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So, put it this way, I have mused this sofa-covering conundrum quite a bit…there were a few things to think about it too, I mean why not just get some covers made right?
I have two new ones (on sale I might add) to figure out how to purchase and bring in without him noticing. New furniture can be expensive and it is often difficult to find a love seat to match your existing furniture while physically fitting into the living room.
Take the existing staples out of the upholstery fabric using a staple remover or flat head screwdriver. Use the reciprocating saw to cut the sofa to the length of the love seat, and then cut the sofa arm off.
Measure the final dimensions of the love seat to determine the amount of foam, batting and upholstery fabric required. Our years of experience in creating, experimenting and developing new ideas has led us to become one of UK favourite Mehndi Stage decorators and Asian Bridal Number one choice for Wedding stages. We are now the UK leading Wedding sofa specialist which are available for hire and purchase.
Michael Abrams LimitedThe fireplace surround is made of wood while stone is adjacent to the fire box for code. You know we love uncovering new uses for everyday things, and we’re all over the world of upcycling, repurposing, and the like. I had a chuckle reading this post as I have lost count of the amount of time I have spent googling covering sofas, how to make slipcovers etc,which as you probably noticed on your searches they all open with something along the lines of it’s not as hard or as daunting as you think!! So much so that once I sewed the base together for the loveseat AND sofa (I am a masochist, I tell you), I left the cushions bare for 18 months before I could even think about covering them up with dropcloth.
We bought another two today for the couches and still can’t believe how cheap they are compared to buying canvas by the metre!!! I live in an old white cottage, near the sea in Australia with a battered old deck & a big old fig tree out the back, stripped wooden floors, old sash windows & a jumble of vintage furniture.
Decorating a room with different furniture styles, colors, and patterns is fashionable and fresh — but it can also be hard to pull off.
Staple along the top edge, turn the love seat upside down and staple the fabric along the bottom hidden edge. This little loveseat is made from the stern of a boat and is decorated with sail cloth pillows. Image Source: Coburn Architecture Here at Freshome, we have a lot of respect for interior designers and all of the hard work they put into their designed spaces. I beg to differ with these people having spent a long weekend a few months ago giving it ago all I ended up with was a thousand bits of white fabric that didn’t fit together properly and fingers that had been stabbed by that many pins I felt like I had become a human pin cushion. I acquired an enormous down filled Crate and Barrel sofa off Craigslist for less than a $100 bucks! In the end I just folded the seat cushions together like a parcel and safety pinned them on the bottom. I think the paint shops will be wondering what on earth is going on as their drop sheets are walking out the doors! Here are easy expert tricks for mixing antique, modern, and traditional design so that your space looks considered instead of chaotic.

