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I knew that if I created a note to match every key on a piano, I would probably fill a room with pipes, and that would be way too big a project and also prohibitively expensive. A great thing about this project is that everyone can make different decisions and come up with a personalized instrument to suit their needs.
At first, I assumed that if I made a pipe exactly the length of the desired note’s wavelength, I would get that note exactly. Armed with the results of my research and planning, I was ready to design and build the instrument.
Once the pipe is cut to length, twist the coupling on to one end, drop it though the hole and twist it into the elbow. The next four pipes are almost identical to the first, except the first pipe section going down will be a little shorter so that the back and forth pipes will lie on top of the previous pipe. In a very large area, like a garage or driveway, lay out a lot of newspaper and distribute the pipe sections carefully so that they maintain their shape. I will describe how to create my current generation of paddles for those of you who want to skip the first few steps of trial-and-error.
I found that using a softer, porous material to hit the pipes creates a clearer and purer tone.
The pads of the paddles should be about three inches wide to completely cover the pipe couplings, without overhanging onto the next note over.
I have just started planning for a larger version of the instrument that will have a full three octaves and all of the black notes so that I can play anything I want. So are there actual blueprints people can get from somewhere or do we have to design everything from scratch? Two summers ago, we got some PVC pipe and various connectors and let the boys build their own PVC sprinklers in the back yard. Another option that I saw on Pinterest is to cover the swords with foam insulation or a pool noodle. Obliged for any info.Pipe is easy to get also Tee pieces but alas I cannot find X pieces as in your Picture. Im makin these this weekend my kids have gotten swords fro the store n they break an the noodles are jus not what they like. You can have the latest posts from Frugal Fun for Boys delivered to your inbox every Friday!
If you love flowers, plants and garden but don’t have enough space to make a garden then don’t worry.
This entry was posted on July 5, 2014, in Garden Decor and tagged DIY crafts, garden crafts, PVC crafts. PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) pipe is a type of plastic pipework used for the conveyance of water, gas and chemicals. Take a look at these fun and creative DIY PVC pipe projects, and learn how the masters mix tubes and connectors to create a variety of lightweight shapes and figures. This PVC pipe periscope project is super simple and gives you a chance to show and explain to kids how mirrors work. Includes: choosing a design, recycling an old chandelier, and how to make You can create your own chandelier arms using PVC pipe. Come in and browse for tips, info and resources that can lead to the chandelier of your heart's desire. If you're looking for a fun DIY project that you can do with the kids, try making your own chandelier out of PVC pipe. How to Make a Copper Pipe Chandelier (page 1 of 2) Glass lampshades are strung from a copper pipe to create a hanging accent light.
How To Make Your Own Fun Chandelier For A Child's Room ceiling fixture may not be able to support the finished chandelier. So when I saw Blue Man Group beating on large pipes of different lengths to make music in one of their performances, I thought that was really cool. Although I have access to a piano and other traditional instruments, I have always been partial to things that I build myself. I used 2-inch PVC, which produces a good sound and is a good size for hitting with paddles. Feel free to use this background to develop a plan for your own instrument, then proceed to the design and build steps below. This can get confusing as you start to draw multiple pipes on top of one another, but it might help to use different colors for each pipe.The sketch (image 2) is my drawing, looking straight at the front of the instrument. I used two fixed wheels, pointed in the long direction of the plywood, and two swivel wheels.
Be sure to let the flip-flop bounce off of the coupling when creating the note, instead of letting it stay down, as this will affect the note some. Now remove the fitting on the end and the last length of pipe from the U-turn and cut some length off. Softer materials help to make full contact across the top of the coupling, creating a better pressure wave. The length is less important, but a longer pad will be more forgiving when you are playing quickly and not aiming perfectly. The next tip is to position your arms at your sides, with your elbows bent at about 90 degrees. If you have spare PVC fragments at home then you can cut them in special ways to make vertical gardens.
Hope you will try to make these vertical planters to make your home more colorful and stylish.
PVC pipe has its place in the construction world, but it can be used for a number of other purposes as well.
From water shooter toy or marshmallow blow gun to a plant hanger or laptop stand, PVC pipe finds itself in all sorts of creative projects. What an easy way to keep your flock watered and not have a mess with overturned water containers!
The bow and arrows are super simple to make and make great party favors if you are hosting a party. It’s easy to make quick adjustments to the slope of the pieces so that the marble goes exactly where you want it to go. A whisper reader is like a little phone kids can whisper read into and hear their words amplified in their ears.

With basic supplies from the hardware store, a bike pump or air compressor, and a few empty plastical bottles, you can keep your kids happy for hours launching rockets 40 or 50 feet into the air. Kids can transport these Summer camp chairs easily since they’re made out of canvas and lightweight PVC pipes. Such a fun idea to teach addition and it really helps those kids that need the hands on concrete learning.
DP's Bargain Basement has the custom fittings like 3-way and 4-way connectors Learn how to build an outdoor planter made from PVC pipe, includes plans, step-by-step instructions along with tips, materials, and tools lists. You should be able to find a shape How to Make a Chicken Feeder Using PVC Pipe How to Make a Chandelier With Plastic Gems; How to Make a Chandelier Out of Deer Antlers Make a straight line from one end of the PVC pipe to the other using the crayon. By Joanne Palmisano, Salvage Secrets I WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO MAKE A BOTTLE ROCKET LAUNCHER FOR UNDER 10 BUCKS!
If you enjoy decking your home out with holiday lights, adding PVC frames to the windows or out in the yard allow Tutorial for making a PVC Pipe Playhouse or Fort for your child.
But it wasn’t until I saw a regular kid a little older than me performing on YouTube with his own instrument that I was inspired to take on this challenge myself. The basic principle of making music with pipes is to beat on one end to create a pressure wave.
