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Bernie Abramson of Vogue Furniture, MN says: Best Product in the country, I can't get them fast enough.
As it’s name implies, the table is made of Hard Maple wood with a Birdseye Hard Maple Top (see image after jump). So great is this mans name in the design field that a whimsical side table such as this can easily receive a price tag of $3177.00. We used a Hydra Table in Tamara Noble's apartment in a show we did on HGTV, Mission Organization, and it not only allowed her to multiply the uses of her small space (dining & coffee table), it was also the thing that everyone wanted to play with when they walked in.

The table moves up and down with a pleasing pump of the handle (by hand or foot), allowing it to sit firmly at any height required.
Maxwell left teaching in 2001 to start Apartment Therapy as a design business helping people to make their homes more beautiful, organized AND healthy. This little duckie may look sweet and innocent, but it’s masterfully designed by Italian designer and architect, Alessandro Mendini.
Gary Gianakis founded Hydra Designs in 1996, and since then he's been iterating different designs around his signature hydraulic base to meet any and all conditions.

However, if you are a designer or looking to create your own solution, the Hydra can be topped with many different materials and sizes, allowing you to make it fit exactly into your home and wow your guests. Movement ranges about 8", so that you can go from coffee to dining height or dining to bar height.

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