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If you've ever been to Ikea, you've probably seen the Expedit storage system.  It comes in 3 colors and at just $39 it's a pretty good bargain! As you can see, I have wanted a treadmill desk (treadputer, walk station, etc.) for a LONG time.
Read more for instructions, but I’m sure you can see what I did just from this first photo.
To tighten the connection between the table leg and the PVC make a vertical cut at the end of the pipe and push a coupling down. A couple of years ago, I thought that I would encourage myself to be more active by having a standing desk, where I could type at my computer by standing up.
She found a used treadmill on Craigslist for $200 and her bulky CRT monitor didn’t work on the shelving, so she has purchased a LCD monitor for only $119. She has used a monitor splitter so she can work at a desk (work top) if she needs to or work on the treadmill. He has a keyboard and trackball that he can use (a mouse is useless), but he also uses a voice recognition program, Dragon Naturally Speaking, for some of his word processing. I doubted that Dragon Naturally Speaking would work while I was running, but it performs almost flawlessly after thirty minutes of training. When I moved up to San Francisco, my desk was a small, white Ikea desk (that I think was made for children and is now discontinued).
Using some furniture I found at Ikea, as well as a few other pieces from Target and Amazon, I turned my tiny workstation into a dream come true (within reason). As for the legs, you need 5 for this table (1 for each corner and one for the center of the table). They looked pretty cheap online, but when I attached them to my desk at home, they really looked sleek! Now, for the second part of my redesign, I decided I needed storage both ABOVE as well as BELOW my desk (to maximize my space). Once the sides are glued together, put it on top of one last piece of foam board, and use your X-acto knife to cut out a piece to fit perfectly on the bottom of your box. Again, put hot glue on the bottom of each side and attach it to the bottom piece of the box. Once you get to the last side, cut the contact paper to fit (leaving a little extra that you’ll fold over). Finally, use your scissors to cut the contact paper in each corner of the box (both top and bottom). And before I knew it, I had incredibly cute storage boxes to place on top of my long shelf! I went hunting (per usually) and found a couple, inexpensive items that I could dress up to fit the room. And again, I dressed it up with a little contact paper, just to tie it into the rest of the decor. To really maximize all the pace at my workstation, I needed to utilize the wall behind my desk. To tie everything together (and make my home workstation not stand out like a sore thumb in my guest room) I decided to add a cute bit of flair.
Take your erasable fabric pen, and trace the stars onto your fabric (making sure your fabric is folded in half do you get a FRONT and BACK for each star you trace). Next, take your double sided iron on adhesive tape, and cut it to fit on the edges of the back of the star (place the tape on the wrong side of the fabric). Place the top piece of the star and put it on top of the transfer tape (so that the right side of the fabric is facing you an the wrong side of the fabric is up against the transfer tape), and apply heat and pressure with your iron. Then, take your twine (I had to thread my twine through an embroidery needle to get it through the small holes) and thread it in and out of the holes to string your stars onto the twine.
Once all your stars on on your twine, make sure your twine is the length you want it to be, cut it off the roll, and then put a knot at each end.