Here is an excerpt from a handy table I found on the internet to help with the pipe lengths. You can see the tops of the pipes with the notes and lengths indicated, and the pipes extending downwards. Use your forearms and wrists to bounce the paddles off of the top of the pipes, making sure to hold the paddles at just the right height and angle so that they are as flat as possible when they make contact. Haven’t had time to look through your other posts yet but love the idea of your site and have already liked it on facebook. You can make cute vertical planters for your yard with useless wood pallets available in your store. It comes in a variety of sizes and strengths, and inspires people to creatively refurbish them in completely different ways.
All you need is pvc pipe, a saw, a drill, pvc primer How to Make a Pennywhistle from PVC Pipe.
The length of the pipe determines the length of the wave, and different wave lengths make different notes. You may find charts with slightly different numbers, but these will be a good starting point. This is important because you want the top board to take all of the force from playing, and not the pipes below.Now you are ready for the next section of pipe. To make things from PVC pipe all you need is a tape measure, a hacksaw, some pvc pipe, sand paper, pvc pipe glue and your imagination or an idea to make something fun and clever. Vertical garden decor is not only limited to small spaces but you can also hang vertical planters or establish vertical gardens in your spacy gardens to fill space and decorate them. Color these PVC pipes, hang them just like the picture and grow plants in your DIY vertical garden. I have shared three pictures of cute wooden vertical garden which are made with joining wooden pallets in different styles with nails. This would definitely make a great project for a scout group, church group, or after school club, or just as a family activity. Building with PVC is great when you need a structure that is inexpensive Overview and diagram of how to build a DIY photo dolly from PVC pipe and fittings. As in, go to your hardware store and buy real pipe from the Creating useful items with PVC Pipe and PVC Pipe Fittings extends far beyond plumbing and Irrigation.
Versatile PVC pipes can be converted into many useful household objects and are also used in making crafts.
This will To build a chandelier one must first decide upon a chandelier large enough to accommodate the all thread pipe.
Make a GREENHOUSE, Pastured Poultry Pen, Cold Frame, Quad ATV Golfcart Carport, Banner Holder, and more out of PVC pipe. The PVC pipe instrument was made famous by the Blue Man Group To him, PVC pipe ranks right up there with duct tape and WD40! I already knew that much, but in order to make an instrument that could play real music, I was going to have to get a bit more scientific about it. I eventually decided that I would need at least one octave, plus a few extra notes to play a reasonable variety of songs. I am going to share easy to made vertical garden plans with you in which inexpensive and spare things are used to make them. Now you will get two PVC planters, paint these planters with acrylic sprays or any other paint and hang or mount them on the wall of your front yard. They will not only make your garden wall cute but they will also provide you fresh cooking herbs.
So I did some experiments to figure out how much length an “elbow” adds to the effective wavelength through trial and error.
Also shown (image 3) is a model that I created to help visualize the routing of the first pipe. The tutorial shows a way to build the weapons without using PVC joints (strapping tape is the secret) and has extra padding at the point (in case someone gets stabbed).
You can go one step further and turn it into a small greenhouse with PVC pipe and plastic sheeting.
My first DIY vertical garden planter can be made with PVC pipes so let’s see how you can make DIY garden with vertical planters using PVC. I compared a straight pipe that I “tuned” to a specific note, and then tried to match that note with two sections of pipe connected in the middle by an elbow. You can go even one step further and build an irrigation watering system with some PVC pipe. If using Gorilla glue, remember to wet the surface a little first and press them together while drying. If the edges don’t line up perfectly after gluing, just run a belt sander around the edge to clean it up. Now position the top board (2?6) across the top of the vertical 2?4s, aligning the back edge.
So a partially covered pipe from a non-bouncy paddle will create a muddled note with mixed frequencies.Now, what do you want to play?

If you have some beginner piano music, you may be able to play directly off of the sheet music, assuming there are no sharps or flats. Note that the front edge will overhang a little to accommodate support from the angled boards.To fit the angled 2?4s, hold the 32” boards alongside the frame at the desired angle and mark with a pencil at the top of the plywood and along the front edge of the vertical 2?4 and the bottom of the top board. Since you have already planned for that length on your graph paper, you don’t need to worry about the actual length until you get to the final section.Start by placing a 90° elbow on the plywood, directly under the left hole with one side pointing up.
Once you get good at the simple stuff, you may want to try something more interesting, like songs you hear on the radio. Cutting along the pencil marks will result in a single angled cut at the bottom and a 90 degree point at the top end. You can measure from the inside of the elbow where the pipe end will sit, up through the hole to the top side of the top board. Trial and error, where you keep trying different notes until a song sounds right, might work sometimes, but can be frustrating, especially when you realize that the note you need is between two consecutive notes on your instrument — those silly black keys again.Your instrument, if you made it like mine, is in the key of C, just like a piano.
But starting on any other note will sound wrong unless you adjust by using sharps and flats. I used a miter saw for cutting the pipes because it was quick and easy to position and cut (see image 2). If you have music for a song you want to play, and it has no sharps or flats in the key signature at the beginning, then your instrument should work, as long as you have notes that go high enough and low enough.
Hit the top of the coupling at the top of the instrument to see what note you have created.
Use whatever tool you are most comfortable with, and observe all safety precautions.After each cut, be sure to clean out any plastic chips from the pipe and remove the plastic “fuzz” that can remain at the edge of the cut. This DIY chalkboard can be applied to your refrigerator within one day not including drying time. You can by building this bed yourself and adding a string of LED rope lights to the bottom. By drilling the holes after assembly, you won’t need to worry about drilling into your workbench or creating a special mount to hold it.
The wood for this project will cost around $300 dollars depending on where you purchase it from.
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