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I bet when you were a kid, you never imagined the big yellow school bus you rode every day might one day make a cozy home, or that it could possibly look like this. They used plenty of reclaimed materials in the build, with Douglas Fir flooring, cedar shingles on the exterior, and wood from an old house for the ceiling. The couple scoured flea markets and garage sales for many of the decorative items, such as the boxes that double as open shelving. They also made good use of the huge wheel wells, using one as a love seat and the other to support a cast iron stove for heating.
One of the most unique aspects of the build is the bedroom design, which brings a gypsy hobbit inspired feel. They had a stove special ordered from Amana, and found a 1959 Frigidaire refrigerator, both of which use propane. About usTiny House for Us provides free listings for tiny houses for sale, for rent, and property space for parking to people across the United States. Many people are looking for the stained look of real wood but are not willing to deal with the upkeep. When examined closely, you’ll see an attention to detail and the fine craftsmanship that separates accents from other garage doors.
If your home is ready to make a more stylish statement, you’ll find just the right accent for it right here. ArticlesDated 24th November 2013Timber Garage Doors - The Finer Details Make the Difference When looking at timber garage doors of any kind one of the biggest mistakes to make would be to not consider the final colour of your garage door and the potential difference this will make with the sub frame surrounding the door panel. The most basic timber sub frame you can buy is a softwood frame normally finished at 70mm x 70mm for the majority of hinged and up and over doors. As most timber garage doors sold are in cedarwood, unless you are painting the door or staining it a very, very dark colour, the softwood frame will not match up with the cedarwood door panel. The hardwood option for timber sub frames has always been Red Meranti and although you will get a more durable timber the actual timber is a close grained timber and does have a red tinge to it so once more this timber will not match the cedarwood door panel on all lighter and medium shades of staining. See the 2 examples below of a cedar garage door panel next to a timber sub frame that won't match.
For the majority of timber garage doors the installation is between the structural opening and this may be for so many reasons but does seem the most traditional. Woodrite are probably one of the leading timber garage door manufacturers in the UK and they do offer a solution long overdue to this issue of matching. The answer is relatively simple using a specially developed sub frame where the front face and return are clad in cedar over a slightly smaller softwood or hardwood timber section. Woodrite also offer a very exclusive range of timber door manufactured in Idigbo, an African hardwood with superb properties for use as a garage door, lighter than oak but a graining very similar indeed.
See below how a cedar clad sub frame makes all the difference and an Idigbo sub frame next to an Idigbo garage door panel also matching perfectly. Steel sub frames have become the most popular in nearly all up and over garage doors since the Hormann Series 2000 came onto the UK market 13 years ago. Another great advantage of the steel sub frame is that in most cases the frame is prefitted with all the operating mechanism and the door panel itself so the on site installation is easier and as mentioned before the factory tolerances are smaller as movement is almost impossible in the door panel or frame. Think about your sub frame carefully when choosing a garage door as it will make a huge difference not only to the visual appearance but also to the overall performance as well.
The Wodrite Padbury timber door below has a cedarwood timber clad sub frame for a perfect match in graining and also colour when treated. 13-11-2015 Standard, or Purpose-Made Sectional Doors - Which would you pick? Most browser software will allow you to turn off cookies, but you should note that doing so may cause some website functionality to stop working.Check your browser's help or privacy settings if you want to turn cookies off. We use Google Analytics to monitor our website's performance, and how visitors use it so we can make improvements to the user experience.
Watch our video demonstration of how simple it is to manually open your garage roller door when there is no power to operate your door motor automatically from the remote control, wall button or motor control panel. If you have a garage panel door, with the motor mounted in the middle of your ceiling, follow the same process as demonstrated to open the door manually. If your garage motor does not have a red cord as shown in our video demonstration, check for a manual release lever which was common in older style garage door openers.
If you still cannot open the door, as it is too heavy to lift or because you cannot locate the manual release cord, simply contact East Coast Garage Doors & Gates on 07 5476 9227 for advice. Available in most of the Colourbond colour range except Ironbark, Copperstone  and the Timbagrain and Timber Coat ranges. For the truly budget conscious B&D make the Rollmasta garage door which is available in sizes up to 3000mm High and up to 3140mm Wide. You’ll find more information on the various products available on our Product Range and Specialty Doors pages. This innovative design has been created to ensure full clearance of the garage door opening by incorporating a retractable head infill-panel. Flex-A-Doors are available in all of the Colour Bond colours except the ‘Timbagrain’ and ‘Timber Coat’ colour ranges.
