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Description: We wanted to have a built in entertainment center for our basement home theater, it was currently sitting on some wire shelves.
Next we had to size the three IKEA shelf units were about 1.5 inches to long in total, so we happily voided any warranties and I modified the unit that would go in the middle. After the modification were done, the bases of the shelf units were screwed down to the 2×4 frame and then they were fully assembled.
We finished by installing the trim and painting the new countertop white to match the BESTA shelf units. Jules Yap "I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running. To create the hack, We assembled the four wall shelves and stacked them on top of each other and beside each other. To correct the problem of the shelves sagging, we placed paint stirrers between the bookshelves (about 5 in between each wall shelf).
Hi All,You are right–there is a little gap that occurs when the cases are stacked on top of each other and this is where the gap occurs. My guess is that the paint stirrers fill the gap between the top and bottom shelf and therefore allow for a more even distribution of the weight. September 11, 2013 My Ikea Billy built-in bookshelves are finally primed, painted, caulked and styled! Bookcase Styling Tip 2: Choose your objects in your color scheme and adjust the height of your¬†shelves accordingly. I shopped the house for objects that might work on the bookshelves and then I painted them or used Rub n’ Buff to make them fit my color scheme. I had all of the accessories below but the terracotta pot for the plant matched the brick and didn’t stand out.
I am thrilled with how this room has turned out and will be sharing with you soon how I created the rug and desk.
We have plans for built ins in the living room, with the bottom half closed off for storage.

We chose to go with the Billy’s because I wanted built-in bookcases up to the ceiling. I love the idea of styling with books, in part because I love books, but how do you find the books you need if they are all shelved by color or size or some other characteristic? I had Matt organize his books for me in sections and then I rearranged them by size and stacked them in a way that I liked.
So we came up with a plan using parts from IKEA for this project plus a bunch of lumber and paint. All the wiring was run for audio, networking, and power hiding it in a gap behind the shelf units and in the walls. The doors were installed on the unmodified units and we build a custom top to go over the BESTA shelf units to get the television the correct height. My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items". If you missed Part 1 of this project, be sure to check out my tips on how to pull off this Ikea hack. We upgraded the bed in our master bedroom to a king (post coming soon), so I knew I wanted to reuse our bed and bedding in the guest room. Don’t be afraid to paint a mat, a flower pot, or an accessory so that it better fits in with your decor.
Use objects on your shelves which hold meaning for you and use dead space above the books for items of interest. I must add that this one is giving me ideas about what we can do with ours in the living room.
The heating vent is centered over the very center bookshelf and the vent was moved to ventilate up through that shelf. The metal frame was tarnished silver before, so I transformed it with the help of Rub ‘N Buff in European Gold. I found the globe for a few bucks at the thrift store and love the color it adds to my shelves.

I’ve seen some bloggers make new jackets for all of their books so that the books are gorgeous and uniform. I styled the bookshelves for the post but that compartment is typically left blank for venting purposes. My husband has his PhD in Religious Studies and his favorite pastime is reading; therefore, we have a LOT of books. I chose to place most of my books vertically on the bookcases, but I added some horizontal stacks for variety.
I found the hummingbird and butterfly art for $12 and knew they would look great in the room. I think the jury is out on the quality of the Ikea shelves compared with other inexpensive shelving options.
I am buying Billy bookcases today to create a fake built-in and am wondering whether I should be considering reinforcing the shelves, and if so, how I would go about that. It probably would have been smarter to have moved the vent out when we built the base (rather than up) but we didn’t think about it well enough in advance of building our frame. The butterfly was painted over mixed media (before doing so was trendy) and the frame was handmade.
I’ve heard that the Billy shelves sag over time under the weight of heavy books, so time will tell if we have that problem. Matt knows me well and didn’t want to rob me of the joy of styling, so he took a bookshelf full of books to his office and we have another bookshelf in the closet which freed up some space to make these guys look cute.

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