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Probably the most versatile and most-loved by my family recipe is my Homemade Chicken Tenders.  By changing a few ingredients in the recipe, you can make different variations of Homemade Chicken Tenders, like using Panko breadcrumbs and Ranch Dressing Mix to create Crunchy Ranch Chicken Tenders. You can also make gluten-free Homemade Chicken Tenders, by using gluten-free breadcrumbs, like Schar Gluten-Free Breadcrumbs.
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A plain and simple wall can be brought to life by any decorative piece, but you don’t have to splurge on paint, wallpaper, and expensive decorative pieces.
You can even make a curtain out of old baseball cards, greeting cards and postcards and hang them on your walls. To create something memorable that will remind you of the months and years that have gone by, you can make a memory wall, sort of like a guest book.
If you are not quite up to making your own wall decorations, you can still find some great items for sale for relatively cheap prices, many of which can be bought online at stores such as Home Depot for example. After tons of researching, recently I finally made my own incredibly luxurious, homemade, all natural face cream.
Skin care products made with natural ingredients are very effective at reducing wrinkles, tightening and smoothing the skin and keeping it youthfully elastic and supple. The hardest part of making this anti-aging face cream is just getting the ingredients together, which wasn’t even that hard as most of them can be found at your local health food store.
Come join me in the kitchen for a new adventure, and let’s make our own super luxurious, fantastic smelling, anti-aging face cream!
While containers are sterilizing, melt cacao butter, shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax all together in a double boiler, or in a bowl over a pot of hot water. After oils are melted allow them to cool slightly and then add to blender along with the almond oil and blend. Slather your luxurious fantastic scented cream into your face and all over your body daily! Get Free Recipes and Love Notes!Sent every 2nd Sunday + Get my 20 Quick & Easy Raw Recipes ebook FREE!
Going to try the DIY face cream next week and wanted to clarify the essential oils – is it 10 drops of each oil or 10 drops total? Help… I made the above recipe this evening and am having trouble with the oils separating. I ended up taking the cream the following day and heating it all together to see if it would combine. Hi Asta, you could use Cadelila wax instead of beeswax for this I believe, but I havent tried it myself.
Kristyne, Thank you so much for the info, appreciate that and will be trying the electric mixer with this next time!! Hey, I have a bunch of essential oils that Id love to add to the recipe, can I mix any essential oils together or do some oils not have a positive effect when mixed with other certain oils?! SO, if your blend is 6 drops Lavender, 3 drops ylang ylang and 5 drops Bergamot, then you would be using 14 toothpicks. I have not tried e-wax – but I have just been googling to see if I could find a good answer for you. I decided not to use a blender (too messy to get out), instead a glass bowl and a sterile whisk… worked great. I haven’t tried it but I would try more shea butter, if you like shea, or coconut oil could work too. Hi Robin, I made the cream lastnight everything is good except that the cream gets hardened when left outside in the room. I am not sure about the shea butter, but the type I used looked very natural and not so refined.

