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The train comes and its every bit as run down and rickety as the internet told me it would be. This entry was posted in Europe, Solo Female Travel and tagged backpacking europe, circumvesuviana, Naples, pompeii, solo female travel, solo travel, sorrento on June 24, 2013 by jennifer. Yeah, you do what I do-you seem to tend to try to pack too much into one day; that is a lot to see in one day, especially in the heat of the Italian summer.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Newly renovated home required all wires to be concealed from the TV to the DVD player and cable box. Things I brought that are no longer with me:  I am down half a bag of mixed nuts I was saving for Tibet. This entry was posted in Asia, China, Solo Female Travel and tagged china, solo female travel blogger, solo trip to macao china, solo trip to macau on May 30, 2014 by jennifer. Here we have Vizio 50” Plasma TV installation on metal stud wall along with 2.1 sound system in NYC.
Here we have Samsung 50” Plasma TV installation on metal stud wall along with OmniMount shelf with custom cut plexiglass in NYC highrise apartment. Here we have 50” Pioneer Plasma TV installation on metal stud wall along with Vantage Point glass shelf in NYC.

I started playing and soon after, there were announcements advising everyone to cash out now.   We were repeatedly reminded that they were closing. There were also announcements that the Westward Ho came in dancing, and we would be dancing on out at 4:30.
We go outside and the band plays “When the Saints Go Marching In” a few times while everyone was still dancing on out.
Breakfast was the Golden Nugget buffet, followed by iced coffee at Starbucks.  I’m ready to play, let’s go back to the Four Queens!
Lunch was at Careful Kittys Cafe at the El Cortez, paid for with a comp.   The food had no flavor, which I guess is better than bad food.
This entry was posted in Las Vegas, Solo Female Travel, United States Travel and tagged Bellagio Conservatory, El Cortez, Four Queens, nevada, Rio Ipanema tower, solo female travel, Solo Trip to Las Vegas, westward ho, Westward Ho closing on October 6, 2013 by jennifer. I gave myself an extra half an hour to sit down on the stairs and scoot down them with my suitcase in tow, to avoid breaking my neck and killing myself. I had approximately eight hours to go see Sofia before heading on a bus to Belogradchik (I would be back in Sofia tomorrow for more time to spend here).
My main plans in Sofia for today are:  (a) follow the tram directions for the hotel I am going to be staying at tomorrow night, so I know how to get there tomorrow  to avoid getting lost (I AM ALWAYS LOST) with luggage and (b) visit St. My plans were slightly thwarted when outside the tram window, I spot the holy grail – DUNKIN FREAKING DONUTS.

This entry was posted in Europe, Solo Female Travel and tagged backpacking europe, bulgaria, Nis, Serbia, sofia, solo female travel, solo travel on August 26, 2013 by jennifer. Pingback: Rila Monastery and Boyano Church, Bulgaria - Featuring Bonus Adorable Dog Pictures! Because structural design, we were able to snake wires to the kitchen area then up to kitchen cabinet top. This TV on metal stud wall installation was performed in ex-intermediate school converted to residential apartments.
I ended up playing for a long time.  When I come back in December, I’ll be spending a lot of time here. Being that I am leaving at this ridiculously early hour, there is also no sunlight in the hallway. He then tries escorting me through the train station, out the other side and down a new entrance.
As you can see metal studded walls can take lots of weight if installation is performed properly.

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