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Traditionally, bi-fold windows have been a cut-down version of bi-fold doors - this means wide sash frames with bulky hinges and hardware. And to make the beautiful Stegbar timber bi-fold window even more functional, it also comes with the option* of a practical, integrated, roll-down fly screen to stop bugs and insects entering your home.
The Stegbar bi-fold window will not only give your home an exquisite feature, it will promise you a lifetime of reliable and efficient service. Stegbar timber bi-fold windows are available in a range of two, three and four leaf combinations from 600mm to 2500mm wide and from 500mm to 1500mm high. JELD-WEN and Stegbar believe that Australian homes come in all shapes and sizes, which means that the windows in these homes also vary in shape and size. If you're after the only team of experts that are right there with you from inspiration and design, to supply and installation, then IT HAS TO BE STEGBAR. QuoteWell, there kinda is, because If they simply translated Clan mechs from TRO art or, god forbid, previous MW games, while it would satisfy nostalgic grognards, those mechs would literally look like piles of shit you mention - at least compared with current IS mechs. MWO mechs have distinct visual look to them - there is simply no reason for them to throw it out the window and spoil the design line with iconic but poorly thought out designs from 80s. Honestly, I don't care whether you think it looks nice or not, that's your subjective feeling. In any case, this game suffers from much more serious problems than just looks of a mech, even if it is a mech that has been the flagship of the franchise for about 20 years now. But I really do not understand why would someone want to change how MechWarrior looks like? LocationLeading Ordo Sacrae Flamulae lance-mates into combat against overwhelming Rephaim forces on the border of Levant and Dead Zone Alpha, on the continent of Terra Australis, on the planet Salus (Necropolis). I became legitimately afraid to fight clan 'mechs for the very first time after seeing those screenshots.
They actually made the birds leg on the artwork! See the little stuff on the back of the leg?

Every rule has an exception and if you put upfront those exceptions that doesn't mean the rule is disproved. Mad Cat has an established look which is more or less the same for at least 20 years of games and books. There are many other mechs that do look funny (in their very few graphical representations or small scale figurines) and should be adapted, but I still do not see why you need to mess with Mad Cat with which people have grown to love the franchise.
Because they are old games with very poor graphics and I've played them enough when they were new.
There are many other mechs that do look funny and should be adapted, but I still do not see why you need to mess with Mad Cat with which people have grown to love the franchise. Mad Cat had hundreds of official renditions over the years - and MWO one is well within boundaries set by those works.
I didn't disregard it - it is completely irrelevant, because Clan Mechs even originally didn't have consistent visual style between themselves - just compare Executioner, Koshi, Timber Wolf and Summoner.
Actualy reactive armor works to pre-mature detonate the explosives in warheads like RPG's.. Normally an RPG detonates from the back, forward (the explosion in the back of teh warhead turns the metal at the front of the warhead into a 'piercing', white-hot liquid, killing glob.
I am very frustrated with the whole mess and I say now, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY BUYING THIS CRAP! If I knew then what I see now, I would never have dropped the cash. In Australia, insect screens are essential; hot weather means doors and windows need to be open to allow cool breezes to flow through and the screens keep those annoying pests out! We offer a selection of mesh including our standard mesh which is a high quality and durable, Aluminium mesh where it is a requisite for certain Bushfire Ratings or Council requirements, and Pawproof mesh which is always a good choice if you have pets or children. While we can make a stand alone flyscreen door, we can also make your flyscreen doors during the fabrication process of your doors, or we can rebate the door frame to accommodate the flyscreen doors at a later date.
A pair of traditional flyscreen doors with a rebate complement this style of door and can be fitted on the inside or outside.
This is an alternative to our timber flyscreen doors and is a fantastic choice for Bifolds.

We can custom make a privacy screen for your window or door opening from any combination of metal you require.
The design of the Stegbar timber bi-fold window provides the perfect solution to this problem with narrower sash frames and dedicated hardware, so that either opened or closed you can still enjoy unobstructed panoramic views. Concealed in the top section of the window frame, with the side vertical tracks built into the frame, the discreet fly screen is hidden when not needed and easily opened when required. From the anodised aluminium componentry that provides superior corrosion resistance, to the precision-ground stainless steel bearings that ensure effortless operation, a Stegbar bi-fold window is built to last. The two and four leaf bi-fold windows can be placed over a flat servery bench** that extends from inside to outside without a channel or guide***.
They had to do something with that torso issue, as adding the missile pods required a smaller main body to compensate.
And at the very least they should have invented a look that would be of a different style compared to MWO IS tech.
So now when I come to play something that is called MechWarrior I want a new graphics environment, benefiting today's processing power, but at the same time I would like my good old MechWarrior story and stuff.
So whether it’s a big home, a small home, a traditional or contemporary home, we have a solution that is just right for you.
Why not respect the franchise that you bought, since it is what you intended to be the source for your customer base? Your personal preferences of how models of different mech should look like have nothing to do with respect of the franchise.
Russian and American tanks alike have the blocks on them, "reactive armor" Which mechwarrior ALSO has, is an explosive charge set off when shot to cause the incoming rounds to deflect by force?

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