So at my future wedding’s petting zoo, there will be animals I do wanna pet like dogs, cats, pigs, and miniature horses.
And you know how you you’re supposed to give guests, like, a little gift bag or something? I added virgin coconut oil to the batter because it’s awesome for dogs and humans alike.
Since I currently only have my kitty nosey, I might have to make them for my boyfriend’s dog.
These treats sound great but my dog can’t have wheat products as she has a weak bladder and has incontinence when she eats any wheat. Made these treats and my dog loves them Just out of curiosity do you know about how long these are good for at room temp?
I have made these treats for my dog and I can say that there is no treats that I can buy that he loves better!! I make a Sweet Potato and Apple recipe for my GSD off of Whole Foods website that is excellent–I substitute with canned pumpkin regularly. I just made these tonight and the consistency of them were a little soft even after they’ve been cooled, are they supposed to be hard like milk bones? Quality content is the secret to interest the people to pay a quick visit the site, that’s what this web page is providing. I?ll show you easy ways to spend less time and money at the grocery store, less time in the kitchen and more time with your family. Just put your thinking cap on and find things you already have around the house to spruce up your walls. It will definitely make the wall look more interesting, and if you have children, educational too. With the help of a website application, you can turn any image into a poster as large as you like and print the pages on your computer then assemble them on the wall. This is an easy task because you just need to cut out images from magazines, newspapers and catalogs, then attach a large piece of paper on the wall, spray the entire surface of the paper with spray adhesive, and stick the cut outs one by one. Punch a hole on all four sides of each card and tie one card to another using a ribbon or metal rings. Involve the whole family and let everybody be part of the creation, from the first brainstorming session to the final big reveal.
Here are a few items for those who feel a little less confident of creating your own wall decor.
It was actually because the rose hydrosol came in a pink plastic bottle and the sandalwood one was in blue glass. Put caps on jars and store any cream that you will not be using within the next month into the fridge. I used some jars that I had (I had been buying cream from a local person and kept the jars.
After lots of researching into what was going on, I discovered that the problem most likely has to do with temperature differences.
Candelilla wax is found on the leaves of a small plant native to Mexico and the southwest states. You may want to try mixing them together first before addding to the cream to get a scent you love first. I have a friend who loves shea so much she just rubs straight shea onto her skin (face) every morning. It seems that e-wax is an even better emulsifier than beeswax, and I think you can use an equal amount. I have heard that if you whip the cream with electric beaters that it will turn soft and more aerated (fluffy is not the right word, creamy and lighter) more like a traditional face cream is.
I haven’t tried making a body wash recipe, but I have a friend who is really fabulous with natural skin care.
I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my problem. My little girl (10 years old) needed a recipe – they are planning to make dog treats to sell for her 4H group fundraiser.
Anyway, probably at that time I am not serious in doing so which is why it failed, or probably I haven’t really followed the direction.

If you feel like adding something else on another day, just spray the back of the cut out with spray adhesive and once again stick it on the collage. If you do not have enough cards to make a paper curtain, you can use card holders or photo slots from unused albums instead. Every time you have a family reunion or a friend visits, have them write a message on the paper. Not only do you get to spend quality family time together, you will end up with some very unique wall decor solutions. The skin is so effective at absorbing what is put on it that many prescriptions are actually absorbed via rubbing a cream into the skin, or a patch.
However, there is a lot of mis-education, lack of education and brand names with huge marketing budgets to convnce you otherwise. You could also just use distilled water, and an extra couple drops of essential oil if you like. I bought it for my kids when a couple of them went through a stage of that, and it seemed to help the best I think.
I haven’t had it longer than that to test, but I would expect that kept in the refridgerator it would last for 6 months. Also i would like to make it less greaasy something like a lotion to apply all over the body.
I’m going to check in with her and will let you know if she has anything that sounds great.
I tried using liquid castile soap diluted to 1: 5 (5 being oils and water and honey) but it still hurts at the sensitive lady parts. Also, is it necessary to use an antibacterial preservative when using the hydrosol or will refrigeration be good enough to preserve the cream?
I didn’t use any antibacterial perservative and mine lasted for several months in the fridge. I love baking and cooking and have even tried making my own dog treats and your blog has it all! This will allow you to express yourself freely, and can serve as both a creative outlet and an inspiration board. You can also add pictures of yourself and your loved ones, vacation shots, and beautiful scenery you have captured on film. I remember my dad taking his medication by putting a cream, with the medication in it, onto his wrists and rubbing them together. If you try, I would suggest to at least only keep one jar out at a time and keep the rest refridgerated until you are ready to use it. This is like, the only recipe that I’ve found without crazy stuff like wheat germ and stuff like that.
It’s so much less expensive to make it yourself, and it smells heavenly, feels wonderfully smooth and absorbs quickly into the skin.
Seeing this really hit home for me just how effectively and quickly our skin absorbs what is put on it. It’s not only a safer bet for your health, but also for your physical appearance, to stay closer to nature than to toxic ingredients thought up and created in a laboratory. I think I got inspired being in the kitchen and I loves the scent of mine, but you can definitely omit it and add more oil if you like. For the beeswax, I just used a tea light and so would assume any beeswax would work as well.
I cut the recipe in half (you mentioned 50) I figured-for now-lets try 25-less to throw away if I blew it!!
I was new to making face cream also, and just jumped in with what I had and had wonderful results. I continue to get calls asking for this recipe because they’ve heard I found a recipe for homemade recipe so thank you from all of us!! My cookie cutter was a 5-inch bone-shaped , but for small dogs you may want to use a small cookie cutter (around 2″).

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