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Nicht die Technik, die an Unternehmenszielen ausgerichtete Enfuhrung sollte im Fokus jedes Enterprise 2.0-Projektes stehen. There are so many projects on the market that we literary don’t have enough time to read the info.
BeTheme is one of the greatest WordPress themes, that you can use to create different kinds of websites, for electric, veterinarian, loan agency, charity agency, sitter, moving company, barber, health magazine, book writer, plumber, art agency, interior design company and many others.
One of the features provided by Flyzoo is the group chat which allows you to use avatars, emoticons, moderation, image or video with preview, file sharing, friendships and much more. If you are looking for icons, you should have come across Iconfinder, the largest marketplace for icon designers.
Simbla is a great website maker platform, which gives you the possibility to use an easy-to-navigate interface in order to build your site a lot more easier. The Builder from helps you design any layout you want, by using the drag & drop interface, which makes it possible to create beautiful pages for your websites in no time and with no coding experience needed! OptinMonster is the most powerful customer acquisition that converts your visitors into subscribers! If you are looking for a dedicated team of web developers and designers that can offer you an amazing experience with your next site, you might want to choose Xfive. Fast, simple, totally secure websites are a dream, but with the help of, that is now achievable. ThemeZaa is another tool you can use to design and develop quality themes and plugins for your awesome website, especially by using their great H-Code Theme.
After making a strong research, we found that 48hourslogo is one of the top logo contest websites on the Internet.
Some of the ingredients of creating beautiful designs are the icons, which add a lot of magic to the appearance of your website. With so many people using our app, it’s more important than ever to make sure it works great for everyone—no matter where you live, what language you speak or how old your phone is.
Keeping your users engaged over a company website is more of a technical job that could easily be performed with excellently designed website navigation menu. A proper website navigation is so much important that it plays a major role in the success of the website among a number of other factors.
This write-up is going to showcase some of the web design and development firms that have websites with extraordinary navigation. No-refresh through its navigation design describes perfectly what is called hassle-free navigation. Sparx IT Solutions is a web design and development company that has got an engaging website with an easy navigation.
CSSChopper is again a leader in the web design and development world with an outstandingly crafted navigation menu for the users.
Additionally, you’d much rather be corrected right away than wait for a code review just so someone can point out that you duplicated a declaration and should clean up your spacing. You need a dependable mistake-preventing machine that understands CSS and understands you: your intentions, preferences, ideals, and weaknesses. The conditions are ripe for a mighty new stylesheet linter — powered by PostCSS and inspired by the best features of scss-lint and ESLint. What follows is an attempt to summarize stylelint’s features, which include over a hundred rules and thorough extensibility. Some stylelint rules aim to catch obvious errors, usually typos or oversights made when you were rushed, distracted, or bleary-eyed. Another rule uses the PostCSS plugin doiuse to check whether your styles will work for the browsers that you intend to support.
If you use a systematic methodology in your stylesheets or have a styleguide for your code, you should be able to decisively outlaw certain patterns. You can block the use of !important, or browser hacks that don’t apply to browsers you support.
If you want to get really serious — investing some extra time in configuration to ensure absolute consistency — you can enforce the order of properties in your rules, and provide blacklists and whitelists for properties, values, functions, and units. These rules are mostly about whitespace, but also target other details like quotation marks, letter case, leading zeros on fractional numbers, the use of keywords vs.
Nicholas Zakas, the creator of ESLint (and also CSS Lint), has written that the key to ESLint’s success is its extensibility.
Using stylelint’s API, you can create plugins for text editors and task runners that integrate stylelint into every aspect of your workflow. And if you can think of any other ways that you’d like to extend stylelint, let us know! Right now there are PostCSS parsers — and therefore stylelint support — for SCSS, Less, and the new SugarSS.
Of course, certain rules might stumble on certain aspects of your non-standard syntax (e.g.
Copy-paste this starter configuration and decide which options to use and which rules to delete.
