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Environmentally friendly baby and kids furniture, eco-friendly toys, organic clothing and other green design ideas. The Classic Wooden Toy Storage Shelving from Oeuf is an inventive storage system designed just for kids. The Limited Edition Toy Box from Kid Kraft is sure to impress many parents with it’s mutil-functional design.
A great looking, well designed kid’s toy caddy that design concsious parents can comfortably use in their home, knowing that these fabulously simple pieces were created by designers of award-winning childcare centers, who have your child’s best interest in mind. The Argington Fuji Toy Box is a wonderful piece of furniture that will bring a modern look and practical storage to any kid’s play area. Your little sports star will love having their favorite games showcased on this wonderfully handcrafted toy box bench.
Inspired by one of the bible’s most cherished stories, this beautiful toy chest is virtually a piece of usable art! A great birthday gift idea for any little boy, this white and natural wooden finish toy box comes fully personalised and is handmade in the UK. All brand names, product names or trademarks used in this website are recognised as belonging to their respective holders. A playroom storage can have a great look, even as it provides convenience and functionality. Storage for playroom can be both versatile and functional, and there are many creative ideas that can help you achieve this.
The danger of having wooden box lids that are actually heavy is that it may be dangerous for your children. For this reason, you may want to opt for front opening cupboards and lockers that are also good alternatives for playrooms. You can also opt to have plain storage buckets that you can see through and that are held by wooden frames. Media Storage spaces are usually smaller to match the compact media storage hardware nowadays.
Believe it or not, another great storage tool is hanging shoe holders!  These are very versatile and mobile.
With easy-to-reach bins that lay flat and turn, your children will be happy to pitch in and clean up.
The materials they use to make this toy caddy are environmentally friendly, industrial grade and easy to clean. The Butterfly Blanket Chest is the ideal place for storing not just blankets, but toys and games if you choose. The toy box bench has a unique seat back design featuring ball bats, a spinning soccer ball, basketball, football, a baseball and a hockey puck. They will look forward to putting away their toys when they have this Making Tracks Train Toy Box in their playroom.

The toybox’s spacious interior has removable dividers to allow for more organized storage customization. This hand painted, hand crafted Noah’s Ark toy chest has a super roomy interior with two removable dividers to allow for better organization and storage customization. The Disney Princess Fabric Toy Box features all her favorite characters; Cinderella, Belle, and Aurora, and the adorable inscription “I make my own magic” which inspires creativity. Choose the colour of the boat and the colour of the lettering on the box to make this an extra special gift for your son, grandson, nephew or godson. Children’s furniture comes in beautiful designs while at the same time being safe and lightweight. Kids are not mindful or aware of some dangers because they are still carefree and careless at this stage.
They may not offer the double function of providing a seating place, but they definitely serve the purpose of storing things in the playroom. Although storage bins can store all kinds of toys, it is specifically recommended for storing crafts and painting stuff. These are the bookshelves, DVD racks, and CD storage units that store books, DVDs, and CDs.
There are many places where they can hang depending on their style, such as by the door, on the exterior of closet doors, or on any part of the wall that has a nail. Available in birch or walnut finish, the dividers are removable, so you can store items of all different sizes, from the smallest Lego to oversize puzzle pieces. A graceful curve and arched back in this classic design make this an excellent choice for any parent wanting to add a bit of simple style to their child’s bedroom.
The lid will remain in open position until closed so there is no risk of it falling shut on delicate hands.
This blanket chests design was inspired by solid wood panel doors found in 1920’s American homes. A real chalkboard scoreboard completes the sports theme and the toy box lid features a slow-closing metal safety hinge, so no little fingers will get caught.
Not only does this train themed toy box store toys, it also makes a perfect place for your child to sit and read. This toy chest is mounted on casters for easy mobility, even your child will be able to move the toy chest around the playroom, which makes cleaning up after themselves easier.
Durable, lightweight and functional, this fabric toy box provides tons of space for toys and it quickly folds for easy storage or travel.
These properties make them perfect fixtures for use in the playroom, a place where you can encourage your children to be active and spend time there to expel their energies constructively. For example, you can apply a refinishing touch of any color or design to a simple section of garden trellis.
They may lag in this regard, but they definitely are the storage fixture to go for if space is your primary consideration.

Their hands or fingers may get caught when closing the wooden toy box lid or they may not raise the lid high enough to ensure it stays up and avoid shutting it by accident.
They make up for this limitation by being mobile and light enough as to make it possible for your children to carry them around by themselves during playtime or when they are cleaning up. They are available in many attractive colors, so get different colors if you need many units for the playroom. Some items that you can store in them are accessories for small dolls, small stuffed toys, race car collections, and even supplies for arts and crafts activities. Some benches include a space underneath similar to a good-sized toy box to store stuff in the playroom. Reminiscent of those classic grocery stores of yesterday, this eye-catching piece looks perfect in any room. The no pinch lid makes it safe for kid’s tiny fingers and it comes on casters so its easy to move around the room. Since playrooms have so many toys and learning materials such as books in them, it is one if not the busiest or mot cluttered room in your home. These have slots for individual disks thus minimizing the amount of space that a DVD or CD normally requires. There are cushions on the seat as well as on the backrest to provide more comfort in contrast to the wooden toy box. This wooden storage shelving unit also boasts an environmentally friendly construction -it’s made from MDF recovered wood fibers. The chest and butterfly wood monograms are available in many color options, so you can pick your blanket box according to your room’s decor. This calls for the need for the right storage solution so everything can have a proper place and to maintain a tidy appearance.
Many kinds and sizes of toys can be stored in it because of the flexibility in terms of room that it offers. Bookshelves on the other hand, now have units that are no longer just one-sided with only the front part being utilized. It is also a very practical choice for storage space because it can have a second function.
There is now what is known as columnar bookshelves that rotate, thus maximizing the space while storing different books. It can serve as a bench seating when the lid is closed, even though this is not the primary reason for which it was created.

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