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I love  to decorate with old things! The key to recycling old items is thinking about how to use them for something other than their intended use, and then changing the way they look. Old doors are such a fantastic way to add character to a room. A solid old door can be a perfect and perfectly inexpensive headboard for a bed. Maria Carr from Dream Whitesused these rustic doors as headboard for her bedroom and the decorating result is so gorgeous!
Along the winding backstreets of European cities, centuries-old buildings are arranged around courtyards secreted behind massive wooden doors. A headboard made from salvaged materials can add tons of charm and unique style to a bedroom. When designing your home, there are so many selections that you need to make during the whole process. Interior door selections are decisions that tend be quick and easy or overlooked, but when you are remodeling or designing your new home take the time to research the door style you really love.
Wood Doors with Panels:  So many options in this category, from 6-panel to 1-panel, to arched panels to straight panels. Glass Doors: Solid glass doors can have clear glass to translucent glass, a popular type of glass is frosted for spaces that would like a little amount of light to shine through but allow some privacy. Leaded Glass Doors: The cost in leaded glass doors can be expensive, but the details are worth it!
Barn Door: The barn door track system and look have become very popular in the past couple of years.
Designers and homeowners are exploring new ways in providing every home the desirable aesthetics.
Strap hinges are also available in different types and pinnel hinges are considered cost-effective.
This type of door hinges is lighter and much shorter as compared to hinges used for exterior purpose. Apparently, many homeowners prefer the barn door hardware as compared to using hinges in installing the barn door.

Additionally, it is necessary to use heavy duty barn door hinges to ensure that it can hold heavy weight doors. If you want to ensure that the barn door hinges will last for a longer time, it is important to give proper maintenance. A pair of those French doors from the late 19th century inspired our headboard, with its convex panels, carved corbels and metal trim. In this space, an old door found in a burn pile was paired with a vintage gate — reclaimed from a dump and brightened up with a mist of white spray paint.
And, thanks to a little paint, your color options expand beyond boring black, white, or brown. However, it is necessary to ensure that it is installed correctly by using the right barn door hinges.
Installing customized barn doors is perfect to libraries, dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms.
Moreover, there are other types of a barn door hinges to choose from and as much as possible you should select the barn door hinges heavy duty that would keep the door securely attached. As much as possible you should check it from time to time in order to prevent serious issues. However, you need to determine the right type of barn door that will fit in a particular place inside your home.
Dramatically tall and crafted of solid wood, it’s designed to mount securely to the wall behind a platform bed. The end result is a whimsical, one-of-a-kind headboard with enough substance to balance the king-size bed. If you are planning to create a barn door in your home make sure to use the appropriate hinges and hardware. The good thing about using the barn door is that it does not only protect your home but also make your home fashionable. On the other hand, the barn door hardware is easy to maintain in such a way that it saves both money and time.

If the living room and dining room are adjacent, you can install barn door to separate the area.
If you do not have an idea about it, the best thing to do is to seek help from a professional. However, the security of installing the barn door depends on the hinges that will keep the door securely attached to the track.
Aside from using the hinges and other accessories, you can also improve the security of installing customized doors by using barn door hardware.
The barn door hardware does not uses hinges; instead it is installed by using metal tracks, bolts and wheels when mounting it into the wall. Indeed, installing a barn door requires a lot of hard work and it does not end there because you need to ensure that the door will slide smoothly on the track.
It can help to hire an interior designer so that you will be guided in making your decision. Likewise, you should also consider the length of the strap hinges that are usually available 20” in length. On the other hand, the colonial strap hinge is a flat hinge with rounded end giving it an old-time look. The versatility of the barn door hardware can make your bathroom stylish as well as other parts of the house.
Nowadays, you can find door hinges made from copper, bronze, plain steel, coated steel and even copper based alloys.

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