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An even more complex build: Ikea kitchen cabinets and doors form storage and steps up to a bed in this small apartment, from Oh Yes Blog.
Weekday Carnival came up with this configuration, with different colored kitchen cabinets (with dinosaur pulls!). And last but not least, IKEA Hackers shows us this version, with EXPEDIT bookshelves forming a ring around the edge.
Dabney is a Southern-born, New England-raised, current Midwesterner who writes about design, obsesses over dogs, and can easily read a book a day.
If you want to have your books in an elegant and secure place, it is worth to look at the solutions presented below.
Fantastic entertainment center designed to provide ample space for your audio-video equipment. Capacious entertainment center, contemporary in style, constructed of manufactured wood in espresso finish.
This is a cool idea, we could totally do this in the basement to hide the washer and dryer!
A blank wall becomes a hardworking (and beautiful) media center with the addition of custom built-ins, glass tile around the hearth, refinished floors and comfy furnishings. This is two bookshelves and a TV stand painted and put together to look like a built in entertainment unit.
Cabinetry Design - The center portion of the built-in is flat on the front to appear as cabinetry. Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. This super-simple and straightforward design is built with supplies you can find at the home improvement center. Colin Nederkoorn researched the ideal height for a standing desk, assuming a typical workday and variables such as monitor size. He then constructed his desk for less than $22 using miscellaneous parts from IKEA! In small spaces, consider the easy option of pairing a pre-made desk top (available at office furniture outlets) with simple shelving brackets.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy. One of the bigger challenges to starting your edited life is reasonably priced transforming furniture. One of the aims of LifeEdited is providing the resources to make simpler, happier lives, no matter your budget. Very nice, love the Murphy beds from Resource Furniture, and Moddi does some amazing stuff as well!
It is also challenging because you can pick and match the table top and table legs as you wish.
It's a smart way to address the problem of small space — you get both beds and storage in the same footprint.
I have been wondering about this for awhile, since there are so many cheap laminate pieces to be found at garage sales and thrift stores. They visually frame the bed, and open shelves offer the perfect opportunity to display your favorite books and keepsakes. Please consider updating your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Since the structure depends on basic 2x4s and sawhorse brackets, the desk height can be adjusted to preference.
I bust it out at least three days a week, more when I remember (I should set an alert on my calendar). For a project of this kind, it’s essential to screw your brackets into the wall studs to get a sturdy result.
While we believe the high quality and versatile Resource Furniture used in the first LifeEdited apartment is worth every penny, many of their large pieces are several thousand dollars, putting it outside the price range for many people.
The site sells plans for $8, which instruct you how to take easy to find IKEA furniture and other hardware to make a twin or full sized murphy bed for $275 (most pre-builts start around $1500).
The real solution might this: Get out of your chair by creating one of these great DIY standing desk projects.

Perhaps best of it all, it takes up no more space than you’ve already allowed for your bookshelf.
A queen sized bed is about 35 sq feet; why wouldn’t you want to use that space for your 16 waking hours?
Therefore, now the writer wants to share about some funky bar stools design which can complete your bar room in your basement.
Some people wish to redesign their bathroom idea with new concept.  In this case, you may need idea in order to redesign your bathroom. It is not like we put the Christmas tree wherever we want, but there are some spots that is appropriate for placing the Christmas tree. You may see many kinds of console table in this world, but there is one kind of console table which has expanding concept on its design. Therefore, you have a plan to redesign your kitchen backsplash and you need some ideas about it. Thus, today the writer would like to bring a discussion about the best backsplash for kitchen design.
Nevertheless, before you start searching a headboard, you should measure your bed width to get appropriate headboard. Neatness and cleanliness of the home office are two things that can support you to get comfort. Well, in this writing the writer intentionally wants to share about some amazing and cool boy room design idea that can be your most favorite one. You have to be clever to choose the best furniture and decoration for this small apartment.
For example, your bedroom will look so alive and fantastic if you can combine the wall color with grey and yellow accent.

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