Thankfully, you should not have to write huge stylelint configurations over and over again.
You can also run stylelint as a PostCSS plugin, including it in any PostCSS runner’s chain of plugins. Also, there are already stylelint text editor plugins for Atom, Sublime Text, and VS Code — providing the fastest possible feedback as you work. You could also use other tools like CSScomb or perfectionist in tandem with stylelint, auto-fixing what you can and auto-enforcing the rest. Personalization algorithms can shape what you discover, where you focus attention, and even who you interact with online.
The post Designing For The Internet Of Emotional Things appeared first on Smashing Magazine.
Route 93 Pizza’s homepage consists of all of our elements as a unified, functional website. Molecules: molecules are where atoms are put to work—where the completed website design starts to feel tangible. Organisms: by the time we arrive at organisms, we can create the entire footer for Route 93. While some organizations call this a Pattern Library or Style Guide and use Interface Inventory specifically to refer to an audit they’ve done on an existing website, we use the term Interface Inventory for our own projects (as well as audits of other sites) as part of a continual evaluation process. Because the workflow of Atomic Design somewhat mimics a chicken-or-egg-type dilemma, the interface inventory usually takes form somewhat organically after the creation of the home page and one other page of the website, but not too long after that. By designing an Interface Inventory with the Atomic Design process, we can start with primitive modules and assemble them into completed elements.
Atomic Design both helps us to discover solid “truths” about the project’s design we are working on, as well as creating a common vocabulary between its artistic and technical aspects. Naturally, developers code from the ground up whereas the approach of an artist usually begins in a more nebulous form, which then solidifies into a functional webpage after some molding. The establishment of this common language, represented by the Interface Inventory, ensures designers and developers are not inventing new solutions to problems that have already been solved. Salon Booking is one of these WordPress plugins that you either need desperately or not at all.
To be more precise on the use case and to get straight whether you should read on or not, we should make clear that Salon Booking has been developed specifically with the needs of Barbers, Hairdressers, Beauty Centers and Spas in mind. Another thing you need to know before you invest more time into reading this article is that Salon Booking is not free. Adrenaline levels rise to the max and next time you might unconsciously tend to avoid such a call as a potential client.
With the possibility of register once, book many, return bookings become even easier to do.
Running a Barber’s Shop is not only about giving the people the right treatment once they sat down in your chair. What you did not see in the process shown above is that Salon Booking is even able to integrate payment methods.
While you can use HTML5 and CSS3 in modern browsers without any issues, and assume that Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explore or Edge display everything the way you expect them to, email services are a different story. Among them, you’ll find rather simple templates, as well as multi-column templates for different purposes.
Unfortunately, many email programs and webmail services don’t know much about modern web development. This common ground is that HTML emails are marked up as tables, just like in the old days before CSS and HTML5.
As “Foundation” is based on a 12-column grid, you have the option to divide your columns in a flexible way. For example, for a three-column layout, assign the class “large-4” to your table cells for large resolutions.
There are CSS presets for headings, texts, and links as well, and of course, you can adjust and overwrite them, too. Apart from the necessity to markup the layout of an HTML email as table construction, there is another thing to keep in mind. As the inline markup takes a lot of effort and editing long emails afterward is very tedious, “Foundation” provides a “Web-Inliner”. In addition to that, word wraps and blanks are removed in the distributed source text, so that the source code is as slim as possible, even with inline styles. Only the media query rules are defined in its own “” element, as they can’t be marked inline via “style” attribute. Overall, “Foundation for Emails 2” is very easy to handle, very flexible at what it helps you to achieve, as well as customizable. Have you heard of Docker but thought that it’s only for system administrators and other Linux geeks?
The first part of this article gives a bit of background to help you understand the concepts behind Docker through some metaphors. The post Why You Should Stop Installing Your WebDev Environment Locally appeared first on Smashing Magazine. To get more time and win as many projects as we can, we have to carefully select tools that work better than anything. You have many predefined demos that can be imported super easily with a 1-click installation and you can choose whether you want to make a business site, a blog, a portfolio, or just something creative and entertaining.

