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Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. Have the necessary tools for this DIY project lined up before you start—you’ll save time and frustration. Horizon traditional wood shutters are custom manufactured specifically for the window they are intended to occupy. To achieve a more tailored fit in the window, hinges are mortised into the wood interior shutters and stiles are rabbeted where two panels meet.
Finally, individual shutters are assembled into complete units with all hardware and frames attached. We take great pride in manufacturing the finest quality custom-made wood interior shutters in the industry. It is hard to find, either in home improvement retail stores or on the internet, real traditional wood shutters. A horizontal bar that creates top and bottom louver sections, allowing the sections to rotate independently.
Used for mounting custom shutter units to the outside of a window opening and can have either 2, 3, or 4 sides.
A vertical strip that extends the length of the shutter unit hinged to the outside stile of a shutter panel.
A two-leaf device that connects a shutter to the mounting surface or joins two shutters together. A rectangular cavity in shutter stile for inserting a hinge – allowing a tighter fit to the side of the window or frame. A cut or groove along the edge of a stile between panels that allows them to form a joint to reduce light penetration. Shutter panels and other necessary components (frames, hardware, etc.) that work together to fit a window opening.
Horizon plantation shutters are designed and crafted specifically for the window in which they will be installed. The production process of wood plantation shutters begins with responsibly harvested hand selected, kiln-dried domestic hardwood. Stained plantation shutters are fabricated from basswood, a beautiful light-grained hardwood. Elliptical louvers rotate on grooved nylon bushings with stainless steel pins tensioned to dependably maintain any desired position.
The construction of Horizon shutters is impeccable, but small details make them really stand out. Assembled indoor shutters proceed to the finishing department, where either stain or paint is applied.
Individual plantation shutter panels are assembled into complete units with all hardware and frames, attached. We take great satisfaction in manufacturing the highest quality custom-made interior window shutters in the industry.
Any content, trademark's, or other material that might be found on this website that is not this site property remains the copyright of its respective owner's. Door-making is not as difficult to master as you might think, and this project will give you all you need to know to build a simple interior door. Making your own doors is not as difficult as you might imagine, and the design possibilities are almost unlimited.
I cannot emphasize enough the importance of using dry, straight-grained lumber for a project such as this. The materials list shows the material required to make one 30" x 80" door, a common size, but it can easily be adapted to suit doors of other dimensions. To post questions, help other DIYers and reduce advertising (like the one on your left), join our DIY community.
They can be as simple as 1x boards nailed end to edge, althought this shows one end grain at each corner.

Look around at your local big box store for trim pieces, casings, baseboards, casings, etc that you could use.
By carefully matching thickness, wood grain direction and stain, you can make the door look almost like new.
Make sure the new filler pieces and the old door are the same thickness and that there are no gaps between them. Each length is meticulously inspected and considered straight, strong, and free of defects.
This diminishes opportunities for light to penetrate through the window into the room between the installed traditional shutters. All wood interior shutters are thoroughly sanded prior to being primed and painted or stained. Following a final inspection, traditional shutters are carefully packed into sturdy cartons for shipping. Horizon traditional wood shutters are designed and constructed to be enjoyed for generations. Horizon Shutters makes a quality product, at a lower cost than the big name companies on the internet.
This area will be used to attach a shutter unit using either the INJ or INH installation methods. Epoxy coated staples guaranteed not to separate connect each louver to a unifying tilt bar.
Unlimited color options will both complement decor and preserve the window shutters for years to come.
Following a final inspection, plantation shutters are prepared for installation and carefully packed into heavy cartons for shipping.
Horizon plantation shutters often become the cornerstone of a well established interior design which can be enjoyed for generations. The order was received yesterday, right on the expected day, via Fed Ex and in excellent condition. However, it is my opinion that in most cases a home needs more in order to appeal to more tastes and generations. The upgrade from run-of-the-mill builder’s doors to solid-core Colonial-style doors in this project made a dramatic improvement in the look of a house.
I make a number of doors each year in different styles for clients whose homes range in age from brand-new to more than 80 years old. Knotty pine is inexpensive, easy to work with and the knots can be sealed to prevent them from bleeding through the painted topcoat easily by applying two coats of shellac-based primer. When I began this project, the moisture content of this material was approximately seven per cent, which is just about the perfect level for making doors and means future dimensional changes of the frame should be minimal. Authentic traditional wedge-shaped louvers are evenly spaced on one inch centers using precision machinery to ensure smooth balanced rotation. All traditional wood shutters are backed by a 10 year warranty on workmanship and moving parts. Painted traditional shutters are then sealed, re-sanded, primed, sanded again, and covered with two satin-finish top coats. Stiles and rails are joined together using dependable time-tested two-inch dowels glued on one-inch centers. Both woods possess qualities that result in attractive, durable, furniture-quality indoor plantation shutters. I just received them and my husband installed them with no problem, following the installation instructions.
The louvers pivot on grooved nylon bushings with stainless steel pins tensioned to reliably maintain any desired position. Paint finishes are accompanied by a 10 year warranty, and stains are warrantied for 2 years. Stained traditional shutters are sprayed, hand rubbed, sealed, re-sanded, and protected with two clear top coats.

