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IconCool Studio 7 is an absolute solution for 32-bit icon and Vista icon creating, editing and modifying. ImageCool Converter is a powerful and newest tool that can convert, process and view image files in batches. There are more than 1300 multi-format sample icons in our IconCool Manager package, and there are about 100 icons in the trial version. The icon editor includes all standard editing tools, as well as a variety of filters and effects that can be used to enhance your icon designs.
With IconCool Studio 7 as your icon helpmate, you can easily create, edit and modify your icons in your studio. ImageCool Converter fully supports Alpha channel in 32-bit ICO or PNG formats and fully supports transparence layer in ICO, GIF or PNG formats.
There are two methods, the first one is to use an icon editor, the other method is to use an image editor and convert the jpeg to ico format via Imagicon.

The included IconCool Mixer enables you to create custom icons from scratch, using multiple layers and a variety of ready-to-use design elements. With the new, more efficient user friendly interface, IconCool Studio 7 has been developed to help you unleash your innovation and inspiration to experience the process and enjoy cheers.
ImageCool Converter can create more than 512x512pixels icons from any other supported formats. It supports latest Vista OS, creates Vista icon, fantastic IconCool Mixer, powerful marquee operation, visible filter operation, and flexible gradient editing.
Imagicon is a graphics utility designed to convert multiple image files from BMP, JPG or PNG image formats into an .ico file.
ImageCool Converter supports more than 500 image formats import and over 100 formats export. ImageCool Converter supports 40 image filters and 12 image effects including Color Balance, Flip, Rotation, Reflect, and more.

The user can select to save icons with the following dimensions in pixels: 16 x 16, 32 x 32, 48 x 48, 64 x 64 and 128 x 128.
You can convert, create or preview Multi-Page images, including TIF, GIF, PCX, AWD, WFX, FLI and FLC. It started out as a hobby and one thing leads to another, eventually it turns into a full time business.
Geckoandfly is more than a tech blog, our goal is to create simple tutorials for the average user, it is where we review products and more.

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