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In the following paragraphs, I will attempt to enlighten your understanding of how to make an informed decision about where to place the hardware on your doors.
We will be discussing vertical installation of the cabinet handles not a horizontal application. Safety: Make sure your hand is clear of where the drill-bit will exiting the door on the back.
Consider how tall the people are who will be accessing the kitchen cabinets the most often. I know this for a fact because I had to live with my short-wife for several years after I installed them too high.
If you have raised panel doors, a good observation to make is how the handles look when you hold them up to the door and examine the locations in comparison to where the vertical frame of the raised panel door is. The locations of the handles should obviously be centered on the stile of the cupboard door frame.
The way I like to determine where a knob should be placed is by finding the center height of the top drawers of the base cabinet fronts. As an example: If the drawer fronts are six inches high, the center point would be three inches.
Tip: If your old drawer fasteners will not work with the new hardware, NO NOT FORCE the issue.
Determining the correct locations for your kitchen cabinet door hardware is to some degree dependent upon your personal preferences.
Fix my CabinetGuide To Understanding Under Cabinet LightingThere are various types and styles of under cabinet lighting.
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While finding door handles and cabinet pulls that look good and function well can be challenging enough, there are a few additional variables that require attention.
Custom sauna door handle to match Karcher: from time to time we get to have a little fun with the hardware. I’ve been looking at replacing all of my interior passage handles with Emtek Stuttgart levers. For standard door hardware it is hard to beat Omnia for value and selection of mod levers, again a wide selection to choose from.
Any suggestions for selecting the right length of a bar pull to the proportion of drawer front width?
Once you have dialed in the width of the dado set, depth of cut, and location, using a scrap piece, the real door goes against the stop. I love sliding doors and lids, partly because it is an excuse to make these elegant handles in one simple step on the tablesaw (plus a bit of sanding). You basically set up a dado set at the height and width you want the handles to be, clamp a stop to the table, and make the handle by tilting the door down onto the dado set in one shot.
I have a trick for clamping the stop to the tablesaw, tacking a lip onto the end so I can clamp against the rip fence instead of down against the cast-iron table, which can be tricky.
After that, you just turn on the saw, sit the bottom of the door against the stop, and tip the front edge down.

You will have to switch the whole setup to the other side of the rip fance to cut a handle on the other edge of the door or doors.
The handles are centered vertically on the doors, but I didn't want to take a chance and pivot off both the top and bottom of the door. If you center the handle vertically on all doors, why would you have to move the entire setup to the other side of the table saw fence?
When people install their kitchen or bathroom vanity handles or knobs by making freehand marks on the doors and drawer fronts, there is a huge margin of error. If you are just changing cabinet handles, you may need to adjust the original holes a little by reaming them out a bit. Professional cabinet makers and installers use templates for drilling the holes in the doors.
If you choose to make a jig out of wood to use as a guide, there’s something that you must be aware of. This may not seem like something to be concerned about, but if two handles are next to each other on a pair of doors and the hardware is off by one sixteenth of an inch, this equates to being one eight of an inch off from center.
The best door guide for drilling holes will have metal inserts for the drill bit to be guided through. My final thought, do not drill your cabinet doors without using a cabinet hardware template. Once the kitchen cupboard doors are drilled for the hardware, you will have reached the point of no-return. This is a great way to determine exactly what you will be pleased with looking at for the next ten years or so. If you drill the knob locations in the doors the same distance from the top of the drawer to the center of the drawer, then the door knobs will align horizontally with the drawer hardware locations. You would then measure three inches vertically on the cabinet door and that would be the height where you would drill for the hardware. Throughout the years of fabricating kitchen cupboards I’ve seen just about all the options that are available. The list of favorites that we currently use is a tried and true selection that we’re very pleased with. The wood door handle to this sauna (below) was built on site by Bart Gibson to match the Karcher handle noted above. Making the 8 handles on the 4 sliding doors is the easiest part, thanks to a neat trick with a dado set. As you lower it slowly onto the spinning blades, be sure to also keep it snug against the rip fence. Touch it down flat on the table and immediately bring it back up, again keeping it snug against the rip fence for a clean cut. You'll need to make test cuts in some scrap to see how deep to go into the door, and how long a handle that makes. Don't linger with the door agaunst the table, or you will get some burn marks inside the handle, which are a pain to sand off. Before you move the stop, draw a pencil line along the bottom edge to help locate it after you change the setup.

If a hardware template is used for aligning, marking and drilling the three sixteenths inch wide holes, the pulls can be in perfect position. Even if they measure twice and drill once, there can be enough of an offset to make the hardware look crooked. With every hole you drill into the cabinet doors, the hole size of the template gets bigger. These usually only allow for you to mark on the kitchen cupboard door or drawer face where the holes should be drilled.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. When you are drilling the holes, you want to be very careful to not apply so much pressure that you BLOW -OUT the backside of the doors. If you do not, they may not be too happy with your decision if you install the knobs or handles too high on the doors. It is simply a pattern that you place on the doors and drill through the predetermined holes in the pattern. A practical, straight—forward install that the carpenters can figure out without frustration is also important. They each meet the aesthetic code of everything they need to be and nothing more (we’re always baffled at how difficult it is to find hardware that isn’t “overdesigned”).
I have seen some photos of your bathroom vanities that look like they might be horizontal on doors, which I am considering. It might seem dangerous, but it isn't, as long as you are pivoting off a stop at the front edge of the door. The test cut will also tell you exactly how far from the stop that the handle will appear on the door, and verify that you have the rip fence in the right spot.
One way to help ensure that the drill bit stays on course is by using a hole punch on the pencil marks before drilling the holes. Short folks can get rather temperamental at times if the hardware gets installed too high.
You know, like the example I gave for determining where the knob should be installed on the cabinet door in relation to the center of the drawer face.
Rough the surface of the cabinet or countertop that you are gluing the Formica laminate to with 40 grit sand paper. And last but not least, it’s got to be cost effective (not just the hardware itself, but the whole package inclusive of the aspects above); a modestly priced $75 handle that takes the carpenter 3 hours to install isn’t cost-effective.
You must use a nail punch to ensure that your drill bit stays on the mark and doesn’t walk on the material.
In any case follow along with this video instructional to accomplish the task like a professional. It’s also something you could use in the house if it represents you.{found on lansdownelife}.

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