So if you’re looking to update your home work space, hopefully this post helps to give you insight on a few products, and tips and tricks to make it your own.
In other words, wouldn’t you love to have an IKEA standing desk in your home so you can better concentrate on the task at hand, burn calories and maintain a nice posture at the same time?
It's not because I don't want to, it's because, (believe it or not) my husband always beats me to it!!!
Connecting the legs to the table was a bit of a challenge, but he explained how he did it here. I have been looking at these for a LONG time and this is the first one that makes me want to build it. The funny thing is, I avoided that desk and started working on my laptop on the couch instead. Drafting takes a certain precision when using the mouse, so learning to do that while keeping active will be a challenge. She left a comment on my entry about Brad Felt’s Treadputer which pointed me to this website about turning your treadmill into a treadputer. And with my blog and Etsy shop successfully up and running, I find myself working from home more often than ever!
It sat at the foot of my bed and I sat there to write every paper (and sometimes just to hide from my roommate who sat at her bed 4 feet away).
I used it as my home base for my sales calls, as my computer docking station, and (sometimes) as my vanity for getting ready for a night out on the town. My ultimate fantasy (that was often perpetuated by my husband’s grandiose stories) was having an entire room as my home office.
It didn’t take up an entire room (so I still had room for a guest bed) but it felt much larger than it every had, and I had much more storage than ever before possible. I went to the store to check them out (on a Friday night, after 6pm of course, to avoid the crazy crowds). I LOVED the look of the Sjunne legs, but they were $15 each (an extra $75 to add to the Linnmon desk).
And to maximize the length of the desk, naturally, I needed a very long shelf above it for storage.
I needed a few boxes to store stuff in, but I didn’t want something plain white, or kraft, to just BLAH up my space. Then, fold the excess contact paper around the bottom of the box, and into the center of the box (covering every side, inside and out). But I REALLY wanted some wide and deep storage for my larger items (ie: scrapbooking paper, padded mailed envelopes, etc).
The cork board would enable me to organize miscellaneous papers and receipts that I would normally lose or forget about.
The colors of the room were blue (obvious from the contact paper above) grey, white, and brown. Almost all of them had some sort of banner in their children’s rooms with their names on them. There is very little fabric used, so you can get the discount fabric squares from the fabric store to use for this project. Follow him on Twitter or Google Plus.At Priceonomics, we’ve fully experienced the standing desk revolution. Even walking on a treadmill at ONE mile per hour while I am working would be AMAZING compared to the sloth of my typical work day.
If you are considering setting up a treadputer workstation, keep reading her weblog to see how she is able to handle the logistics of working while walking. I would come home from school every day and sit there until I was finished with my work so I could go play.
I even made myself a custom storage organizer to add to my workspace, and give myself room for my growing collection of craft supplies.

Filled with bin organizers of craft supplies, a large crafting table, and a separate desk for my office affairs. Read below for the furniture I chose, why I chose it, and some quick design hacks I used to turn my workstation into a home office dream! Getting to something you need in the last row is always impossible (and you try to avoid it as long as possible) With the desk being spread out length wise, I had room for wider storage bins (and more of them) without having to stack them one in front of the other.
You can’t find them pre-made anywhere, and they’re a simple DIY that will make your workstation POP! Then, I got some pretty contact paper that matched the blue hue of the other decor within the room. Press firmly down before you roll the box onto the next side – attaching that side to the sticky contact paper. If you want to make something similar for your office space, here are the steps you’ll need to follow. Within our office space, there are at least four standing desks rising above everyone else. I am VERY interested in getting a desk that I can use at my treadmill right now, so this PVC plan is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for.
It’s a cool shelf design that will not only give you more storage space, but will add a whole new and modern dimension to your workspace.
I bought these cardboard boxes from Ikea (but I wish I would have bought these filing boxes from Amazon instead- they’re bigger and cheaper). And just like in my storage organizer tutorial, I covered both the bottoms and the tops of the boxes (separately, of course) with the contact paper. Press firmly down, and repeat for all 4 sides of the box (the bottom does not need to be covered- it will take care of itself later).
Health experts have lauded standing desks as a partial solution to our increasingly sedentary lifestyle. By getting a longer (yet shallower), I was expanding the surface area I would actually be able to work on, while still having the back part of my desk to keep things like my printer, Silhouette Cameo, and sewing machine. It has a removable lid, and would be perfect for bulky items that just didn’t fit in drawers! They also had similar ones, that stack, on Amazon. Not only did our house not have enough room (I mean, who has an entire extra room for their craft supplies, especially in the Bay area) BUT I was also on a budget. Adding decor to your workspace not only personalizes it, but makes it much more pleasant to look at when you’re staring at it all day!
It comes as no surprise that desk manufacturers are willing to impose a high premium for improved health. You can add storage to the desk, maybe a shelf underneath for the printer or one for documents and other supplies. But I didn’t have THAT much need for storage (and stacking all 3 would be taller than the desk, so they would have to go side by side) so I went with the Sortera instead. I could fix it though…by dressing up the drawers with contact paper just as I had done for my chevron desk organizer. If you're looking for an entire desk, you'll have to shell out at least twice that amount.Always eager to set up our users with the best deals, we've discovered novel standing desk hacks to save money.
Just look how simple and straight-forward this standing desk is and how neatly it hides everything. For example, this standing desk is a combination between a tabletop from IKEA and a mid-century modern credenza the owner already had in the house.
The red shelf also makes it pop a little and it’s a nice way of customizing the design.

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