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How to Make Your Manly Leather Sofa Set Look More Feminine13 AugAlthough they can look incredibly chic and stylish, leather sofa sets can look awfully manly at times depending on what you pair them with in a living space. A traditional leather sofa is naturally dark, so the easiest way to balance it out is by using plenty of light to create a desirable contrast. Even if the sofa is not leather, but darkly coloured, you can take an airy fairy approach to feminise the look.
Pop into your local Multiyork store and take some tips from how they organise their displays. You can find plenty of inspiration online, head to our Pinterest Boards and in magazines to help you. And just like I knew it would, it threw the entire house into transition.  The sofa is dark. Choose from our contemporary range of leather sofas, tailor made each time an order is made. Registered office: Adenzo Ltd, 34 Nottingham South Ind Estate, Ruddington Lane, Wilford, Nottingham.
It’s time to get ready for the holidays and once Halloween is over Thanksgiving and Christmas seem to come at me like a steam roller.
I know what you are saying you should just quit eating on the sofa but we are just those kind of people and it’s one of the reasons we bought real leather so it would hold up to all our abuse.
When we bought this sofa I expressed a concern about the leather sofas that start to crack on the arms and where you head touches.
Place the paper towels down into the wipe container and mix the rest of your ingredients together in a measuring cup. The sofas upholstered in dark leather hide can feel visually heavy in a space, we know all too well. Use lighter pieces of furniture, like cotton covered bean bags, and paint the walls a pale grey (or another neutral colour you like).

Layer plenty of scatter cushions and throws to create a comfy appearance, and surround the sofa with mixed furniture of different textures, as well as artwork in various patterns and colours. Find photos you like and try to recreate your favourite look to make that leather sofa work in harmony in a feminine space! By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them.
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Just got a new lounge delivered today and I absolutely hate it (yes I chose it together with my husband – I wanted fabric, oatmeal type colour but he has always wanted leather and convinced me that a darker colour would be more practical with kids etc). One of the biggest challenges is having the house ready for company. We are really trying to be better about eating together as a family but on Friday nights we like to watch a family movie and eat pizza on our leather sofa but sometimes we make messes when we do this. I always love when I catch things like this where someone spilled milk and didn’t get it all up or when you find the sofa has been used as a napkin for cream cheese. Our salesman explained to me that it’s from the oils in your skin and hair and you need to wipe it down occasionally with something to cut the grease and recommended Dawn dishwashing liquid. Using your wipes container to measure cut your roll down to fit inside with a serrated knife like a bread knife. Pull your first wipe from the middle core of the paper towels and they will easily pop out. The trick is to create a more balanced look by using some clever laying and accessorising techniques. You can then add fluffy scatter cushions, and a lighter coffee table to complete this look.
We have two kids and two cats, so I am curious about whether you think that the leather was a good choice.
I’m going to show you how to make my DIY Leather Sofa Cleaner and Conditioner so when company comes by they are not sitting in pizza sauce or dried spilled milk.

GROSS! During the holidays, I try to keep the house clean and ready for parties or friends by having cleaning stations all over my house. With a few more ingredients, I now have one wipe that cleans and moisturizes my leather furniture. These paper towels are bigger and tougher than most brands and now they have a big roll with more sheets. Your sofas will all of a sudden appear way more attractive, feminine, light, and comfortable!
Don’t be afraid to go for a distressed looking coffee table either, for a shabby chic kind of look!
I’ll be shopping for a sofa soon, and I love the idea that a leather sofa could actually look better with age. Each bathroom has a cleaning caddy with a set of cleaning supplies, Brawny paper towels, and a toilet brush. This recipe works great is easy to make you can also use them as a leather seat cleaner in your car. My favorite are the pick-a-size so you can get a little or a lot depending on what you need. For example, you could choose bookcases, tables, ottomans, and end tables in different effects and finishes.
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Can I overcome my feelings of resentment for this massive behemoth that is dominating my house and learn to love it?

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