The “Wraps” section gives you a freedom to create more advanced and astonishing content, you spend less time on finding the items you need thanks to the search tool or tabs, you are given a fast and light interface, because it has improved performance and speed, by reducing transferred and saved data and, at last but not least, it has a fresh clean look thanks to the new layout, graphics and light colors. It is a service for taking automated screenshots for your website, or any other website for that matter. It is affordable to everyone and there is no need for you to install it, as you can get instant access to your site only by signing in. You can choose from multiple form types such as lightbox popups, floating bars, slide-ins or sidebar forms that you can customize with point-and-click simplicity. Designing prototypes is as simple as playing with building blocks, mostly because you can use the drag & drop function.
Having pleased clients from eBay, Twitter and Microsoft to any regular guy with an idea, you can be sure they will offer anything possible.
An agency-focused platform, BowTie integrates user management, admin controls and Stripe payments into static sites without a database, lowering your website’s load time compared to a traditional CMS. It is a creative, clean, fully responsive and multipurpose multi page and onepage WordPress and WooCommerce theme, that provides you with a powerful admin panel, quality of the design, shortcodes, various header options and many others.
What is awesome is that you can easily create a logo design contest online and you can have your new business logo created by dozens of logo designers from around the world.
On Squik Ink, you can find 2000 handcrafted, consistent and pixel-perfect icons ready to use for your project, whether it is related to music, holidays, clothes, entertainment and many other domains. The new version claims to be extra fast and extra clean, and focuses more on functionality and usability. Plus, it is not available in 31 languages, loads up to three times faster as compared to the older versions of the app. Now that we’ve rebuilt things in a smarter way, engineers and designers here at Pinterest will be able to develop features faster than ever before.
Providing an ideal navigation to the users is like paving their way towards the right direction. Ideal navigation can decide upon the website conversion rate and the overall business success. All these entities have big names as their clientele who obviously come for getting outstanding websites that are easy to be navigated by the users.
The website has been thus designed to offer users a perfect navigation experience while exploring the web pages. The company’s website is designed to help users switch easily from a page to another. The amazing navigation menu makes it much easier for users to explore web pages with utmost ease. The standard navigation design of the website seamlessly takes visitors from a web section to another with easy switching in the menu. As the company majorly deals in PHP development services, it has vividly showcased the benefits of hiring their expert with an engaging layout. Instant feedback would help you internalize conventions and spend a little less time floundering when your CSS doesn’t work. ESLint, in particular, has been working wonders, showing us all just how helpful a good linter can be. For example, you can disallow empty blocks, invalid hex values, duplicate selectors, unknown animation names, and mistaken linear-gradient syntax. And yet another uses css-colorguard to complain about colors so similar that you probably intended them to be identical.
If you use Autoprefixer (which you probably should), you can disallow the use of vendor prefixes in your source stylesheets.
If you want another custom syntax supported now, help out by working on the PostCSS parser! Same answer as above, really: stylelint can understand everything that PostCSS understands, which definitely includes whatever future CSS syntax you are enabling (probably via PostCSS plugins). No rules are turned on by default, so by adding each rule yourself you will know exactly what is being enforced, and will gain an understanding of each rule as you add and configure it. This means that you can use stylelint anywhere you can use PostCSS — which covers pretty much every compilation tool out there!
It takes a stylelint configuration — the very same one that you use for linting — and fixes whatever mistakes it can.
That’s why we spend so much time talking about methodologies like SMACSS, ACSS, BEM, SUITCSS, ITCSS, and so on.
Search engines, news outlets and social media sites have become quite smart at giving us what we want.
The atoms are the basic building blocks, such as tags, form labels, buttons, color palette and fonts. In the molecules for Route 93, you can see the color palette, fonts and iconography come together into form fields, image overlays and buttons.
