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If the idea of replacing flat or damaged sofa cushions is cost-prohibitive, making your own is an alternative. Determine the length, width and depth of the sofa cushion by measuring an old one and the seating area of the sofa. Sketch the cushion dimensions on a piece of paper to visualize the pattern and construction. Cut the six fabric pieces out of decorator fabric with sharp sewing scissors, using the adjusted measurements. Lay the bottom piece on a flat surface and pin a lapped zipper to one of the width sides of the fabric.
Pin the other three sides on the fabric loop to the bottom piece of fabric, with the right sides of fabric together. Pin the four sides of the top fabric to the coordinating sides of the fabric loop, with the right sides of fabric together. Turn the cover right side out through the zipper hole and smooth the corners with your fingers. New couch cushions update the sofa, while sagging ones are a signal that the foam needs to be replaced.
There are any number of reasons why you might be in the market for replacement sofa cushions. If you feel comfortable using a pair of scissors and a sewing machine, the most cost effective way to spruce up your old sofa is to make couch cushion covers yourself. If you don't feel comfortable behind a sewing machine, most likely the most cost effective replacement sofa cushions can be fabricated by your local upholsterer. By far the least expensive way to spruce up an old sofa is to throw a pre-made sofa slip cover over it.
Sofa cushion replacements can be pricey, but a great alternative to purchasing a brand new couch.
The thing that finally sold me on the white slipcover was the idea from The Inspired Room of using quilts on top of your couch. The first thing I did was tear the cushion backs off the back of the couch, since they were sewn on. First I cut huge pieces the length and approximate width of the couch and kind of rested it on the couch, putting a few pins in the top to keep the fabric from sliding down.
To make the arm fronts, I took two large long rectangle pieces and pushed a few pins in to hold the piece up as I traced the shape around with a fabric pen. To do the back side, I used safety pins to hold up the large piece of fabric so I could cut it to the approximate size and then I repinned it (with regular pins) more accurately and sewed the back on. Click here to see Part 2 and the Slipcover Reveal!!  You might also want to see How to Make Cushion Covers and my Wing Chair Slipcover!
I have reuhpolsered lots of furniture but just don’t have the nerve to make a slip cover. Just another idea…the wonderful Kimmy and Ash over at GEM did a supercool cushion for their white love seat.
I don’t even own a sewing machine but will borrow one to do this amazing and inspiring . Anyway, I had 20 yards of fabric that I got for another project that I decided against and a red couch that is very comfy but red!
Pallet Furniture PlansDiy pallet patio furniture plans and designs: wooden recycle pallets bed, couch, sofa, table, headboard, chair, garden, dining table and crafts.

Put a welcoming DIY pallet couch in your lounge or living room to greet your tired family members or any guests. Pull up your sleeve and pull out your gear to make an easy do it yourself pallet couch and cuddle up on it with popcorn as you watch your favorite movie with your loved one.
Bright Modern Leather Sofas With Cream Color Also Leather MaterialPosted by admin on October 13, 2015 under FurnitureFind the perfect sofa for your living room and learn some ideas about how to get the ideal placement by browsing the following image gallery.
Arranging furniture well can make a small living room look larger than it actually is, including arranging sofa. Without further ado, we invite you to browse the following pictures to get some brilliant ideas for decorating your living room. Though it may sound daunting, this project is not difficult and requires basic skill with a sewing machine and minimal supplies. I just bought a couch for $35 since I just moved from AZ to New York and I’m on a tight budget! Fear has NO place in the worls up upholstery, hahaha.I so agree you just have to go for it!! I have almost completed my slipcover and it has been a breeze to do with your instructions. You can simply settle down for the night with a book and hot cup of tea, and let yourself snooze off on your pallet couch.
We have put together a series of sofa designs that will make your living room look modern and elegant.
Where we put our furniture in the living room will certainly affect the tone for how we will feel in that living room. It can help set the tone of the entire room, which is why people spend so much time selecting just the right piece. I did not use duckcloth or even white fabric but a dark brown (4 kids) and used white chalk to mark my lines where it needs sewing. Place some pallet couches in front of the TV set or LCD screen and enjoy your mini cinema with your friends and family.
Moreover find a wide range of Diy pallet patio furniture plans , designs and recycled pallet wood furniture as Pallet beds, tables, sofas and chairs and much more that your want. Choose a durable fabric in a medium weight and upholstery foam to withstand the wear and tear that damaged the first set of cushions. Show your love for your parents by making one and offering it to them so they can have a nice reading niche in their house. Whatever solution you choose, be sure to price check stores, upholsters, materials, and replacements.
They are good complimentary pieces with the rest of your furniture and good economical space fillers. So many choices …While a large number of sofas on the market celebrate Mid-Century modern style (think tapered legs and long, lean frames), other formerly-outdated styles are making a comeback. The great news is that there are many options available no matter what reason you have for disliking the condition of your old sofa. Not to mention, patterned sofas, which once made some design lovers cringe, are back in full force. Take a look at the modern selections below, complete with helpful links that direct you to the place of purchase.
You never know when you’ll find your new living room centerpiece!Solid SofasWe begin with sturdy solids.

