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SearchSearchRick Bernard of Bernard Custom Homes is an Oregon Certified Master Builder with more than 35 years of experience building custom homes in the Portland metro and Oregon Coast area. As a long time builder, the worst outcome I have witnessed over all my years is when I see the bad judgement calls of a novice home owner or builder that results in an atrocity.
As I go deep into my analysis of what alterations need to be made to set of custom plans, I share those insights with the owner, then they, for cost saving reasons, decide to build the home themselves, often going against my recommendations. If you are considering doing it yourself, ask yourself how much money you would save if you worked with an expert at saving money on building materials and subcontractors. So - with a custom home building background, and looking at lots of ideas here on the site.
Dampners would be in numerous locations, and probley have numerous racks, hooks, and bracing in the ceiling enough to support a hog, or hindquarter. Re: Want to build my own custom smoke houseBefore you pour your slab, rough in a floor drain and let it leach into a 3'x3'x3' hole filled with gravel so you can take a hose to the joint and wash it down.

Is there any plans anywhere that would describe or show what kind and numbers of vents, burners etc. Re: Want to build my own custom smoke houseAre you just doing charcoal in the floor or is there something I'm missing? Re: Want to build my own custom smoke houseHere is the inside with the oak and hickory burning in the middle of the floor. It don`t take very long for the smoke and heat to build back up after opening the door since you are not smoking at a very hight temp anyway in a smokehouse normally.
Ask yourself if this is about saving money or about participating actively in the process as a hand-on home builder.
Also a 55 gallon drum or steel fire box sitting behind the house angling upward to the smokehouse. Would like to figure out how to have a light on the inside and a flood mounted on the outside pointing twoard the barrell.

Drawing good with fire in the middle of concrete slab floor and the only vents are the holes around the tin roof top.
You can do much of the work on building the home yourself while working with a custom home builder as a partner.
I talked to the fire dept to make sure there are no restrictions, or regulations against doing this in our city. If you want to add more wood you would have to open the big door which would let out all the smoke and heat. They gave me the OK and told me the only thing was I had to invite them up for the maiden voyage.

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