As these two initial pages take shape, the designer ensures the elements on both are consistent. This process improves efficiency, communication among team members, and produces a more beautiful website overall. It encourages a more robust system overall that improves UX and provides a methodology so designers can adhere to the component-based guidelines of the developers while maintaining creativity. Atomic Design encourages—and requires—designers to work from the ground up as well, to make all of the interface’s components consistent and purposeful at the lowest possible level. For example, if a new contact form is added to a project, the styles needed to create that form already exist and can easily be employed to build the page, deeming it unnecessary for the designer to put forth additional effort.
When testing a webpage for both content and functionality, I pull the Interface Inventory up in my screen as a guide.
Atomic Design helps to act as a translator for these different departments and the “languages” that go with them to maintain consistency in design. If you run any kind of business that depends on your clients making appointments, it is likely that Salon Booking can do wonders to you. You can surely run other time-related businesses with it as well, but the best fit are those as mentioned above.
There is a free version available from the WordPress directory, but this version is limited to a total of 30 bookings. For a version with full functionality on one site with free support and all updates for a year from purchase, you will have to shell out 69 dollars. It allows your customers to book your service without you or any other human being interacting with them.
It has numerous back-end reports for shop owners as well as a management system for client orders. It will bring structure to your business you haven’t even thought about having before.
For example, there are two unique newsletter templates with a larger header graphic, and one or two columns of text, depending on your choice. The layout of the templates is kept simple on purpose so that there’s a slim, clear CSS source text that can easily be adjusted to your own ideas. While there is a rather limited supply of browsers, the number of email programs and services is so large, that you need to find a tiny common ground.
If you want them to be single-column for small resolutions, also assign the class “small-12”.
For the orientation of texts and images, the “Foundation for Email” provides classes that allow you to display text in a left- or right-adjusted, or centered way, and have text flow around the images on the left or right side.
Many email programs only interpret stylesheets when they are defined as inline elements, meaning that they have to be set via “style” attribute directly within the HTML element. Here, you copy both your HTML, and your CSS source text, and paste them into one text field each. However, the “” element is not placed in the HTML head as usual, but in the body, as some email programs remove all stylesheet blocks from the HTML header. The vast compatibility with plenty of email applications makes it the framework of choice for HTML emails. But if you just want to get started with the tutorial, skip to the “Time to Play!” section. In diesem Rahmen macht es Sinn, auch mal die Ausgaben fur Microsoft Office oder Windows unter die Lupe zu nehmen.
It’s important that it stands out from the rest of the elements on the page, but yet still matches the overall style of the design.
We tested and compared many tools and services and we concluded that these 14 work awesome. After that, you can build beautiful websites, where you can customize your template according to your vision. If you are not sure what you search for, just send them your project and they will answer you with a quote and some amazing ideas.
The best thing is that all icons are vectorial, so you can easily make them any size you want!
Such menus over a website act like the signs on the road that help anonymous users get going towards the right path.
Thus, while choosing companies to build websites having exceptional navigation, you cannot go wrong with the choices.
The navigation structure has been brilliantly summed up with a number of engaging elements for users to surprise them with a number of aspects.
The grid base menu that this company utilizes over its website helps users to go on the specific page as required.
The navigation menu has been crafted with a solid structure to ensure visitors have a good time while browsing through different web pages.
The menu has been designed in such a manner that users could easily understand the same and browse through the design without facing any difficulty. With a sleek web navigation, the website generates greater conversion rates that also boost the readership.
The layout of the website exhibits the content while the users scroll down the menu from a section to another.
Menus, sub-menus, and the content on the websites have been designed perfectly to allow a perfect navigation experience to the users coming to browse the website.
The navigational pattern takes users to the specific pages in a hassle-free manner and helps them experience the brilliance of an outstandingly crafted menu.

Moreover, the exceptional ideas of each of these websites could help you design an attractive layout for your website.
