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Sometimes it can be nice to have a vertical garden where you can actually take out the planter boxes when you want to clip herbs, prune plants, water containers or replant your garden.
In addition to being more versatile and mobile, this type of vertical garden typically has containers that are upright, which means that you don’t have to worry about dirt spilling out.
Since plants face upward instead of outward, this style of garden is designed more for function than for look. In this case, the look can be quite interesting because generally you have an enclosed frame that gives your garden a finished look.
The cool new Living Wall Planter lets you grow plants, flowers or fresh herbs vertically in your kitchen, entryway, balcony, deck or anywhere space is tight and receives direct sunlight.
The Living Wall Planters are also available as Indoor Wall-Mounted and Outdoor Wall-Mounted as well. Making use of vertical wall space located in a sunny spot is a great way to grow your garden. All you need is a small amount of vertical space around a balcony or an open window which can hang or store a vertical array of drink bottles that can grow all your herbs and lettuce easily.
Drill a hole through each screw-on bottle top lid so that water can drip from one bottle down to the next. Cut the base of the second bottle so the neck of the first bottle can funnel into the second bottle. An opening in the bottle for the seedling to grow through can be easily cut out with a serrated knife or a sharp pair of scissors. It’s a good idea for those who own small places or simply are willing to exploit their space an a higher (vertical) level. Still, I have a big question (following the lecture of a french author about food and the ways to produce it): what is the effect of plastic bottles upon the very substance of the plant itself? The author I quoted here treated the subject of the influence of plastic packaging upon food items stored inside of them … not I have the chance to bring the subject upon a higher level: what is the effect upon plants? We use plastic for mulching and for growing plants inside them … but how exactly will that influence the plants and their absorption of nutrients?
In the end, plastic is no more but petrol (oil), and if this is the situation I can only ask: is it healthy, after all??? I have an aversion to the fossil-fuel by-product, plastic, and many types are not suitable for long term use with food or drink (eg. Also, plastic will break down in the sun with Ultraviolet light, and some have special treatments to slow this down. Here is an alternative – use old pallets on their edge with hessian bags inside to create a holding space for soil. The real trick of course is getting water to them, and the plants will really thrive if you can setup some kind of drip system. There is also another issue I would like to bring into discussion: how efficient such a vertical system can be as long as no matter how many levels you bring up, the shade produces diminishing light for the plants underneath?!
After all, each square meter can produce a finite amount of foliage in direct correlation with the amount of sun light available for that finite space!
So, if you would like to build such a vertical garden and extend the model presented, in those pictures above, you will end up in such a point where the plants bellow and those at an intermediate level will not get enough sun light! I consider that such a solution is most appropriate only for small balconies and small places where the lack of space denies an horizontal extension.
I wonder if a similar thing could be made from lengths of fat bamboo, with an opening cut into the side of each section and a small hole made down through the middle to drain water from one segment to the next.

