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Some links (like Amazon) go to shops via my affiliate accounts—or to eBay, where I write a blog. If you would like more details on what tools and metal parts were used to make some of these creatures, this post shows labelled parts. Turns sharply left or right and a swinging gate would create an obstruction to the turning vehicle.
All of our Gold Approved installers will be able to advise you on what gate will best suit your entrance. Although often a second choice, sliding gates can provide you with the kind of entrance you're looking for. Sliding gates do offer you the advantage of being able to fit where a traditional swing gate wouldn't, offering you nearly the same aesthetic and security advantages. Sliding gates are hung in either a tracked style, where the bottom of the gate has runners which glide along an embedded tracking or cantilever style using a series of guides and balancing, avoiding the need for ground tracking and the additional maintenance required. Tracked sliding gates are a straightforward and economical way of installing sliding gates. The tracking on the gate needs to be kept clear from debris which could impair the smooth operation of your gate, but with a quick regular sweep there is no reason that your sliding tracked gate will give you any problems during its lifetime. However due to the nature of the cantilever design, and additional section of gate is required to 'hang' over the guides (As demonstrated in the picture above), often behind a wall or hedge perimeter. It started out pretty wobbly, but after the first course of pallets was it was pretty solid. The walls were tied together and secured with the metal plates you see in the picture and a bunch of deck screws and 16d spikes.
The top 3 pieces were constructed from some old 2x4's i had laying around and leftover pallet pieces.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

The professional tools are expensive, but after you learn to measure, cut and weld, you can just make them. I admit I’m not a huge rust fan but what I do enjoy is the ingenuity of these pieces.
We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Perhaps you prefer sliding gates, or more likely the layout of your property demands a sliding gate as an alternative. Sliding gate designs can replicate those of swinging gates, giving the illusion of being a pair when closed. Indeed a sliding gate is often more secure once locked as the gates weak points are usually less accessible and the single structure design ensures additional prevention from the gate being driven into. This means that additional room is needed beside the gateway than a tracked version and may prevent you from choosing this option. I had just *received the new arrow and heart stamps from Beaducation along with their fabulous new beginner’s metal stamp kit and an array of blanks and this design came together from there. Some C-Channel, rollers, bearings and a bottle jack — You have yourself a useful tool for you metal workshop.
This is one of those examples where the artist perfectly captured the essence of woodpeckers.
Cantilever gates are quieter than tracked gates and reduce the need to keep the tracking clear of debris. One of the best things about hand stamped jewelry is that you can easily share a personalized message using images, numbers and letters.
Please make sure that you give credit to us as the designer if you make and share these designs on your blog or social sites. Aluminum blanks are soft and very easy to stamp, I like them best hammered to give them texture and make them look more like precious metal.

Step four: Use pliers to pierce a hole at the top and bottom petal of flower and top of the larger side of the heart blank as shown. Projects in this blog are NOT intended for all ages and skill levels but for people 13 years and older who possess basic craft knowledge. A single image with a direct link back to this blog may be used in blog round-ups or blog feature posts but any other use of materials from this blog without our express permission is strictly prohibited.
This is a very easy design to execute and Beaducation has everything you need in their beginner’s kit. In fact, I’ll be giving this kit away on Wednesday, so make sure you come back to enter for the chance to win! Step eleven: Grasp the final coil and turn it up to create a loop using your chain nose pliers.
This is how we make our living and we ask that you respect our creativity and the time it takes to design, photograph and write these free tutorials.
Adjust the loop, making sure it’s flush to the top of the leather end with your round nose pliers. You may use a single photograph from each project online in blog round-ups or blog posts ONLY if you include a direct link back to our tutorial.
Any use of these designs for retail sale for profit online in places like Etsy or eBay or in retail bricks and mortar, flea markets or outdoor fairs is not permitted.

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