Some of them may seem trivial at first (depending on your temperament), but they become patently important as the codebase grows and ages, as more people stick their hands in it and do ugly things. But both you and your colleagues are mistake-makers, so will naturally, inevitably fail, at least in part. It can parse any CSS*-like* syntax into an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) for plugins to analyze and manipulate. With stylelint, you can disallow selectors that exceed a certain specificity, or put a cap on nesting depth. Check out what’s published already, which includes configs from WordPress and SUITCSS. Since PostCSS allows custom parsers, stylelint has no trouble supporting various non-standard syntaxes — anything that you can write a PostCSS parser for. Because stylelint tries to cover the fractured landscape of our stylesheets — where some people use standard CSS, some an extension language like SCSS, some weird custom properties, etc. In fact, some of stylelint’s rules specifically target future CSS like range features and custom properties.
We hope these plugins will inspire people to develop stylelint plugins for other task runners, like Grunt. We’re hoping that, with community contributions, stylefmt will grow until it can auto-fix as many stylelint rule violations as can possibly be auto-fixed. Contribute rules, enhancements, tests, bug fixes, documentation, new ideas, or just feedback. Although not very useful on their own, atoms are your preliminary reference point — the beginnings of your creation. It doesn’t necessarily take work away from the designer, but instead makes it easier for developers to quickly build solutions rather than requiring the designer to mock up every page—or organism—first. Although foremost a designer tool and secondly a developer tool, it allows everyone on the team to participate with confidence in conversations about design and consistency as we make sure our sites are impeccable and ready to hand over to the client. It establishes a modular resource for the team, allowing for coherency and results in efficient turnaround, fewer mistakes and a more polished finished product. Instead of making people call you to reserve your time slots or tables or other time-related resources you can simply let them book autonomously via the front-end of your WordPress website. You can still try out all the features but after having made 30 bookings, the plugin will cease working. The same license but for five sites costs 149 dollars and the free forever Pro version including unlimited sites and updates throughout the lifetime of the plugin plus endless free support sets you back 229 dollars. Should they come up with the need of booking a haircut in the middle of the night they could just open your website and book an appointment for the next date possible. Offering people a comfortable, calm and reliable way of booking your services is crucial, and you should put all effort into achieving such an experience. Having employees stop shaving to accept bookings over the phone is in many ways inappreciable. From the perspective of a shop owner, it’s important to know that the above-shown process can easily be customized to fit your needs and organizational structure. Clients can change or cancel bookings, and they are entitled to provide feedback for the services received. All client data is safely collected in a database, a dream for any shop owner that is otherwise not in the position to know his clients’ addresses and thus has to rely on them to return voluntarily. Even if it might not completely help to get you off the phone, Salon Booking is an additional booking channel without any reason to refuse. On top of that, you’ll find templates for common occasions, like order confirmations, and classic “forgotten password” emails, which usually contain a link to reset the password. It’s followed by tables with the class “container,” which represent a section of the mail.
Due to different classes for large and small window or display sizes, you can simply decide how you want the columns to be displayed on small and large resolutions.
Aside from primary and secondary buttons, there are specific buttons to display warnings and success actions. With one click, the “Web-Inliner” creates an HTML source text for you, in which all attributes defined in the external stylesheet are transferred into the HTML source text as inline styles.
Or are you silently suffering with a messy development environment that seems to break all of the time in various mysterious ways? You are linked to one of the best designers on the platform, each one picked by hand, and you submit your project.
Thus, navigation in web designing counts as the most important web element that cannot go wrong. An easy to navigate menu has thus contributed to the success of Sparx IT Solutions professional website in the web arena. CSSChopper has specifically given importance to the design of sub-menus so that users could easily land to specific web pages with just a click. This simple but interesting navigation menu has remained a factor in providing the success to the website design. In simpler words, AppsChopper’s website represents a brilliantly crafted navigation option that makes it much easier for users to land on specific content on specific pages. The entire menu thus makes it a pleasant experience for the visitors to browse through different pages and go to the specific web page. The font style, on the other hand, contributes more to make the website more appealing as well as user-centric. The menu style is clean and keeps the visitors engaged while browsing through different sections. And later on you or some other sorry sap will face the consequences of those mistakes that slipped into your CSS. Certain conventions that definitely help the codebase, like consistent formatting, may seem pedantic and tedious when enforced manually. There can be an uncomfortable disconnect when we see an ad that doesn’t match our expectations.
