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This mod adds three new types of doors, the Iron Dimensional Door, the Wooden Warp Door, and the Trans-Dimensional Trapdoor.
The Iron Dimensional Door, when placed, creates a pocket dimension contained within zero space. The Wooden Warp Door creates a pocket dimension similar to the Iron Demension Door, but this pocket dim is closer to the overworld rather than farther away. The Trans-Dimensional Trapdoor acts as an escape hatch, teleporting the player to whatever door first opened the pocket dim chain.
Combining these various doors within the pockets allows an infinite variety of structures, built in between worlds, and linking them all together.

I noticed whilst destroying one single door I received two wooden doors instead of the initial one.This open happened when I destroyed the top half of the door.
More doors can be placed within the original pocket dimension, creating more, and this can be continued indefinitely.
Regardless of where the player places the hatch, it always sends the player to the opening of that group.
When the Link Signature is used within a pocket dim, it remembers where, and upon use again in any other dim, it opens a rift to that location. When activated near a rift, it closes that rift and propagates to other nearby rifts, closing all nearby Rifts that are currently interacting.

Although this mod can be confusing at first, it’s very interesting once you get the hang of it.
All dim doors generate a rift upon creation, but they also occupy it, rendering it harmless. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.

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