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I enjoy relaxing on a sofa and in my bed, and so it may come as no surprise that I would wish to combine the two.
Best Answer: bye an old one that you like the bones in it and change the upholstery or have it done.
When you have a nice looking armless sofa, you may want to protect it or even change its look by using sofa slipcovers. If the idea of replacing flat or damaged sofa cushions is cost-prohibitive, making your own is an alternative. Background Sometimes called a couch or a davenport, a sofa is a long upholstered seat with both arms and a back.
Have been wanting to make my own sofa for ages, and it's just one of those (hundreds) of projects that I just can't seem to get around to. Anyways, I came across this post that shows almost step-by-step how to make your own sofa or couch from scratch, and since I haven't yet got round to making one, I hope this inspires you to do-it-yourself. The seat for the sofa is constructed using elastic webbing that you will find at most larger fabric stores. Before the basic framework is joined together, each section is wrapped and covered with thin layers of medium-density foam.
Each individual piece is measured for cutting and sewing together the fabric that will fit over the separate pieces. Anyone with a few basic DIY skills could make this sofa and it's simply a matter of working out the dimensions for your frame, having the board and foam cut, buying your fabric and fitting, and assembling.
DIY and CraftsDIY crafts, diy projects, diy decorations, diy furniture plans, painting and polish ideas, diy gifts, diy headboard, diy home decor, diy wedding plans. The world is changing day by day and getting expensive as well because of changing patterns and life styles. You can choose white color for this purpose as it will look elegant although maintenance will be little difficult but the stains can possibly be bleached to maintain its elegance.
During your holidays you can always make different kind of beautiful quilts to be used for different purposes. For the couch covering, the most suitable fabric type is cotton because it is easier to be knitted. Sorry, I can’t figure out a way to make the picture smaller so you can see the whole thing!! By subscribing to the RSS feed you will be notified when new entries are posted on this blog. I have also really enjoyed this blog, im super impressed with your fortitude to tackle the upholstering and sewing.

Although it would be extremely practical to have one large cushion for the reason you mentioned, I was thinking it might be a good idea to have separate ones, in case something gets spilled or anything.
I worked for a re-upholster for a while in collage, so I know how much work you are putting in to this.
As for the cushion,it would depend on how clean you want the look and how many people you think will be sitting on it regularly. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. If you can build a basic box then you can quite easily make a daybed, or a corner daybed or sofa.
A daybed not only provides seating but can also be easily converted into a bed when friends or family stay over.
What's nice about making your own daybed is that you can finish it to match your home decor. You can buy foam and mattresses at Foam Factory that won't cost you a fortune and they manufacture to any size. You will find the full range of Rust-Oleum products on the shelf at your local Builders Warehouse.
If you do, you are probably familiar with the difficulties of trying to combine style with functionality. Depending on the purpose of use and size of cushion, the designs and size of sofa can vary. Making your own sofa or couch is quite an easy project and will cost you a fraction of what is costs to buy a new one.
It's nothing fancy, just rectangular boxes screwed together to make up the shape for the sofa.
Elastic webbing is used in the majority of upholstered furniture and this is what gives the sofa its bounce.
Once the fabric is added and stapled to the frame either underneath or where sections join together, the unit is then assembled and completed.
Whenever we feel like to change our furniture or any other household item we have to come across with new furniture it is usually very expensive and sometimes it is not in our budget so is not affordable.
It will not cost much amount as recycled pallets are easily available in cheap rates at auctions.
Using this you can make separate covers for the cushions that are to be placed on the wooden structure that was made using the pallets.
The design of this day bed is based on three boxes that are arranged to make a daybed and what's more, you can make the daybed any size you like to fit into whatever space you have available.

If you design a corner daybed, you have a wonderful corner sofa that transforms into two single beds at night time. Made using PG Bison SupaWood you can paint in your choice of colour, using your choice of paint. If you want to modify the size, increase the width of the boxes to widen the bed to three-quarter or double.
Before you glue the end frames onto all the boxes, sand the cut edges until nice and smooth. Before you glue the cross and centre frames onto all the boxes, sand the cut edges until nice and smooth. I like to keep old paint and water this down a little to use as a primer before painting with spray paint - you will use less spray paint by doing this. Design If you are making sofa slip covers it is a good idea to create sofa cushions for a more professional look. You can place the pallet sofa in both indoor and outdoor location as it can withstand climatic conditions. In fact, this sofa is probably far better manufactured than most of the lounge suites you find in the stores these days!
Since the original frames do not have a base, joining the sections together is done underneath and out of sight.
In order to counter such issues it is better to use creative and innovative ideas for making furniture with some materials and stuff. Mount plastic corner brackets - 2 per side - below the mark and then screw the box base onto the brackets. You can buy 16mm PG Bison SupaWood at your local Builders Warehouse and it costs around R600 per sheet - each sheet is 2700 x 1800mm, so you get quite a bit cut from a single sheet. Vertical straps are then added by weaving them through the horizontal straps, stretching taut and securing on the opposite side.
For a softer look you would add a layer of medium-weight batting over the foam before covering with fabric. Using simple tools like hammer some nails, polish, gloves and other materials we can make a couch.

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