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But soon as you play these games, you will come to relaise that such games were not meant to be played on a keyboard. The basic working principle is to use the android device's built in accelerometer to sense the degree of tilt and convert that to PC input (just like the analog buttons on controller).
Old Gameboys are available aplenty on eBay, Craigslist, and maybe that old box in your mom's garage, but for some people, there's something special about a device crafted with one's own hands.
Adafruit has released a long write-up detailing how to make your own Gameboy (they call it a "Gamegirl" for obvious reasons) using Raspberry Pi, an SNES controller, and some other easy-to-acquire parts.
The parts are all available from Adafruit, though you'd be able to source them from elsewhere if desired.
If that requirement doesn't trip you up, hit up the project link above (check out the video below, too) for step-by-step details, including pictures and a troubleshooting guide.
The magic behind making these DIY chocolate dice lies in one product that I wish we knew about years ago.
The candy melts don’t taste quite as good as the Ghirardelli chocolate, but the colors are so fun and they are REALLY easy to work with.
Help, I tried this and did all the steps, but part of my mold is coming out with the chocolate, what can I do to fix this ….
Do you have any suggestions on how you made the 20 sided die specifically, I’ve been trying and it keeps tearing. If you’re planning on buying the NVIDIA Shield mainly for its ability to stream PC games, you might want to try out this crude workaround shared by Linus Tech Tips.

To make your own portable PC gaming setup, you just need a smartphone running iOS, Android or Windows Phone.
If you fall into that category (and often wax poetic about your ol' Gameboy), Adafruit has introduced a project right up your alley. As you might have guessed, the system runs an emulator, eschewing the need for toting around a bunch of cartridges.
The tricky part for most will be the shell itself, which is made using 3D printing -- not easily done if you haven't run out to grab your own 3D printer yet.
Basically you measure out equal portions of the white and purple goo, and mix them together until they are fully blended (we used a teaspoon of each, and after 8 molds have lots leftover for other projects).
If you look at the D12 on the left you can see that some of the dice have a funny little stem on them, where the opening of the silicone mold was. For the swirls, alternate which color melted chocolate you squeeze into your DIY silicone mold.
We’ll probably try to perfect our 2-piece mold attempts first, to avoid the little stem that forms from the hole.
And we keep trying to order some of the ThinkGeek dice, but they seem to be out of stock quite a bit (so they must be good!).
We used some of the red candy melts in a Han Solo ice cube tray, and they came out really nicely.
We never had anything like that happen (maybe a bad batch of silicone?), but the only things we can think of is to form the mold either a little thinner so it’s more flexible, or a little thicker so it doesn’t break? Our Nerd Home chronicles our attempts at mixing our passion for all things geek with DIY home projects. The great thing about this setup is that you don’t need to have a compatible NVIDIA GPU to stream games from your PC like you do with the actual Shield.

Then download Splashtop, a free program that lets you control a desktop computer from a mobile device. You have about 2-3 minutes TOTAL before it hardens, so be quick about it, and have your dice ready. We tried some with 2-piece molds as well, but found the single piece molds to be easier – if you come up with a different technique, we’d love to hear about it! They might go flying across the room (you need some pressure to get them out), so aim them into a bowl.
Use an X-acto knife to smooth things out, then re-fill your molds and repeat until you are drowning in tiny delicious dice.
Some of the dice came out better than others, some had big air bubbles or came out broken, but those happy accidents just became snacks for us, so everything worked out.
Otherwise you would need to do a 2-piece mold (with the die fully encased) to get every side clean, though then you might get a seam where the mold pieces meet. The bad thing about the hack is that the quality of the stream will depend heavily on your router and smartphone.
Install the required apps on your device and computer, attach the compatible controller to your PC and off you go.
It retails there for around $20, but they almost always have a half off coupon on their app or email, so it ended up being ten bucks.
Heat on high for about 20-30 minutes until chocolate is melted, then turn heat to low or warm and it will stay nice and melty as long as you need.

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