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Receive a once-a-month email update with DIY projects and design ideas to make your home jell! This year, I really wanted to create a rustic and romantic Thanksgiving tablescape using natural and found items in and around my home. I am a big believer in using china versus having it simply spend its life in a china cabinet. For guests, a small piece of canvas art was left on the table which really added charm to the overall setting. A traditional stylish wooden garden arch, the Rustic Rose Arch looks perfect with climbing plants clambering across its frame.
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44 Rustic Barn Bathroom Design Ideas - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH.
It’s amazing what you can discover and make so easily without spending much money at all.

They will also be able to take it home as a special keepsake and decorative piece to display next year. Brush a small amount of glue onto the canvas, then place the image on the canvas and brush more glue on top of the image.  It will go on cloudy but will dry clear. Once dry, you have a darling mini picture.  But, if you want to dress it up even more you can add ribbon,  burlap or even small nail heads around the edge of the frame.
After that, I simply tied a piece of twine with a sprig of rosemary around it (both of which I had) and placed on the table.  FYI, everything needed for this simple craft can be found in your home or purchased at most craft stores. She is a regular HomeJelly contributor who makes over flea market and curbside finds into unique decor pieces and inspires us to simplify our spaces with design flair. Or for a dramatic night time look, plant Tiki torches either side of the arch and admire its beauty glowing in the darkness. I wanted a vintage look so I googled images on the computer, selected the images I liked and simply printed them onto copy paper. She lives in South Orange County with her fantastic cook of a husband and talented two kids.

A barn means rustic in itself, and due to wooden beams or brick clad it gives such touches to any space – no matter, what style you’ve chosen. This wooden garden arch is supplied with extra leg length to enable it to be sunk into the ground easily.
Please note it does not come with the trellis panels shown in the photograph, these are no longer available.
If you choose modern style, it would make a great contrast with the space itself – you’ll love it!

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