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Set the matches with their heads hanging over the edge of a box or the table or something similar so the wax can cool and harden.
Learning to waterproof matches is another requirement in the LDS Girls Camp manual.  Find more by clicking the Girls Camp Requirements category.
Please be sure to follow Food Storage and Survival on Facebook which is updated every time there is a new article. Shop the Thrive Monthly Specials or my favorites, the freeze dried vegetables and yogurt bites! Don’t know where you live, but I found Strike Anywhere matches at every Ace Hardware store I looked at.
It is said to keep flammable stuff like nail polish away from fire … If nail polish is applied on matchstick and then lit up, would it cause some big time sparks or something? While you're here, be sure to read my blog disclosure, disclaimer, and Privacy Policy pages!
As rainy and snowy seasons draw near, it’s time to winterize and waterproof all your favorite wearables. July 29, 2014 by Jessi Wohlwend 23 Comments Have you ever had an unexpected rainstorm that totally soaked your outdoor pillows or cushions?
I made these pillows for the painted Adirondack chairs at my parents’ house; I think the colors will be perfect with those chairs! The whole process took about ten minutes, plus a few hours of drying time, and now these pillows are ready for any weather!
The directions recommend you do a second coat, so after you do both sides of the pillows, let them dry for about four hours and then do a second coat everywhere. See how that water beaded up and is just sitting on the surface of the pillows rather than sinking in? Here are the pillows in their new home (photo courtesy of my mom and her iPhone!) I just love how the fabric looks on those chairs! Why buy water-proofing spray when you can just soak the items in a Borax and water solution?? Borax can cause nosebleeds by its mechanical action- not out of chemical or mysterious poisoning reaction.
I imagine you see the same types of warnings on a bottle of bleach (the children and pets part, not the infertility part), but I also don’t use bleach in areas to which my cats have access.
I have been looking for an outdoor fabric to make pillows for my patio and haven’t found anything I LOVE. I live in Australia, but I have been trying to find out how to waterproof outdoor cushions for a long time. You must know how to use a sewing machine, but you don’t have to be an expert seamstress. Place the piece fabric, wrong side up, on your work surface and lay an opened book on top of it.

Fold along this line and sew in place along the top and bottom edges, lining up the top and bottom hems. You spend a lot of money on your shoes and you want to make sure that they do not get ruined by something as simple as water. If you know how to waterproof your shoes, you can work to prevent this staining and other issues. Here at Hometipsworld we look for interesting articles covering home improvement, cleaning and gardening tips from around the world. To make your shoes waterproof, you are going to need a candle or wax, a hair dryer and of course a pair of shoes and some water to test if it is working. Note: sometimes you might see water soaking in some little parts, but that is alright, because you just need to put some more wax or candle there and repeat the process and that's it.
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That old pair of Toms or Vans isn’t getting any more waterproof as the months go by, and you’ve gotta keep your toesies warm!
Melt the wax all over the shoe then let set for about 5 minutes before wearing! Splash a little water to test out your new waterproof shoes. Does the water bead up and stay on the surface of the fabric, or does it soak into the fabric and turn it a darker color? Make sure to slightly overlap each pass to make sure the entire surface is covered, but don’t apply it too heavily!
Just click any of the share buttons off to the left to share with Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.! Welcome to Practically Functional, a blog about real projects that real people can actually do! But yes, it’s totally cool that you can pick out whatever fabric you want and just make it waterproof later!
I guess I would just be worried because borax is highly toxic to you or your pets, so I might be worried about using that on pillows or anything that we keep in the house or in the yard.
I probably seem overprotective in some people’s eyes, but on the other hand, I know plenty of people who are horrified that I even have a bottle of bleach in my house, so to each his own! So, definitely yes, you can take any regular fabric you love and turn it into outdoor fabric! Protect your summertime reading materials from water and suntan lotion with an oilcloth book cover.

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However, when you buy new shoes, there are a number of materials that are not resistant to water, so they can become stained if too much water gets on them and the stains can be hard to remove.
Here’s a ridiculously easy way to waterproof your canvas shoes using nothing but beeswax and a blowdryer. Plus it makes them super easy to clean; just wipe them off with a damp rag or sponge and the dirt will come off without soaking into the fabric! You don’t need to saturate the fabric, just make sure it’s evenly covered everywhere! You don't have to be a pro in order to craft or do DIY projects; Practically Functional is full of projects for everyday life that anyone can do, regardless of skill or experience!
I imagine this isn’t much of an issue with outdoor pillows because I doubt anyone will be serving food off the pillows, but given the warnings on the bottle, I would be very reluctant to use this to waterproof pillows that my family (pets included) will be on and around.
Everyone is allowed to make their own choices about the products they want to use in their homes! If they’re out in direct sun all day every day, the sun will start wear on the cushions faster than cushions that are left in the shade. I bought some cushions last summer for my outdoor chaise lounges, so I know they can definitely use this! Watch the video below for the live tutorial and please subscribe or follow this blog for more help. But did you know that making fabric waterproof is as easy as spraying it with a waterproof spray?! Whether you're looking for fun crafts, DIY projects both big and small, gardening advice, cleaning tips, or quick and easy recipes, you'll find them here! I’m thinking I could make pillows for my screened in porch which occasionally gets wet and use the fabric spray. As we don’t have kids yet, but plan to, that alone is enough to make me skip the borax when there are other solutions that work just as well.
But I expect for these cushions, which are in direct sun maybe 2-3 hours per day, they’ll last for about another 6 months to a year before I need to reapply!
If you’ve ever wondered how to waterproof fabric so you can use it outdoors, today’s tutorial will show you how in one simple step!
Follow the step by step instructions in every tutorial, and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions! I mean, I guess if you were hitting them with a baseball bat every day for a year it might wear off a little sooner, but normal wear and tear won’t hurt them!

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