Somehow this amazing couch manages to be dainty and substantial at the same time. [from CB2]Some sofas make you want to plunge into the middle of the cushions and sink into the fluffy seat! While some design experts may recommend going neutral on the walls when introducing color through furniture, it’s hard to resist a red sofa in front of a red accent wall, as shown below. [from Z Gallerie]What about some grey on grey? Deep walls are the perfect complement to the Harrison Sofa, especially since the piece is covered in rayon with uneven yarn to create texture.
And who doesn’t love the elegance of a navy sofa? [from West Elm]Go bold with the Movie Pool Sofa. Mid-Century modern legs that clearly place the piece in retro modern territory! [from CB2]Patterned SofasPatterned sofas are no longer the stuff of outdated living rooms!
A new crop of modern fabrics has made patterned seating irresistible, not to mention eye-catching.
Recessed legs prevent a boxy look and create a fabulous floating effect. [from Dwell Studio] Below we once again see the Larkin Sofa, this time in a Medallion Band Mineral pattern. Note how this large print is complemented by small-print wallpaper in a similar color scheme. [from Dwell Studio] For a cutting edge take on the patterned couch, check out the Blanche sofa. An unconventional shape, removable floral seat cover and white tufted leather back give this piece a fresh look. Talk about a touch of the unexpected! [from Bruehl]We now see the Blanche sofa surrounded by an arabesque woolen fabric. Dalmatian not included. [from Bruehl] Leather SofasFormerly the furniture of bachelor pads and masculine offices, leather sofas are getting a breath of fresh air thanks to new frames and the strategic use of tufting. Take the Chester Leather Sofa below, which features Mid-Century modern-style legs and button tufting. [from Dwell Studio] Or go tan with the Petrie Leather Apartment Sofa. The Chester Tufted Leather Sofa is stunning with its rounded back, dainty tapered legs and rich Italian leather. [from West Elm]Funny how wide padded arms and a boxy frame make this Domino Sofa super modern.
The white bonded leather doesn’t hurt, either… [from Z Gallerie]Sectional SofasAh, the sectional sofa!
This set consists of three pieces that can easily be flipped to orient the seating left or right. [from CB2]   We end by going modular. There’s nothing like flexibility of arrangement, and Tillary Modular Seating can be purchased in individual units or as sets for a variety of layout options.
If you’d never before considered a leather sofa, perhaps the tailored, tufted selections caught your eye.
Maybe you never thought you’d give white sofas the time of day, but the modern, airy effect they have on the rooms they inhabit made you reconsider. You can plan all you want, but sometimes when you see the sofa of your dreams, you know you’ll find a way to make it work. On the other hand, don’t forget about important design elements, like the color of the room where the sofa will reside, as well as the style of your other furnishings. With a little forethought and creativity, you’ll find your signature sofa and the perfect place for it in your home!

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