In regards to plant shading and vertical gardens, the answer is simple, going back to permaculture design principles, if the vertical garden is in the middle of a space, orient it along the north-south axis as you would a trellis or espalier. As to this article, it is silly to suggest people grow food in used soda bottles unless that is literally the only option, and death is the only possible alternative.
Can you point us to the evidence that plastic (PET) releases cancer causing toxins when exposed to sun?
I asked the Handsome Husband if he could find me a couple of good clean pallets asap and he did.A  He was able to bring home 2 pallets in great condition the very next day. Here is what the back of the pallet looked like before I injected a ton of staples into the fabric.
If you don’t, when it comes time to stand your pallet up, the soil will slide, and your plants will end up behind the slats. Next add your plants.A  I filled this one with strawberries, but I plan on filling my next pallet garden with an assortment of herbs. Can I send you my 4 and 6 year old boys to terrorize your chickens for a day while I build a pallet garden? You could hide the exposed soil with your abundant moss to Shade and keep the soil from coming out when you water. Make sure you use only pallets with the letters HT which stands for Heat Treatment, which is used to kill any fungus or insects.
Chemically treated pallets will be marked with MB, a highly toxic insecticide, banned in North America and European Union. Pallets in North America are usually stamped HT, which means it is heat treated instead of chemicals, they are no longer allowed to be treated this way here.
Use the light ones stamped with HT for pallet gardens and the heavy one stamped HT for firewood in your rocket stove, or else , if the boards are in good shape you may want to take a reciprocating saw and cut the nails so you can use the wood for other projects. I used an old cheep blanket and burlap fabric over it (for sturdiness) to hold the back of my pallet. Cardboard, cardboard, cardboard, it’s free, made with organic glue and turns into fertilizer. My father recently spent a TON of money making a special box with heavy wood, a pvc pipe watering system and lattice to make basically the same thing for my grandmother for her birthday. I do have a tad bit of OCD and things that arent lined up and centered tend to bother me, so this is PERFECTION in my mind. Hello Mavis- Thanks for inspiring me to do better and get better deals for the food I feed my family. Audrey Dickerson I just want to say, I made my graduation announcements today and they look better than the ones the school sells!!!! Michelle Williams Askew thanks so much for this awesome site!!!our wedding invitations look amazing at a fraction of the cost!! Enya Frances Jayne Harrigan I came across your site on google, its fab best site i;v been on!
If you ar growing a larger or taller flowers or herbs, some people prefer to remove one or more of the planter boxes to provide extra room for plants to grow. That is, unless you plan to grow a trailing-type variety that hangs down over the edge of each box.
With two or three gardens aligned together with similar or contrasting plants or colors you can create a nice focal point on a bare outdoor wall – for very little money.
It’s great for herb gardens or any plant that you regularly clip or containers that you want to move around.

In fact you don’t need pumps or complicated equipment to start growing your own vegetable garden. Secure the bottles together, using plastic silicone or a glue gun to make sure your array of bottles are held securely in place. More commonly, you would locate a vertical garden close to a wall facing the sun, where ther is nothing to shade out behind it. Don’t use painted pallets, also used for transporting chemicals, usually for the pool industry. I live in Seattle…any chance on getting the scoop on where to get untreated pallets?!
I also used a layer of burlap on the front of my pallet (the inside front), so that the ground does not come out. Im still waiting on mine, and while hes saving his pennies and finding an army of men to lift the thing to the wall where it hangs, im going to go “borrow” some of the pallets he has waiting for the fire pit and make my own! I just made my wedding invitations, and I can't believe how great they look and how easy it was.
Having the ability to grow taller varieties is an advantage to this type of garden, since many vertical gardens require smaller plants. Privacy Policy5573 Cool New Items Discovered Since The Beginning.Proudly Made From Recycled Pixels. As long as you have a consistent amount of sunshine of around 6 hours per day and a collection of plastic drink containers and some ingenuity you can create a mini vegetable garden and have it self-water the system.
An empty bottle at the very bottom of your bottle garden can be added to collect any excess water. I also tinkered with it and brought the base out by half a foot so there was a slight diagonal going upwards to the top and support it with reclaimed bits and pieces – I noticed no difference in growth or yield over two years with both setups next to each other for comparison. Plants are selected to be progressively shorter as the garden extends towards the sun, the design creating a slope or gradient of plant heights with the shortest closest to the midday sun and the tallest far behind, basic design principle for small scale intensive systems.
Black would get twice as hot as clear PET, and therefore must be more hazardous, as heat is the catalyst??? Once the pallet is filled with soil (it’s easier to fill it without losing any soil, and spread the soil evenly) i just cut slits in burlap and inserted my plants. Thank you so much, you saved me and my fiancee HUNDREDS of dollars (a BIG deal for a wedding on a tight budget!) I will tell everyone about you guys!
But, the side of our garage is in the sun and I could lean a few pallets up against it and have an amazing herb garden.
My plants are still small, so they dont cover all the ground and burlap is helping to hold it all in.
Initially I had the pallet at about 40% angle to the ground, now it is almost upright (I added plants to the top of the pallet).
Does vertical gardening actually increase growing space, or does the shadow created require too much distance between vertical structures to result in an actual increase. Gardeners have always used trellises at the end of a growing space, where there is nothing to be blocked, so suggesting this be done is not a new idea or at all helpful.

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