
Set your custom dimensions to pixels and enter the width of your blog, followed by the height you want your banner to be.
See what a difference it makes if you are able to perfectly line up the tagline with the word above it? For the blog title, I used a fancy font, which means that the tagline below it should be something much more simple. You can grab some clipart in my design shop or you can search online for some little graphics. I would say JPG but Blogger has had this bug for a little while now that makes uploaded JPG headers appear darker than they actually are. If you’re ready to totally redo your blog and use your skills on a new header, check out my template shop!
When I'm not running the Wonder Forest blog ship, you can find me creating artwork for phone cases and home decor, whilst managing the daily tasks of Dana Fox Creative. You can create a header of around 900px by 200px and Blogger will automatically re-size it for you. If you recreate the steps it will probably give you the confidence to play around with some other features and come up with your own designs.
I wanted to have my blog name against a banner shape, so the first thing I did was go to the 'Overlays' collections (fifth icon down on the left hand menu) and scroll down until I found a banner I liked. Adding large windows to a room will let the sunshine in and illuminate the area with natural light. You can also find information in the International Building Code Book, or on the FEMA website. If you don’t know what the entire width of your blog is, you can pop into your Blogger Template Editor and click on the Adjust Widths link, then check what your overall blog width is set to.

There isn’t any rule of thumb for a height, but I would probably keep it under 350px just for aesthetic purposes. A nice looking header does not have to be full of graphics and all of your favourite things. The padding (white space) on the top and bottom is equal, and the same goes for the left and right sides.
I think these two fonts complement each other well because they are both serif fonts and slightly tall. Again, make sure the colours you choose complement each other and also make sure that the text stands out from the background. You can click and drag the corners to make the shape larger or smaller, and change the colour via the colour palette which pops up on the right.
But you must build window headers properly to make sure the main structure of the home doesn’t collapse or simply put undue stresses on the window itself. I filled the empty white space beside the tagline with a simple 1px straight line to tie things together a little better. If you were designing a logo for yourself, you wouldn’t throw in a whole bunch of random photos of yourself and your adventures, would you? You’d be surprised at how simply aligning things and choosing the right fonts can really make or break a header! So while a header can set the tone for your blog, you don’t need to show everybody all of the highlights from your blog all at once. This might be cute if the tagline was smaller, not capitalized and in a basic sans serif font. You can then select the picture you want from the menu bar and drag it onto your header image. I love that they offer great tools but don't force you to set up an account with them to use them.

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