This produces a canonical source for how visual styles should be applied throughout the project, a literal common language, in plain English, of hex codes, button styles, padding widths, etc.
The designer’s role is then shifted to something more like art direction after the pages have been built.
You set booking rules, products, that can be booked, the assistants doing the work in the end.
With Salon Booking, you can start mailings or simply call your customers and remind them that they haven’t been visiting you for far too long. For multi-column tables, add another table with the class “row” within the container table.
The mobile default email applications of Android 4.4, and iPhone 5 and 6, the iPad, as well as the Android Gmail app, are supported. Sicher sind die wichtig, aber in erster Linie geht es darum, sich klar zu werden, was das eigene Unternehmen im Rahmen seiner Enterprise 2.0-Strategie erreichen will.
You may choose code integration with all kinds of plugins, from WordPress to Drupal or with server-side programming languages: PHP or Ruby on Rails. They require guests to change the name before joining the room and not only allow access on specific roles, but also allow guests to read, but require login to post. You then receive about five quotes for your brief (that can contain specifics, like ‘it should be Material’) with prices varying from $70 to $130 per icon. The caption for the images, on the other hand, describes the services perfectly in a nutshell. The homepage of the website has a link with a caption “Steven Witten” that leads to the ‘about us’ section of the website. All these factors collectively have contributed to an exceptional navigation over HTMLPanda’s official website. Meanwhile, you and your colleagues can work on improving the machine, expanding its powers and diminishing its limitations.
Even if this takes only a few minutes per booking, the time consumption can quickly add up to an hour or more of unproductive time each day.
It is even possible to have the bookings synchronized with your Google Calendar to have them with you wherever you go. By the end of this article, you should have a basic understanding of Docker and have it working on your computer! Denn genau das bedeuten diese Web 2.0 Werkzeuge fur Unternehmen - die Einbettung in die Kommunikations und Zusammarbeitsstrategie des Unternehmens.
In den IBM Foren konnen Sie live erleben, wie Sie durch unabhangige Desktop-Systeme und eine offene Client Architektur Kosten einsparen sowie mehr Offenheit und gro?ere Flexibilitat gewinnen konnen. Other characteristics provided are turning URL to PDF and insight pages analysis, to check the appearance of every page on your site. All these features are made in order to give you the best experience in communicating with others, so you should check it out! If it is open-sourced, other contributors from around the world can join the effort — other fallible CSS authors equally invested in preventing their own mistakes. Questions such as, “is this design choice intentional?” or, “which color should we use on this particular element?” as well as last minute changes or additions to a page are answered by the Interface Inventory. Thus, it’s in your vital interest as a shop owner to reduce these avoidable time thieves to an absolute minimum. Hier erfahren Sie, welche Alternativen es zu Microsoft-Produkten fur Ihre Kunden gibt, und wie einfach sich ein Wechsel auf offene Systeme gestalten kann. If you don’t receive them on time, or they are not in an acceptable quality, Iconfinder guarantees your money back. Sichern Sie sich Ihren Platz in der IBM Veranstaltung 'Alternativen zu Microsoft' und verschaffen Sie sich einen Einblick in die IBM Open Source Strategie sowie die IBM Positionierung.
Peter Schuett wird auch Angelika Heun von NEC Electronics (Europe) GmbH berichten, wie Social Software erfolgreich eingefuhrt wurde. Informieren Sie sich daruber, wie IBM und Open Source Losungen eine valide Alternative darstellen, wie die Vorgehensweisen sind, ob es Ko-Existenzen gibt und wie letztendlich der Return on Invest sich gestaltet.

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