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Pumpkin spice lattes may be the quintessential fall drink, but they can also be expensive and chock full of sugar and other additives that detract from the heart-warming experience this beverage should provide.
Thankfully, with a bit of clever substitution and elimination, you can create a healthy version that is not only creamy and scrumptious but suitable for any dietary needs or desires.
A pumpkin spice latte requires four ingredients: a good base (espresso), flavored syrup, foamy milk, and spices for decorating.
The traditional pumpkin spice latte is dusted with one or more of the spices included in the spiced syrup.
Canadian born Krista Bjorn has been traveling and exploring for over 20 years and loves every crazy, embarrassing, and wonderful moment. Our popular tea of the month club and daily featured articles help you slow down and connect with yourself and the important moments in your life, from mindful moments alone to special occasions shared with friends and family. Search our list of vendors for wedding cakes, wedding rings, wedding flowers, wedding photographers, wedding venues, wedding caterers, wedding invitations and more, all in your area. I always have white T-Shirts in my house for when my daughter has sleepovers they can create their own night shirts.
And for those allergic to dairy, the milky concoction is something they can only dream about. With that list as a starting point, you can let your imagination tweak and fiddle until you create the version that suits you best.

You don’t need a fancy machine to make it, just use a French press or even a pot on the stove for a delicious brew. Instead of a sugary simple syrup, simply add pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spices to pure Grade B maple syrup. Whichever you choose, just be sure to warm it up and foam it up before adding it to your latte. Try cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, or allspice, or break with tradition and top it with cardamom. Stir in pumpkin spice syrup to your sweetness preference (1-3 tablespoons is the suggested amount). She's lived in Russia and Portugal and now makes her home in beautiful Queensland, Australia, saving her pennies for her next trip.
If you want extra spicy flavor, add a teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice to the espresso grounds before brewing to let the flavor infuse. If you don’t have a milk frother, use a whisk or electric mixer to foam your milk before serving. If you don’t want to use coffee, brew a strong black tea instead for a fall version of an English Fog. My daughter loved it and asked if I would make one for her and so I did just that and while I was doing it I took photos to show you how so you can too.

Or skip the base altogether and make it with milk only for a deliciously comforting steamer.
By replacing refined sugar in the syrup with an identical amount of maple syrup, you will cut the total sugar content by a third. Grade B maple syrup is also high in manganese and zinc with trace amounts of iron, potassium, and calcium. I was inspired by Henna Art and you can actually look up some of the patterns, print them out and put that under the shirt and trace them or go freehand like I did.
Just have fun with it.After I did all my designs I colored them in using different colors, just enough to give that pop of color, but not overdone.How cool is that? I think it came out really fun.Oh and one more thing before wearing your new shirt just toss it in the dryer for about 5 minutes on hot to set the ink.How do I know it came out great? Print out some designs ahead of time or all the gussets names and let them trace and colors.

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