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View from the back of the Millennium Falcon cockpit set with the back removed for camera placement to shoot the set and actors against a blue screen to be filled with space environments in post-production.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. To make a home theater system experience similar to watching a movie at a movie theater, it is important to select the right projection screen material. Projection screen material is available in white and various shades of gray, with different levels of light gain, and with surfaces infused with glass beads. Textile-backed projection screen material is composed of a reflective surface that is sprayed or applied to a larger piece of woven material. Tensioned surface projection screen material is typically made of a vinyl surface without the backing found on textile-backed screens. Some projection screens are directly applied to the backing surface as a specially-designed paint that contains a highly refined silver metallic base.
Keeping the the overall durability and maintenance requirements for a particular projection surface in mind is important. How to Make a Screen Protector Film for your Cell Phone for Free Tech Guides About Us Work 21 Jul 2012 Make a Screen Protector for your Cell Phone [Video] Make a screen protector film for your cell phone to prevent damage from scratches, dirt and fingerprints. Vinyl window systems offer more protection from inclement weather, wind, rain, and even the cold with the addition of a space heater on your screened porch.
If you are considering a window system in your outdoor room it is crucial that you hire someone to professionally install the windows and  that the windows themselves are good quality. Not only are Eze-Breeze systems strong, they come with a plethora of functional options to make your life easier.
The vinyl used in the Eze-Breeze system is an innovative product that is strong, nearly invisible in its clarity, and isn’t susceptible to cracking or breaking.
You can see more stunning transformations of screened porches into sunrooms  and 3 & 4 season rooms by visiting our screened porch photo gallery and our sunroom gallery located on our website. Visit our websiteArchadeck of Central GA is a full service design and build back yard contractor. The type of projection screen material selected can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of the projected image.

A gray color helps the projection system to balance colors and to create a deep, dark black on the screen. These tensioned projection screens may be referred to as drapers and come in built-in crank-operated or motorized tensioning systems as well as permanently tensioned static varieties. A high quality projection screen is not going to function in an optimal manner if it cannot be easily cleaned and maintained. Archadeck of Central Georgia installs vinyl window systems for new and existing screen porch transformations. One of the options they offer is the sliding track system that allows you to operate the windows easily and engage the windows according to how much or how little you want to use at your leisure. If the unforeseen happens, such as a baseball pop-fly that hits one of the windows the window actually takes the blow and pops back into place! Servicing the areas around Macon and Warner Robins, we build porches, decks, patios pergolas and so much more.
Whether a projection screen is bought ready-to-use or constructed from purchased materials, consider the cost, availability, and performance of the different options when matched with the size, power, and type of projection method to be used. Depending upon the type of projector that is used, a white screen will sometimes produce blacks that are not as dark. This type of material is found in most ready-to-use consumer or business projection screens and can be rolled up inside a tube, the supporting framework folded, and the entire unit easily stored in a small space.
Some of the many surface materials are rear Cineflex, matte white, high-definition grey, black-backed, and low light gain varieties. The support onto which this paint-on screen is applied must be rigid and smooth to get the highest resolution images possible. If possible, asking for samples of the various types of projection screen material is a good idea, so that they can be tested for overall strength, projection suitability, and ease of cleaning. A vinyl window system enables you to be better protected from the elements thus giving you the ability to use the room for more months during the year. For a vinyl window system to function properly it needs to contain a window frame that is built to support the vinyl windows.
If you are thinking of just using vinyl windows without a framing system it will lead to a multitude of headaches and problems on down the road.

This tracking system for the Eze-Breeze porch enclosures gives you the freedom of horizontal or vertical sliders that offer up to 75% ventilation.
If the vinyl is accidentally misshapen or distorted it will revert back to its original shape within minutes. There are many types of projection screen material including those that may be applied as a paint, textile-backed screens, tensioned surface screens.
Some projectors are designed to compensate for this, however, so it is not as much a consideration as it once was.
The various projection screen materials applied to the fabric base include matte white, high-contrast grey, glass-beaded, and perforated matte white. These paint-on movie theater screens typically cost less than other textile projection screens, are easily cleaned or repaired with a fresh coat of paint, and may outperform other projection screen material. We have found that the Eze-Breeze window system is the best, and we use this system exclusively. The Eze-Breeze window systems that we use include a supportive frame system that can carry the strength of the windows without putting stress on your outdoor structure itself. Another characteristic of a high quality projection screen material is its ability to completely block projected light, not allowing it to go through the screen, which negatively affects overall picture quality. That said, if you can’t find a good cover film that will exactly fit the screen of your current cell phone, you can easily build one on your own for free using material that is already available in your home. Scratch Proof your Cell Phone Screen All you need is a ruler (to measure the screen size of your gadget), some clear packing tape (that will act as the cover), a bowl of water with some soap and an old credit card to firm apply that homemade screen protector to your cell phone screen.
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