East Coast Garage Doors and Gates install and service a vast range of garage doors and gates including Flex-A-Doors, in the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas. The Tilt Door is a single panel door that, as the name suggests tilts and recedes into the garage.

There are a large range of garage door manufacturers offering a seemingly endless variety of designs, sizes, colours and special finishes… so how do you know which door is right for you?
Sectional Doors or Panel Doors comprise of a series of hinged panels with rollers that run in a track up and along the ceiling. Colorbond garage doors come in a variety of colours, but can also be powder coated, giving even greater flexibility to suit your colour needs.
They are available in woodgrain or smooth finishes and B&D have just brought out an exciting new range of wood lookalike colours!
To find out more, check out our previous and future blogs, browse through our photo gallery or call our team at East Coast Garage Doors & Gates to help you to find the perfect fit for you, your family and your home!
At East Coast Garage Doors and Gates we are proud of the beautiful range of Automatic Gates that we design, manufacture and install. No matter which Automatic gate or Garage Door option you choose from our extensive range, an important part of the decision making process for many of our customers is which remote is going to best suit their requirements? Well you are spoilt for choice with all the brands on offer, but when it comes to advanced smart technology that ticks every box you can think of it is hard to go past the trusted name of ATA (Automatic Technology Australia).
Here are their top 4 selling accessory products, which compliment their comprehensive range of residential and commercial garage door openers. Also, TrioCode™ transmitters use a random coding system with 4.29 billion possibilities for enhanced security, and are available in both keyring and wireless wall mount models. This ensures that you can rely with these odds that only your transmitters will ever open your gate or door.
It features all of the benefits of TrioCode™ technology, plus an important extra; this sleek and compact unit is also splash resistant. So if you like to go out for a run without having to carry your keys then this is the perfect option for you; lightweight, convenient and being caught out in a sudden shower is no longer of concern for your transmitter, the smart new design will continue to operate first time every time. If you have lots of people coming and going into your home, or are sick of someone losing the remote then this clever weatherproof access device is the answer for your family. It’s Keypad Code Entry option provides greater flexibility for accessing your home, meaning that you no longer need to take the keys or your remote when you are out walking the dog. It also features all the benefits of the TrioCode™ coding format (as above) for unparalleled security and uninterrupted operation, and for your total convenience a back-lit display makes it suitable for use at night and in dark areas. East Coast Garage Doors and Gates are your one-stop-solution for all your garage door and gate requirements from design through to accessories.
Contact Us Today and soon you’ll be enjoying an entrance you’ll love to come home to! We are able to supply nearly all brands and models of remotes still being manufactured and some obsolete models as well. To make your life simpler we have a comprehensive list of photos on our website to help you to identify what model of electric gate and garage door remote control you have  Find Your Remote Control Handset Just match up what you have in your hand to the photo, and then you’ll have the model number right there for when you contact us. If you are still in doubt, our East Coast Garage Doors and Gates team is very experienced at identifying a whole range of models so simply call us on 5476 9227 for help. That is why they are our recommended brands for all our new garage doors, and they may well have something that will be compatible with your older garage door as well, so ask us when you call if you are wanting a greater range of convenient options then your current electric gate and garage door opener offers. Whether you need to replace your old garage remote control, your new garage door or electric gate is due for it’s twice yearly service, or you are in need of some emergency repairs, then East Coast Garage Doors and Gates has everything that you need.
Our experienced service technicians are on the road 7 days a week to take care of any Garage Door Repairs, Servicing and Maintenance requirements in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Noosa for a very affordable hourly rate. As we have been established since 1992, we have a proven reputation for reliability and professionalism, and as such we are trusted by a large number of Real Estate and Body Corporate clients for whom we carry out general servicing of garage doors and gates, emergency repairs and periodic scheduled maintenance. If you’re not sure if you need to have a mobile service visit then please call us first on 5476 9227. We can supply a wide range of garage door & gates replacement parts including locks, cables, cogs, chains and springs, as well as replace the majority of current and old remote controls and garage door openers. At East Coast Garage Doors we specialise in western red cedar and other timber garage doors so much that we have a dedicated part of the company that does only that; All Seasons Cedar Garage Doors Australia. As you will see from our stunning Photo Gallery the only limit is your imagination, as we have the experience and expertise to create a stunning finish to the exterior of your home which will provide style, privacy and enhance it’s value. So if you are thinking of enhancing your home with the timeless style of timber, Contact the experts first at East Coast Garage Doors and Gates! Well, Mira Thompson did, and after nearly four years working on this project with her husband Jeremy, they have one of the most impressive little homes around.