Remove the existing batting and foam if it is in poor shape, as it will need to be replaced.
Drill holes through the wood pieces using the smaller drill bit before screwing them together to prevent the wood from splitting. Place the fabric piece over the back, stapling it along the top edge over the previously stapled piece, then along the sides and bottom. We also provide a regular service in the West Midlands including; Birmingham, The Theatre, Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Coventry, Muslim Resource Centre, Walsall, West Bromwich, Albion Football club, Wolverhampton, Molineux Conference & Banqueting Centre, Solihull, Ramada and Dudley, concert Hall. These 17 couches have all been made from repurposed materials, from the trunk of a ’57 Chevy to 6,400 nickels.
It takes a certain eye to be able to pull a room together and make it fabulous and functional, all at the same time.With that being said, not everyone can afford to hire an interior designer to come into their home, guiding all their design decisions. Needless to say the whole fiasco ended up in the bin and I ended up going with the no sew tuck it in method which will have to do until that dream white slip covered sofa is in budget.
By converting an old sofa, you can create a love seat that not only complements your decor, but fits the room you plan to place it in. Measure the length of the sofa you plan to convert to a love seat using the measuring tape and mark the area to be cut with the pencil. Some of us actually want to be the one who makes our own design decisions, using our own individual style and preferences.How can we get the inspiration to take our interiors from boring to beautiful— without the expense of a professional designer?Let’s look at some tips to help you begin organizing and designing your rooms into a space that, until now, you thought only an interior designer could create. The positive to come out of this making slipcovers saga was it was on one of my google searches on this subject I came across your blog and instantly became an avid reader so I guess you are the silver lining of my making slipcovers debacle, so what I lost in white fabric and pins I have definitely gained in daily entertainment.
It is going to be a wet weekend down here in Tassie so the sewing machine will be getting a work out. Staple the fabric piece for the bench seat to the top inside edge, turn it over and staple along the underside of the love seat.
Our services to the North include; Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds and Chesterfield. Follow these tips and you will begin to notice your friends sneaking a peek into your phones contact list, looking for the number of your interior designer. Having just the one room house, every single piece of furniture is antique and almost all is painted white. Have recommended your blog to my sister in Qld and she in turn has told several of her friends about it!!
Whether you want your interiors to look like a luxury hotel or just jazz up your interiors, these tips will help.
Shhhh… it’s our little secret that you did it all by yourself.Collect this ideaThis room definitely looks like an interior designer has been here. Finally, Finally, as i would stare in disgust at this misfortune I had jumped over barrels to get, i realized it was only the 3 accent pillows that did not work for me. I wonder if you could safety pin, perhaps diaper pin the cloth around the cushions so they will not slip out of place?! You may be surprised at the style you crave to create.Collect this ideaCollect decorating ideas via online magazines and decorating sites.
I then took my favorite in the world fabric which is cotton striped ticking, made one pillowcase and used another vintage one I already had from France.

Look at your inspiration boards — what colors are prominent in the rooms you saved?We won’t tell you what colors to choose, but we will tell you to try for a mix of three colors or shades.
One main color for walls, another color for larger accents such as couches and chairs, and then a third color that pops in smaller accessories such as flowers, pillows and knick knacks. Consider using floor to ceiling windows to enhance your interiors to bring out color too!Let’s say you choose a color combination of brown, teal and tangerine.
A shade of brown would probably be the wall color, teal may be the color you choose for accent chairs or an accent wall, and tangerine could be the color you pull out in pillows and accessories. Yes, you can have an all-white room but with three shades of white.Collect this ideaThis open living room is the perfect example of the three color scheme.
Image Source: Armonia DecorsAdd Texture To Your HomeEqually as important to color, is texture — especially if you crave a single color scheme such as all-white or all-grey.
Design can describe the personality of the owner, so by using textures, patterns and varying colors can bring a dull room into sophisticated with ease.Consider the textiles that suit your lifestyle.
If you have kids and dogs, then you may not want a light cotton sofa, rather a darker leather or mohair sofa may suit your needs.
Image Source: Tara Sea WrightAdd Big Statement Furniture PiecesThis is a common mistake most homeowners make —too many small, spindly pieces in one room. A room with leggy chairs, leggy tables and lots of small knick knacks only serve to clutter the room and confuse the eye.Instead try for a room that is well mixed. Have a large sofa, some skirted club chairs (so you can’t see the legs) and then one or two slender arm chairs with attractive carved legs (depending on space).This is just one example, but it gives you the idea of mixing furniture styles and sizes so that the room looks balanced —not too bulky and not too spindly. Even if you are decorating a small apartment there are plenty of decorating ideas to try.Most designers will recommend that even the smallest of rooms have one large statement piece, such as a large armoire or cabinet.
On top of the tray, place a pretty candle, a couple of books and a small bowl of colored stones.
Little vistas such as this seem frivolous, but they are imperative to a layered, decorated aesthetic.If you desire a more rustic approach, then try woven baskets in your home.
Image Source: CartolojiAdd Flowers To Every RoomGo back and look over all your inspiration boards — what do you see? Image Source: Crisp ArchitectsIf you can’t hire an interior designer, you can still have a home that looks like you did. Try adding texture, color, statement furniture and elements of nature to your home today.If you are unsure of the final outcome or arrangements that you have made, then snap a photo.
Pictures of a room will allow you to see the design from a different view point, helping to see if you went wrong somewhere along the way. I was looking for material for many days in vain, I had to opt for Interior Design assistance.

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