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The new foods are medieval-themed and offer very good healing and hunger-satisfying effects.
The Decocraft Mod adds a bunch of new props to the game to give your world a bit more life. RSVP offers unparalleled access for advertisers interested in reaching Irish women enthusiastic about trends, beauty, interiors, fashion, travel, health and weddings. Guileless herself, she was often startled by the magnitude of darkness she beheld in some people; it seems that dark hearts will always be a part of every culture and were still around in the 24th century aboard Star Trek’s Enterprise.
Everything has a “field” according to those on the cutting edge of new science—Lynn McTaggert, Rupert Sheldrake, Bruce Lipton and David Hawkins to name a few who explored fields for their doctoral studies.
Commander Troi, of Star Trek Next Generation was unique because she could feel what other people were feeling or she could feel the emotions of what they focused their minds and attention on. As a child, I remember crying myself to sleep because our pastor said that little children not baptized in our faith were all going to hell. Animals being herded, caged, stacked and slaughtered for food was enough to send me over the edge and the possibility of Nuclear War brought terror for both me and our side and the enemy—all of them. When I did my internship in group therapy and as I learned counseling techniques, I found that intently listening to a client allowed me to feel what they were feeling. It’s an old cliche` to say “it takes one to know one” but in the case of Empaths, it’s really true.
In Dancing the Dream, Michael speaks about a dolphin in the waves in the ocean that is miles from shore. Those who understand that drive, that empathic impulse, the intrusion of feelings that are not your own have little cultural, social or societal permission to reveal their inner life. I have always believed Michael was emapthic to a degree that made it almost painful for him to be in this world.
I agree completely: Michael Jackson- Spiritual Messnenger Hiding in Plain Sight ~ Gerri Stone and B.
In order for Michael the humanitarian to do his Work, Michael the showman had to exist also. It allows you to use emerald to make tools and weapons, with the same recipe structure as any other material. You have to find ruby ore, mine it, then use smelted ruby, emerald and obsidian (which turn liquid) in a recipe to make one zenitte gem. It gives you the ability to craft cones, chocolate chips and mint into delicious ice cream and popsicles! She reportedly hasn’t even given any thought to recording new music having taken a break from her solo career to rejoin Girls Aloud. The motivations of those with hidden agenda gave them a different “feel” than those motivated or compelled by affection or compassion. Biological entities emit a “vibe” or “aura” that holds information about them just as a computer holds data.  Most of the time information from this feeling or energy field is processed unconsciously.

And through the episodes of Star Trek that featured her, we were privileged to glimpse what it’s like to feel other people. Most of us have well defined boundaries and we can tell where we leave off and others begin. That literally meant that all those children in Africa, whom I actually saw as innocent and victims, were doomed to eternal damnation because someone didn’t dribble water over their heads. Reading about Germany and the Nazi Concentration Camps left me withered and depressed for a long time. Meanwhile, I had to find a way to not amplify or to turn down the volume of emotions or curb the acuity of what I was feeling. Children will just tell you how someone or something feels without thinking or censoring themselves. He feels the entrapment of the dolphin in the net and in homage from one dancer to another, he ends his rehearsal early.
In one conversation he was speaking of saving the children and his companion questioned if that was possible given the magnitude of the problem. Or to be a “Data” where feelings are just not considered in the processing of information or evaluating how to proceed? That is especially true when cynicism dominates an ecosytem. They confuse and confound and sometimes they cause resentment because they can’t believe others don’t feel what they do. The closest I can come to it is the pain I feel when I see or, God forbid, hear an animal suffering or in pain.
B, once again you see Michael’s precious heart and deliver him to us through your beautiful words.
This also explains why Michael was considered a transcendent being… in fact this explains a lot of things and brings him into focus. That is not true of Empaths—they often feel other people’s feelings or feel other people and sometimes they feel larger and wider than that.
They will tell you how a rock feels or they will speak for the guinea pig or hamster quoting the dialogue. Their thinking is magical and they believe in immortality so death comes as a painful surprise. He coveys that same empathic impulse in Heal the World, Cry, Man In the Mirror and others that are empathic anthems. It also explains why some of the world chose to go along with the mischaracterization of a man who was first a humanitarian and then a performer. This is Ann from Vietnam… I appreciate all of your beautiful articles about Michael and I must say that I have traveled so far with awe of my spiritual growth thanks to Michael since my journey with him after June 25th and also thanks to your profound writings of Michael.
What has me here is wanting to be close to him, and reading about him as you write, is simply that– his soul, his inner being, that captivates and makes one fall in love. How could Michael really be happy when he saw all this happening around him, Being such an empath.

It makes sense that he needed a platform of such a significant level to be able to communicate his message and help so many people.
Counselor Troi played by Marina Sirtis in Star Trek the Next Generation, could feel into the heart of visitors to the Enterprise spaceship and could discern whether they held hidden agenda or their intentions were pure.
The energy that surrounds every person and reflects their mindset, or their “field” is perceptible. If exposed to nature early and often, they will empathically form a bond or connection with the spirit of all living things. When I began to read and research Michael Jackson after his death, I recognized a kindred spirit—another Empath.
He likely continued his performing in the face of ridicule and humiliation because it allowed him to remain a humanitarian. Not quite his physical appearance, not quite his gentle voice, not his dancing or his genius for composing music with a message.
The inconsolable void left where his almost silent but magnificent healing used to be woke us with a start. Some people are just fun to be around because they are lighthearted and non-threatening; on the other hand, those who plot and plan to undermine or scheme to extract something from someone unsuspecting often have a heavy, dark or even frightening energy. I am convinced that Michael felt on a much larger scale than me and for much longer than me. It is the being who was inside because I can not imagine being in love with him without this.
And he had real joy, because he saw also alll the beautiful things in this world, especially in those who were still innocent like him– children, animals, and nature. It’s even quite possible that Michael deliberately created outrageous strategies not so much to retain his fame although that was part of the equation, but more likely to maintain that leverage and the platform from which to continue his work.
Children can teach adults a great deal about life and the process of uncensored living and how that is magic. Ever the idealist, I could get so depressed and disappointed about human nature and mankind and I might withdraw and isolate to protect myself.
When you know him at that level and you identify with his ideals it is hard not to love in whatever form you experience that love for him. It is no mystery to me how he wanted to balance his fame with reclusiveness to shut out the world; but because he was so famous, that was clearly impossible. But eventually, given more discoveries and more knowledge, maybe a change in communication or paradigm, a corona of recognition reveals it as the light dawns in some future time. Thank you, Barbara, for a little more understanding about Michael; who he was, how unique his whole being was, and what he went through while here.

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