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Shiny pink lips and light blue shades will make you sophisticated with a right dose of sweetness. I pieced together information from various sources online and came up with the following method, which you can use to make a Barbie cake of your own for the special little (or big!) girl in your life. Divide the cakes into an oven-safe bowl and a 9-inch round pan, both greased and dusted with flour. Also slice off the rounded part of the cake that was baked in the bowl and cut the bowl cake in half.
Spreading on a completely cooled cake ensures that cake crumbs don’t mix in, even with something as thick as preserves. I got so caught up in designing the princess’s dress that I forgot to take pictures of the process. A little note on the frosting: I used this buttercream frosting recipe, tripled (I ended up with some leftover), and modified it by adding about a tablespoon of meringue powder per recipe to make the frosting stiffer. Thanks for your humerous step by step guide, im no cook but this looks quite simple without having to buy a heap of stuff your never going to use again! I also decided to make my daughter a Barbie cake (years ago) as a birthday surprise, and I bought a brand new Barbie that would go into it AND serve as a present. As usual, I was running a little late, and I was trying to shove–I mean, place Barbie in her cake dress as my husband kept my daughter busy and the guests arrived.
Here’s how to make a Barbie bathtub using paper mache and some hardware you might even have laying around the house already.
Next are the free printable pattern pieces for paper mache doll bathtub.  You’ll want to print these onto cardstock! Artist Nickolay Lamm created these illustrations of America's favorite doll to show how sexualized Barbie is. Lamm also notes that there's some research showing that young girls develop inappropriate ideas a€” or inappropriately early ideas a€” about what's sexy because of their exposure to sexy marketing. Ruth Handler watched her daughter Barbara often enjoyed giving her dolls with adult roles and so suggested the idea of an adult-bodied doll to her husband Elliot, a co-founder of the Mattel toy company. Check Out This Glamorous Ride!Barbie doll will look super stylish driving around town in her fab new Fiat! Today's topic is about doll style make up and beauty looks which will underline your girlishness and perfection. In my imagination, this would be a custard layer, but again, I had to let some things go, and using frosting was also really good.

Then coat the entire thing with a layer of frosting. Cut the straws down to the height of the top of the cake. Since the doll didn’t have her legs, I used the cake pieces plus this frosting layer to stabilize her as best I could. It's one of those questions no one asks because, of course, Barbie's "makeup" is permanently painted onto her face.
The Mattel brand is a toy for girls, of course, but she wears purple eyeshadow, thick mascara and hot pink lipstick. He did the same for Disney Princess Cinderella and one of the Bratz dolls, who are notorious for their streetwalker-style looks.
It was manufactured by American toy-company Mattel, Inc., American businesswoman Ruth Handler (1916-2002) is credited with the creation of the doll using a German doll called Bild Lilli as her inspiration. Later, during a trip to Europe in 1956 with her children Barbara and Kenneth, Ruth Handler came across German toy doll called Bild Lilli; the adult-figured doll was exactly what Handler had in mind. This two-seater convertible car features a glamorous design with realistic details and comes with beautiful Barbie doll in Fiat-accented fashions — for complete play! This ultra-chic convertible makes a major fashion statement with its sporty design and vibrant color — Barbie doll's signature pink, of course! Thanks to the pink and shiny effects you will update your style and create an eye-catching look. Elora-Belle requested a cake like this for her birthday, months before the event, and rather than pay half a hundred (doesn’t it sound so much more put that way?) for one from the grocery store, I made one myself. Be sure you allow enough time for cooling so that cutting and icing the cake doesn’t make a big crumby mess.
It worked; she didn’t fall forward or backward onto her own skirt (our out of it completely, eeps!) at any point in the evening, whew!
In real life, most women can't get away with that color scheme (unless it's a Saturday night). The first Barbie dolls were manufactured in Japan, with their clothes hand-stitched by Japanese home workers. Plus, the roomy interior allows for tons of comfy cruising fun!Stylish Storytelling AdventuresWith this trendy two-seater, girls can play out exciting stories with Barbie doll and a best friend (sold separately). We think every girl enjoyed playing with her dolls during the childhood and we can bet, that you have dreamed about having the same look some day. I’ve consistently been getting requests for another one from my daughter for her next birthday.

Soak up some sun while driving to the beach or park — then hit the city streets after dark for a night on the town! Holofoil headlights help keep things bright, while the shiny metallic hubcaps create a "silver streak" as you race down the road.It's ALL About the DetailsWhen you go for a spin, be sure to buckle up! Mattel acquired the rights to the Bild Lilli doll in 1964 and production of Lilli was stopped. A seatbelt keeps each passenger safe in the pink-and-white seats, which are accented with Barbie logos. If we speak about the possible eye-shadow colors, then try on pink, violet, sky blue and turquoise shades, while for lips you may from try natural shine to violet, pink and patent light red.
The first African American doll in the Barbie range is usually regarded as Christie, who made her debut in 1968. The steering wheel and tires turn for driving role-play fun, while the rear-view and dual side-view mirrors add realistic touches.Revved-Up Fashions, Too!Barbie doll wears fashions as spectacular as her car! She comes dressed in pink, straight-leg jeans and a ruffled, one-shoulder top that proclaims her love for Fiat. In 1997 Barbie's body mold was redesigned and given a wider waist, with Mattel saying that this would make the doll better suited to contemporary fashion designs. In September 2003 the Middle Eastern country of Saudi Arabia outlawed the sale of Barbie dolls, saying that she did not conform to the ideals of Islam and so there is an alternative doll called Fulla which is similar to Barbie but is designed to be more acceptable to an Islamic market.
Fulla is not made by the Mattel Corporation, and Barbie is still available in other Middle Eastern countries including Egypt. In 2005 figures showed that sales of Barbie dolls had fallen by 30% in the United States, and by 18% worldwide, with much of the drop being attributed to the popularity of Bratz dolls.
In April 2009, the launch of a "Totally Tattoos" Barbie with a range of tattoos that could be applied to the doll. In September 2009, Mattel introduced the so in Style range, which was intended to create a more realistic depiction of black people than previous dolls.

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