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That can of pop perching precariously on the couch is a spectacular spill waiting to happen.
Featuring on Dailydo is great exposure for your company, the face time with your product or service is unprecendent in comparison to other forms of marketing. The arm rest end tables come together in two phases: first converting a single four foot board from the hardware store into the right shape, and phase two is as simple as a making them pretty with a bit of paint, fabric and Mod Podge. Next, using 4 L-brackets per arm rest, attach the side pieces of wood to the bottom of the top piece. Two, you can draw your rectangle onto the non-waxed side of some freezer paper, cut it out, iron it to the wrong side of your fabric, and cut out your fabric.
When your fabric rectangle is all cut out and the freezer paper peeled off, double check your work by lining up the edges and corners of the fabric on the arm rest to ensure cuts are straight and the fabric is the right length. This project takes some doing, but it saved me so much money and a lot of space my tiny living room doesn’t have. We’ve also taken into consideration the left and right side of how certain sofas are made with piping. The Kino is our most durable and heavy duty fabric which pets, especially cats that enjoy destroying armrest, would now have a harder time doing so. We basically put this to test with our Kino Green Klippan Armrest Covers by getting our resident man-child (Chuck) to draw a kitty cat on the covers with crayon. Having said that – have you ordered your armrest protectors for your IKEA sofa today?
A quick witted morning person, Chris runs his game efficiently being extremely systematic and organised.
Our StoryWe're a small Australian company specialising in the creation of beautiful handmade sofa covers with an aim to rejuvenate all the world's old & tired couches.
Shoot us a picture so we'll know whether to refund you, send you a replacement, or even provide alteration credit if you'd prefer to amend via your local seamstress. We'll do whatever it takes to satisfy and float that boat of yours; within reason of course.
Also unfortunately, there was almost not enough of the green-grey twill to cover even one of the couches, so some serious mathematics and planning and visualizing had to be done to make it work.

The twill was a bit denim-like, so to finish off the couch-cover and give it a little extra something, I top-stitched the seams with a heavy-duty yellow thread. I invested a whopping $12 dollars in the twill (yey sales!), and even if I include  a dollar for the zipper on the pillow, that’s still a pretty cheap couch-cover! The color they’re painted will be visible through the upholstery, so choose your paint color wisely.
I opted for this method because I had the supplies necessary on hand, and because it’s incredibly accurate. Since the arm rests have differently-lengthed sides, they’re not a fan of standing on their own. Next, move your arm rest stand, tilting the arm rest so it’s resting with the top and long sides facing up.
In the morning, paint a layer of Mod Podge Hard Coat over the top of the whole thing with a sponge brush (no brayer required), and let dry for a few days. You might consider padding the inside somehow, or using a fancy saw that lets you create a curved side to parallel your couch. With the recent release on our side, kindly note that we make them in all of our fabrics except leather and they’re priced around USD$28-$57 per pair depending on model. If you noticed for example, the Manstad’s armrests are completely seamless on the inner side. Because it’s basically of commercial grade quality, you can machine wash it as many times needed before it starts to wear.
Trust that we'll come in handy to those unarmed with a sewing machine, x-acto knives, velcro, band-aids and patience.
After deciding that we needed couch-covers for both of our non-new couches, we had to decide on a fabric. I think this was actually the biggest part of the project – just figuring out how big each panel could be, without running out of fabric.
Start with my free pattern (yey!), and then click here to see all my posts on how to sew them together, different finishing options, and adding elastic. And since the fabric will be adhered to the hard corners of a wooden object, my priority was accuracy.

Holding the rest of your fabric out of the way, paint a layer of Matte Mod Podge onto the long side of the arm rest. The instructions on the bottle for Hard Coat Mod Podge recommend letting it cure (get super duper sealed) for 4 days. Do these sit sturdy enough around the arm that the side wouldn’t be a problem or would I have to somehow slant my side board in? Single-sided armrest protectors can also be purchased for certain models such as the Ektorp, Kramfors and Mysinge where they have sofa models with only 1 armrest. He spends his spare time leading teams that build homes and improves living conditions for the indigenous people. Unfortunately, there wasn’t nearly enough of my first choice, a nice, textured, light green-grey twill, to cover both sofas, so I had to get an additional fabric to match. I made some pillows to match as well: for one I used the leftovers (wrong side out) , pairing it with an orange flower-patterned linen to match the yellow top-stitching. Just make sure to align the edges of the top and side pieces as closely as possible before securing with screws. Luckily, it’s still super simple at this point and feels almost like moving a post-it note around. So basically don’t put a bunch of condensation-covered beers on it for a few days before using. Since almost all of the panels were rectangles of different sizes, there were a lot of 90° angles to deal with, but with some planning and some patience, they stayed pretty squared off. The other is made from the fabric I bought for the second couch-cover (an armrest of that couch is visible in the picture), with a green zipper across. The Hard Coat is great because after the pain-in-the-butt that is curing, you’ll have a totally awesome, space-saving surface to set drinks, remote controls, or whatever on that you can wipe clean.
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