We are very pleased with the shutters, considering I found your web-site while surfing the net for wood interior shutters and "took a chance" on ordering.
Painted shutters are then sealed, re-sanded, primed, sanded again, and covered with two satin-finish top coats. When I ordered the indoor plantation shutters I really wasn't sure whether I got the measurements right. A vertical tilt bar unifies the louvers, connected with epoxy coated staples that are guaranteed not to detach. Frame or hang strips, when required, are fabricated from the same material and finished at the same time.
Stained shutters are sprayed, hand rubbed, sealed, re-sanded, and protected with two clear top coats. A local contractor's wife is eager to see the finished product, so this could bring you additional business. Exposed wooden beams are a retro and beautiful design element which should be seen, especially over an elegant dining space.A blonde wood floor still reflects the light and brings warmth to a room like nothing else, when used in bright hues it can even make a small space seem bigger. A modern product is the wood floor slab with carved patterns, which bring a very stylish and artistic touch to your home and literally make carpets useless.Cultured stoneCultured stone interior design One of the roughest types of finishes, cultured stone can be fabricated in many shapes.
Until recently, this kind of stone was mostly used structurally and decoratively in hunters’ lodges, but it can do much more.
The modern cut, strip-shaped cultured stone fits well in a contemporary living or dining room, highlighting the fireplace or an art wall.Cultured stone home designA newer approach, cool rather than retro, is painting the cultured stone wall in one single color, especially black, for a fine lined rectangular relief texture. It can be finished in various degrees of roughness, for example a rawer finish for the living room fireplace and a smoother finish for the bedroom headboard wall.Exposed brick modern living roomIf the exposed brick wall is thick enough or has no bearing structural role, you can carve openings into it by removing bricks and create cool shelves. A brick wall fits well into any room, works great in combination with wall lighting and is an instant eye-catcher, even a piece of conversation.Exposed concreteExposed concrete ceiling in living roomThis smooth and masculine material is the effigy of minimalism and modern architecture ever since Le Corbusier promoted it through manifesto. Today, it has wormed its way into our hearts and homes and enchants us with its lack of expressiveness.
While this is not a very positive material to design rooms for living with, it is unpretentiously fabulous for a facade as well as for workshop rooms or lofts. Its bare grayness is cool without having to do anything to it.Rammed earthContemporary living room with rammed earth texture wallRammed earth is one of the most excellent materials to build a home with. After it’s built, it saves a lot of heating and ventilation costs since it is an excellent interior climactic regulator in any season.Rammed earth wall texture in contemporary kitchenMoreover, it has a surprisingly beautiful texture.
When not used with straw, it can be finished extremely smoothly, with an aspect of a soft gradient in brown, yellowish, reddish and sandy hues disposed in soft waves. It appears as smooth and as modern as exposed concrete, but with more substance and personality, as well as it is more beneficial from a construction physics point of view. It is, in fact, a type of metal which has lost its structural and visual qualities and has become more interesting bordering on artistic exactly thanks to that fact.
Actually, protection against rust on structural steel elements is achieved nowadays also by coating these elements in a layer of rust that, logically, prevents further oxidation.Living room design with rusty metal ceilingHowever, rust can be highly decorative, with its rough texture in a beautiful auburn color.
We have seen examples of modern homes having rusty slabs on the facades, with a slightly retro or industrial touch.
The appearance they can bring to an interior is bold and vintage, as finishes in a hallway or by a stairway, as rusted iron furniture on a terrace, in an outdoor living room or as a recycled material nicely combined with repurposed wood for an improvised holiday home.MarbleWhite marble flooring in the bathroom Marble tiles in the bathroomOne of the most precious stones in the history of architecture, marble is entering our humble homes and, with a small twist in our conception, it is becoming part of our everyday modern design schemes.
Used not in large quantities, but skillfully placed as accents, it can very nicely fit into a modern dining room as tabletop or even as a kitchen working surface, thanks to its durability. White, with soft grey or red streak patterns, it can skillfully decorate a bathroom with a classical feel.TravertineTravertine tile next to stacked stoneThe more unpretentious relative of marble, travertine has a texture between marble and limestone.
It is a rough material with a beautiful fibrous, sedimentary appearance in beige-cream hues. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor finishes, installed in shape of slabs for both walls and floors and conveys an Italian design accent to refine an indoor or outdoor living room or a wellness bathroom.

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