The requirement to refinish the garage door every two to three years, the excessive weight of a wood garage door and the inherent characteristics of wood make it a less desirable product.
This product is painted at the factory in one of six different colors for a more uniform and durable finish. Doors can be faux painted years later to freshen up the look or to match new shutters or a new front door. If you want the look or real wood and no knots, cracks, holes, or warping then this is the product for you. And unlike natural wood, you won’t need to treat these doors against sun or moisture damage. Both feature long-lasting steel construction with a CFC-free insulated core for protection against the elements and added structural stability.
This timber will be quite pale and in most cases the timber will be redwood and this will mean a fair few knots in the timber faces.

The trend for some years has been for lighter colours in staining external timber so this could be a major mistake.
Side hinged doors will always be fitted inbetween an opening so the sub frame will always be in view so the frame finish is very important. As cedarwood is not generally ever used as a strutural timber you do not get cedarwood timber sub frames. The end result offers either a 70 x 70 or a 90 x 70 size section for single and double size doors but most importantly a frame that has the same finish as the door panel. A well made galvanised steel box section sub frame does provide the best solution when combined with a door panel also using a steel chassis system, The reason for this is that on all the edges you have steel next to steel so the factory tolerances in the gap between the door panel and the frame are tighter giving you get better security and better weather sealing. We use a simple cookie to help remember login details for our site's admin panel and also for our Blog admin panel. Roller Doors or Roll-A-Doors are the most cost efficient & functional door on the market.
The Firmadoor is a more affordable option than the traditional Roll-A-Door that can be custom made to your requirements in sizes ranging from 3000mm High to 5100mm Wide.
They are made from a durable Roll-A-Door curtain that is fitted on a curving track, which slides from a vertical position up into a horizontal position, close to the ceiling.
For more information or to arrange for one of our experienced team to meet with you to give you an onsite appraisal – phone us on 5476 9227.
Call one of our friendly team to find out more, or if you prefer organise to have one of our very experienced sales team come out to give you an onsite quote. And after being in business since 1992 we can say with certainity that the quality and reliability of their products is second to none. TrioCode™ overcomes this challenge by simultaneously transmitting on three different frequencies, so even if two are jammed, the TrioCode™ transmitter will still work.
And as an added bonus once a code is used it cannot be reused by “code grabbing” devices for unauthorised entry. Whatever your requirements we are here to help with price options for all budgets, expert advice and the most trusted and reliable manufacturers.
Fortunately even when a model has been discontinued there is usually a more generic model available now that will work just as well on your automatic garage door or gate.
As a bonus our technicians are also on hand to talk you through coding or programming your new remote control once you receive it, as some people find this problematic.
Our Service Technicians are backed by a friendly, organised and professional customer service team who are able to advise about things like replacement garage door remotes and spare parts over the phone.
It is a bit of a misnomer though as we can also custom design and manufacture entry gates, electric gates, infill panels for fences and front doors in a wide range of beautiful timber styles to match your chosen garage door.
The good thing about a wood garage door, however, is the beautiful and elegant stained look of real wood. These are for user convenience only, and no information is collected or shared with anyone. This is an essential cookie that assigns a session to each visit to ensure the site's functionality works properly, that only lasts while you are on this site.
An essential cookie which helps the website remember you after you have logged in, allowing you to utilise specific website functionality for logged in users only. Constructed from corrugated steel they provide strength against impacts and are suitable for many residential applications.
Flex-A-Doors are suitable for openings up to 3.1 metres wide, particularly where there is not a lot of head room and are an ideal alternative for replacing existing Tilt Doors.
We strive to ensure that your problem is solved quickly, efficiently and as affordably as possible!
At 37 feet long, it offers plenty of space, and with all the modifications they made, they can officially call it a home. Plus, it is installed on an R7 double-steel insulated garage door to give you the the combined R value.
They comprise of a ribbed steel curtain that moves vertically in the opening and rolls up and around the drum, guided by tracks and counterbalanced with springs. Their efforts resulted in the work of art you see below, which made its debut last October.
The Roller Door is easy to automate with the installation process being simple & requiring little space. They are particularly suitable for garages and sheds where there is plenty of headroom above the opening and where a traditional look is required. Other vendors have created good-looking fiberglass garage doors that simulate the real wood look.
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